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Finding Your Forte Show
OMG  Oh! Maura Gale Show
Let's Talk! Going Gym Free Show
There is Life After Layoff Show
Up2Me Magazine Show

Target your marketing to our niche audience!

Up2Me Radio is a syndicated online radio and podcast station.  Our content is a niche of inspirational topics targeting individuals and businesses seeking purpose and balance in how they live, work, serve and play.
As a "niche" radio/podcast station our listeners actively and purposely tune in.

Our syndicated digital platform allows us to reach our listeners where, when, and how they want through desktop and all mobile devices.   We broadcast nationally from several cities for a local feel in addition to a global reach.

All show episodes are available through the Up2Me Radio Channel on the iTunes and Stitcher Podcast APPS.

Our show hosts are talented professionals with everyday lives willing to share their stories and experiences to inspire and motivate others.  Our guests are subject matter experts or established artists from various fields.  

Our shows are produced in a talk radio edu/entertainment format. We produce four (4) radio/podcast shows available for sponsors and advertising spot placements:

*  The Finding Your Forte Show with Host Reggie Hammond (Business, Self-Improvement)

*  Let's Talk!  Going Gym Free with hosts Marc & Beth ( Health and Wellness) 

* OMG Show with Maura Gale (Motivational, Lifestyle and Entertainment)
* There is Life After Layoff with show host Ali (Goals, Business,   and Spirituality)  This is our longest running show.

* Up2Me Magazine Show with Host Gabby G ( Goals, Lifestyle & Entertainment)