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OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show

Special Live Broadcast - New Episode Airing on Thursday, 11/16/2017 @ 4 pm PT, 6 pm CST & 7 pm EST
with Special Guests "You"  our listeners!
Topic: "Open Air" - What's on Maura's Mind

OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Cover

About the Show

Welcome to the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show. Show airs weekly on Thursdays at 7 pm - 8 pm EST.   The show "gets to the heart of the subject right away" by delivering actionable
 insight, inspiration and diverse perspectives.  
Maura Gale is entertaining and purposeful in her evangelistic style of breaking things down for clear understanding and to impact her listeners with 
"Aha- Up2Me Moments" .  Maura delivers riveting show episodes that not only speak to your spirit but to your mind equipping you with knowledge and tools to empower you as you turn your dreams into reality.  Conversation topics range from lifestyle, relationships, challenges and opportunities for creatives. The on air dialogue with listeners provide for provocative and intriguing conversations, so lean in and tune in!

More about tonight's Special Live Broadcast with Host Maura Gale on Thursday, 11/16/2017 @ 4 pm PT, 6 pm CST & 7pm EST

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  Open Air - What's on Maura's Mind

Special Guests:  "You" our listeners call in at 347-324-5246 and press 1 to come on air

Today's OMG show episodes is called "OPEN AIR" - it's where Maura takes a breath and blows out some of the things on her mind. It’s a chance for callers to enjoy a cup of coffee, and have a conversation with Maura!

It’s an intentional opportunity for her to let her hair down (so to speak). In between sips she'll share tips and tales about the industry, stirring in her savvy suggestions about doing business successfully, and of course talk about some of today's saucy shenanigans! She’ll close with callers tickling your earlobe with “the things they’re thankful for.” You’re invited to sit in a front row seat to sip and share in...What’s on Maura’s Mind!

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with Special Guest Kimberly Adams, Founder, Grace2be

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  " Living in the AHA"...Learning how to pay attention to what's really going on around you.

In this Episode Maura and Kimberly will discuss Living in the AHA and also talk about Taati & Friends a Christmas fund raiser campaign, for orphans and children in hospitals in Namibia! 
Meet Kimberly:  

An illuminating smile, vivacious laugh, and a heart that carries compassion for anyone she encounters Kimberly Adams is the epitome of class.  Though humility and warmth, cascade through her veins, power and sophistication almost naturally beam from her like a light in both her business and personal life. 

An Old Dominion University graduate, and Media Director at a top advertising agency in Chicago, IL, Kim founded Grace2be in August 2016, to help women focus on building a solid foundation in their own lives by understanding one simple principle, live your truth!  This revelation hit her as she journeyed through her own life often masking the person that she was, and allowing her fears to hinder her progress. 

Kim desired for women to see that life was more than a paycheck. She believed that if you discover something that you love, and work hard and are passionate about it then the resources that are required to become a success in that area will be provided to you.  The gifts, the tools, and the connections that are needed will soon be there. Not by seeking it out, but by waiting on God’s grace to fall upon you at that precise moment in time when favor hits your life.

From that place, Grace2be was born, a networking group that assists women with finding the resources they need in order to be successful in whatever venture they embark on while embracing the truth in their lives and discovering their hidden passion.  Kim encourages women to live authentically and start taking steps into the best part of their lives.

Kim motivates others to learn from every obstacle, challenge, success and loss.  Don’t rush things, your destiny isn’t going anywhere, and be sure to appreciate the relationships you make along the way.  Your next encounter with grace awaits!

More about the Podcast w/Special Guest Saundra Harrison
Topic:  " Know Your Value & Self Worth"

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  "Know Your Value and Self Worth"

In this episode Maura and Saundra discuss ways to validate, appreciate and how to celebrate your accomplishments to understand what your value and worth are attached to.  Listeners will receive practical tips to combat shrinking in their gifts and gain insights on how to live out loud. Everything you’ve got inside makes you the perfect candidate for a rise! Let’s SOAR together!

Meet Saundra:  Saundra Harrison is an author, presenter, speaker and teacher for conferences, seminars and church services throughout the Chicago area. At St. Luke she worked in various capacities including: Sunday school, Bible Institute, Women's Ministry as well as Youth Ministry. Saundra also taught courses on Warfare and TD Jakes book Reposition Yourself.

