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Thursday 7/19/2018

Live Broadcast Airs on Thursday 7/19/2018 @ 7 pm ET
OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show with Special Guest Dorian H. Nash
Topic: Love at any age
In this episode of OMG - Oh Maura Gale radio show we will be exploring the subject of LOVE. We’ll be unpacking the exciting elusive and sometimes heartbreaking topic of Love...”Love at any age”.

Monday 7/16/2018

Streaming Now on Demand -Live Broadcast Aired on Monday 7/16/2018 
COFFEE with Kim
Topic:  Teen Talk - What's really on your mind?
What are today's teens really thinking? What is one thing they would like adults to understand most about them? These are just a couple of the topics Kim and her guest panel of high schoolers will talk about in this episode of COFFEE with Kim. Join us, and discover how a recent journey through Burdens to Blessings has shaped these young women's responses. 

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New Episode - Streaming Now on Demand!

OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show - Open Air Special

Topic:  "Changing the Atmosphere" - When YOU show up, things should change

In this OMG episode it is called "OPEN AIR" - it's where Maura takes a deep breath and blows out some of the things on her mind. She want’s to explore what WE should do, say and be in any situation/place/challenge we find ourselves in.

Monday 7/9/2018

COFFEE with Kim 

Featuring Special Guest Co-Host Ryan Bowers

Whether or not you watch "The Bachelorette," you may remember the controversy about the term "trophy wife" used by Ryan Bowers, the contestant in Season 8 of the ABC reality show.  In this episode of  COFFEE with Kim, Ryan joins Kim as her co-host and talks about what he means by "trophy wife." You'll want to hear his biblical perspective that he feels brings honor to women. 

A Healthier View Podcast with Hosts Beth & Chris Featuring Special Guest Gary Golding

Survivalist and best known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid

Topic:  " Consume Less"

Guest Co-Host: Marc Prescott

OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show 

Encore Broadcast - Streaming Now on Demand! 

Topic:  "Open Air" - What's on Maura's Mind "What's really going on with so many suicides"?

Tune in to hear what the callers thoughts were on this special discussion on what's really going on with the increase in suicides.

It Is Our Time Podcast with Host Belinda Baker with Special Guest Jennifer Baker

New Episode - Streaming On Demand 

Topic:  Summer Fun & Sun - Great ideas of things to do with our children

There is Life After Layoff with Host Ali

New Episode-Streaming Now on Demand!

Live Broadcast Aired on Tuesday 6/26/2018 

Topic: " Testimony Tuesday"  call in to join our conversation, share your testimony!

Branding With Purpose Podcast with Host Shantha Wetterhan and Special Guest 

Tom Tortorici, Writer & Message Strategist"

New Episode Streaming Now on Demand 

Topic:  "How To Write Content That Sells"

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Special Guest Scott Hamilton on A Healthier View!

A Healthier View with Host Beth & Chris and Guest 

Co-Host Heather Taylor  

Special Guest:  Scott Hamilton, retired Figure Skater , Olympic Gold Medalist & Author

Topic:  A Conversation with Scott Hamilton

Women Are Worthy Podcast with Host Jacqyln Charles and Special Guest Christopher Emanuel, Founder, Sky is the Limit Foundation

New Episode Streaming Now on Demand

Topic: : "A Father’s Fight to STOP his daughter’s adoption"  (In honor and celebration of Father's Day)

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