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With Special Guest Jennifer M. Roberts

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About the Show

Welcome to the Let's Talk! Going Gym Free Show!
Join Hosts Marc, Beth and Guests as they talk about how to gain motivation towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.  Enjoy the light and easy going conversational style of Marc and Beth who we fondly call the "Sonny and Cher of Podcasts"!  Marc is known to share a funny line or two from time to time, and Beth shares some of her secret desires in the way of food, fitness and fun.
Expert guests in health and from various medical professions provide easy to understand facts on major diseases with a focus on prevention.   Individuals who have overcome or have gained control of a disease share their stories and journey of how they incorporated daily fitness into their lifestyle. Fitness tips are provided for individuals who prefer not to go to a gym.  Listeners send in their comments and questions for the "Ask Beth" segment.
 Broadcasting from San Diego, CA. and
Houston, Texas


Latest Podcasts

Join Hosts Marc & Beth and Special Guest Jennifer M. Roberts, MS, CWC, Health Management Consultant, Branch Director GBS Houston.

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  " You Are What You Eat"

In this Episode Marc, Beth and Jennifer discuss the importance of eating healthy in recognition of March being Nutrition Health Month.  Beth responds to questions from listeners sent in prior to the show and Guest Jennifer provides nuggets of helpful information for you as you seek better understanding of foods that are healthy for you and which foods you need to eliminate from your diet.  Marc provides Goung Gym Free tips as it relates to eating healthy and how to incorporate fitness into your everyday and busy lifestyles.

with Special Guest   Pat Withrow, Senior Buyer, QPSE  

In Photo of Pat Withrow
Episode Title and Description

Episode Title  " Overcoming Obstacles"
In this Episode, Pat Withrow drops by to tell his inspirational story. Pat's unhealthy lifestyle led to illness but thanks to his supportive wife and deep inner strength he has taken his life and health back, now even competing marathons.

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Episode with Guest Karen Basen-Engquist, Ph.D.  "Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter"

Episode with Guest Raina Deichert "Sitting is the New Smoking"

"Heart Health Facts"
with Hosts Marc & Beth

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Message from Hosts Marc & Beth

Marc and Beth like to say they are obsessed with common sense and moderation. It's an approach they want their listeners to understand about health and wellness. Sure, there is nothing wrong with going to the gym, or boot camp classes, or training for that marathon on your bucket list. But let's face it, it's not for everyone, neither is following a vegan or gluten free diet. Now, our approach doesn't mean you can go and eat fast food all the time, while not exercising, and stay fit. Not happening people, there is no magic pill here. We explore the simple things like walking, getting enough sleep, drinking more water and portion control, just to name a few things. Marc and Beth and their guests are going to cover a lot of ground on "Let's Talk: Going Gym Free". It's going to be interactive, fun, stress free and hopefully puts you on a life changing path to wellness. Remember, it's never to late to hit the reset button! Let's talk! 

Meet Host Marc

Marc Prescott's career in media and healthcare now spans over two decades. Marc is an Emmy award winning television reporter who worked for network affiliates all across the country. He later received national acclaim as an executive producer on two syndicated programs in healthcare (NurseTV and Healthcare Heroes). 

He also developed video programs to reduce hospital readmission's and improve patient compliance. Along with running the Prescott Consulting Group Marc has a true passion for helping people. As a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) he enjoys his work as a patient advocate, life coach and wellness consultant. He also has a specialty certification in weight management with an emphasis on behavior modification, strategies, program implementation and pediatric obesity prevention. His approach is simple: everyone deserves a chance to live a healthier, longer life and we just need to be shown how we can achieve that special gift.

Meet Co-Host Beth

Creativity, wellness and helping people is my lifeblood.  I have degrees in Kinesiology and Business Management; and have been a life-long lover of dance, running, and writing. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 20 years and am a certified professional health coach. I have worked with and coached thousands of people around the world, and have led over 200 workshops and speaking events around the US, Canada, the Middle East and Africa; exploring health, wellness, and self-expression.

Let me say this: I’ve spoken to groups that wouldn’t fill a Mini-Cooper and keynoted in front of Congress. I’ve spoken about bringing out the best in others, being healthy, how to destroy and rebuild your wellness, fighting burnout, and much more. Yes, I have been successful. But there have also been some missed opportunities. All of them have broken my heart, in good ways and bad, however all have made me a better coach.

I believe in the importance of this way of living so much that these days, my entire body of work is focused on helping folks to unlock their unique creative expression, through self-care. I guide my clients on their terms. To reconnect with their inner self and rediscover things like movement, healthy eating and how good it feels to live with wellness.