Her ability to fuse together humor, life lessons and the Word of a God to equip and encourage people is unique.  She received her license as an Evangelist Missionary, under the ministry of Bishop James C. Austin.  Having a heart for beyond the 4 walls, Saundra began an email devotional called Wordspirations in 2001 and it has now expanded to social media. She hosts 
bi annual  Wordspirations gatherings designed to inspire, edifying and uplift the body of Christ.   Saundra is the author of three books: 
“Prayer, Faith and Dominion,” “Time and Chance Happens to all” and “The Value of a Woman.”  She is a member of Apostolic Faith Church under the leadership of Bishop Horace  Smith. Where she works with the Christian education department and the prayer phone line ministry. Saundra has been married to Jimmie Harrison for 31 years and they have one son.
Her favorite scripture is Nahum 1:7
“The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.”

with Special Guest Mary Shores, Author,
Conscious Communications


Mary Shore is offering a free download for the Conscious Communications Guidebook, a companion course for Conscious Communications, packed with over 35 pages of exercises to make Mary’s teachings even more real. Here’s the link for listeners: companion

Episode Topic and Description

Episode Topic:  "Conscious Communications"

In this episode Maura will  have a Conscious Conversation with Hay House Award Winning author Mary Shores. We'll   talk about, WORDS! How words are used, the intentions attached to what you say, and how you can shape and shift what comes next based on your conversations. Plus we'll have a special giveaway for Tune in,Lean in & Listen up!
Meet Mary:   Mary Shores is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO, Mary Shores teaches individuals and businesses to fearlessly create their own realities by using scientific methods and practical personal development. Mary Shores is the award-winning author of Conscious Communications, a groundbreaking personal development book published by Hay House and endorsed by New York Times bestselling authors. Released in August 2017, Conscious Communications draws on Mary’s over ten years of personal development experience and knowledge to create easy-to-follow, step-by-step practices that can transform each area of your life. Mary also enjoys creating workbooks and courses for individuals who want to live a life in alignment.

with Special Guest Michelle Collins, Author, Speaker, Mentor & Founder, The Persona Program


Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  "Spirit Check (some things gotta go)"

In this episode listeners will learn about Mastering the emotions. How to do a spirit check on jealousy, intimidation, anger, fear and so much more. Michelle has written a practical guide to identifying the things, habits and character flaws that hold us back from our best.
Meet Michelle:  

Michelle Collins is a dynamic Speaker, Mentor and Author. Her quest is for entrepreneurs of faith, believers and leaders to stay connected spiritually while they are building their brand, ministries and their lives.  She uses each platform to share spiritual insights for practical living.

She  is Founder & Program Director of The Persona Program where she prepares this generation of girls, 7-18 years old, for positive presentation through a mission to build Confidence, develop Character and promote proper Conduct. As a mother of three, she motivates moms raising daughters to Be Whole + Parent Well. Her WORKbook a journal style stimulus, “30 Ways in 30 Days to Be That Mom”, encourages moms to thrive outside of their own personal setbacks or unpleasant experiences and to essentially strive to #BeThatMom. The daily application of these sound parenting practices, provide nourishment of the soul for both mother and daughter.

Michelle is author of the book "Spirit Check - Practical Solutions for Emotional Mastery" a timely antidote that encourages an assessment of how five common emotions + character flaws derail spiritual success and personal growth.  
A FIDM alum, with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, a former Image Consultant and having vast experience in both the fashion and beauty industries as an Event Producer, Education Manager and College Representative, all set the platform to implement powerful programs, develop curriculum and host celebrated events for girls and women, that provide tools and resources needed, to personify their beauty within and tap into their personal and purposeful God-given potential.  A wife of 17 years, she resides in Southern California with her family.

with Special Guest Talayah Stovall, Author, Certified Life Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  Got Passion? Find Purpose

In this episode Maura and Talayah give listeners an opportunity to eavesdrop on the secrets to success. Taking your passions in life and parlaying them into purpose. Talayah will share examples, resources and simpistic concepts on how you can crack the code and learn some of the Secrets to ignite your dreams.

Meet Talayah:  

Talayah G. Stovall, President of TGrace, is an author, speaker, corporate trainer, and certified life purpose coach. Her mission is to empower people to use their passion to live in their purpose. Through her keynotes, workshops, coaching and EmPOWERed to… newsletter, Talayah inspires people to utilize their God-given abilities to achieve their personal and professional goals and increase their life satisfaction.

Talayah brings a wealth of training and life experience into her work. She has experienced career and life transitions herself and has learned the power of reinvention. With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing, she spent over 16 years in the banking industry before leaving to follow her true passion. In addition to being an entrepreneur, she is currently an adjunct instructor at Columbia College in Chicago, where she teaches communication classes.

Talayah’s lifelong passion for writing and speaking led her to complete her books, Light Bulb Moments: 75 Lessons for Everyday Living and Crossing the Threshold: Opening Your Door to Successful Relationships. She also has an eBook: 150 Important Questions You Should Ask Before You Say “I Do.” and two motivational audio CDs, P.U.M.P. It Up! and 7 Secrets to Ignite Your Dreams.

Her signature programs include the 5 Weeks to Personal Breakthrough group coaching program, the Pen Your Purpose workshop and the Vision Board Workshop.

Talayah is a lifetime member of the National Black MBA Association. She is on the Board of the Chicago Youth Centers - Rebecca Crown Center, and a member of the Trustee Board of the Vernon Park Church of God.

Talayah was recognized in “Who’s Who in Academia, Emerald Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals, has appeared in Ebony Magazine and has twice been recognized in “Outstanding Young Women of America.” She is a native and current resident of Chicago, Illinois. To learn more visit


Podcast Episode with Special Guest Dr. Damita Johnson

Guest Damita photo

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  Success and Balance are not dirty words (singleness, marriage, business and purpose)

In this episode on OMG we'll have a candid conversation with Dr. Damita Johnson. If there's one woman I know who add humor, candor and vocal infelction to whatever she's speaking about, this is her! She's a business woman, a wife and has been in ministry full time for over of 17 years. Find out how to balance your life AND have lasting success in whatever state you find yourself in.

Meet Dr. Damita Johnson:

Dr. Damita Johnson is a licensed and ordained minister and the Vice President of God’s Power Community. Along with her husband, Apostle/Dr. Gene Johnson, they have been in full time ministry for over 17 years. She is the founder of the Women’s Success Empowerment Network and the Women In Ministry Success Empowerment Network. These Networks are under the umbrella of God’s Power Community. God’s Power Community is an organization for Churches, ministries, Christian business owners, and Christians whose sole purpose is to cause them to experience “real success” through a repositioning process of Kingdom reconditioning. 

Dr. Damita is a published author in the best seller “Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul,” ebook entitled “Girl, Don’t be a Fool in your Single State, and the recently released “Girl Don’t be a Fool in Your Married State.”

Podcast episode with the Film Cast of STEM The Movement the TV Blake, Erin Sands & Maura Gale

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title :  STEM the Movement Film Release


In this episode of OMG we'll have a conversation with the ladies of STEM the Movement (Erin Sands, TV Blake and Maura Gale). We’ll find out how the talents and skills they each possess, the trials and triumphs how each overcame were parlayed into purpose. Becoming producers wasn’t easy for these ladies but it is a satisfying and rewarding place to be.

This is your opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation with 3 ladies who put their stories on paper, performed and left it all on stage and now have produced a film and started a movement in hopes of reminding others – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Tune in to hear how every drop of your life can be used to water someone else’s garden…if you give it space to splash on others!

To learn more view the video below and/or visit

STEM The Movement – THE FILM

STEM tells the story of three women's courageous journey from tragedy to triumph. It blends the past with the present featuring true-life stories of faith, in the midst of adversity and victory against all odds. Stem uses comedy and drama to tackle issues that are rarely given a voice such as infertility, caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, the pain of divorce and aging. The testimonies in Stem are raw and transparent, offering viewers a soul-level connection and the inspiration to not only persevere but to overcome. In this fast paced world of shallow, quick fix remedies, Stem goes deep to the root of our pain and reminds us that we are not alone. Yes, STEM is a docu-dramedy, but more than that, Stem is a movement that provides a safe place of healing and a sanctuary of shared truth. 

Meet the Cast:

Guest Erin photo
Erin Sands is an author, actress, activist, writer and producer. She is the author of The Dunes a faith-based book for personal growth and the creator of The Relevant Post an online thought leaders forum featuring blogs and panel discussions on emerging political and social issues. A self-proclaimed Soul Warrior, Erin is the creator of two online courses entitled: The Awakening Plan and Boot camp for the Soul. Both programs equip people with the tools they need to live a fearless, fulfilling life abundant in health and wellness. Join her on the journey at:
Guest TV Blake photo

Louisiana native, TV Blake, started her career in the industry armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and vast work experience with Fortune 500 companies. TV’s artistic teeth were cut on the Chicago theatre scene while also working as an Engineer. She was cast in more 20+ stage plays including ETA Creative Arts, Latino Chicago and The Black Ensemble. TV ended her stay in Chicago with a highly successful and critically acclaimed performance during the 20th anniversary of the play, “Colored Girls”, performed at the famous Steppenwolf Theatre. In addition to landing numerous television commercials, TV’s first major supporting role was in Lifetime TVs “Jackie’s Back”, directed by Robert Townsend. She has also worked as a writer/ assistant for David E. Talbert and assistant for producer Reuben Cannon.

Maura Gale photo

Maura Gale a Chicago native, graduated with a BA in Theatrical Broadcasting from SIUC. She worked for CNN/HLN, starred in numerous short and industrial films is a sought out VO talent, actress, and speaker. Maura anchored a magazine format TV show for 5 years, co-starred in City of Angels, NYPD Blue, Ally McBeal, Strong Medicine and “Their Eyes Were Watching God” produced by Oprah Winfrey. Maura’s voice is heard on commercials, video games and on air weekly as the hosts of OMG Oh! Maura Gale Radio show for Up2MeRadio.

She’s authored 2 books, produced 2 CD’s, is an associate producer of Soul Mate film and a keynote speaker/performer for churches, schools and organizations around the world. Catch the latest at

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Podcast episode with Special Guest Ryeal Simms Ph.D with "Keeping it Real - 5 ways to know if he's really into you" 

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title: "Keeping it Real - 5 ways to know if he's really into you"

Back by popular demand is special guest Ryeal Simms Ph.D., the relationship expert.  Ryeal is going to discuss some of the words and actions that are signs and clues that he's really into you!

Relationship Scientist Ryeal Simms is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships worldwide.

A licensed and certified relationship coach, Counselor/Marriage facilitator, body language expert with the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Prepare/Enrich Program, Ryeal’s passion is analyzing the neuroscience of love by dissecting why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view.  


Podcast Episode Part II "Keep Getting Up" with Special Guest DeEtta West, Evangelist, Author, Actor, Singer & Motivational Speaker 

Guest DeEtta West photo

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title :  "Keep Getting Up!" - Part II

In this Episode Maura and DeEtta continue the conversation on how the storms and situations of life can knock you down but if your outlook is UP, there's one direction you can go! Follow His lead, He knows where your going. "He knows where He's taking you". 

Podcast Episode Part I - "Get Up" with Special Guest DeEtta West, Evangelist, Author, Singer, Actor and Motivational Speaker- Part I

Guest DeEtta West

Episode Title " Get Up" - Part 1

In this Episode Maura and DeEtta discuss how the storms and situations of life can knock you down but if your outlook is UP, there's one direction you can go! Follow His lead, He knows where your going. "He knows where He's taking you".

DeEtta is a, Evangelist, Author, Singer, Actor, Workshop Facilitator, Conference and Motivational Speaker. She travels throughout the country touching lives as she challenges and motivates the hearer to “Get Up!” (which is the title of her book) and move forward, towards their place of purpose. She delivers a message of hope. Her compassion is found in her commitment to speak life into the hearts of the wounded and broken vessels that God assigns to her. DeEtta’s desire is to help people get past their hurts so that they can fulfill the God-given calling on their life.


Podcast Episode with returning Special Guest and new Co-Host of the "Keeping it Real" Relationship Series, Ryeal Simms, Ph.D, Neuropsychologist & Relationship Expert

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:   Special: New Seried "Keeping it Real" Relationship Chat on WHY "Women should stop being faithful to their boyfriends"

Co- Host Dr. Ryeal Simms, Neuropsychologist and Relationship Expert returns for the first of what Maura is calling montly "Relationship Chats" and this kickoff topic is sure to enlighten, excite and explain WHY "Women should stop being faithful to their boyfriends."

Relationship Scientist Ryeal Simms is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships worldwide.

A licensed and certified relationship coach, Counselor/Marriage facilitator, body language expert with the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Prepare/Enrich Program, Ryeal’s passion is analyzing the neuroscience of love by dissecting why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view.  

Podcast Episode with Yahrah St. John, International Best-Selling Author of 25 books with Harlequin

Guest Yahrah St John photo
Yahrah St. John book cover photo

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  " Balancing Relationships and Business"

In this Episode:  Maura and Yahrah discuss balancing relationships and business, can be a challenge. Stop the roller coaster of relationships. Tune in to find out what the author of 25 international romance novels has to say about making relationships last longer and stronger. She'll also share tips on how to find your soul mate and build strong connections.

We'll even find out the scoop on her new release "Miami After hours (Millionaire Mogul)"
Meet Yahrah St. John:
Yahrah St. John earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Northwestern University. As a bestselling contemporary romance author at Harlequin, one of the world’s largest publishing houses, she has written for the Kimani Romance line since 2004. Her books are sold in both print and online editions.  The Chicago native is a newlywed currently residing in central Florida with her husband. She is a prominently recognized member of Romance Writers of America and has been lauded for her literary contributions across the globe. St. John’s accolades at Harlequin include being the recipient of Romantic Times Book Reviews 2013 Reviewer’s Choice Award and Best Kimani Romance for her book, A Chance With You.  St. John is available for media interviews, book club presentations, speaking engagements, and book signings. Visit her website at For the latest updates on Yahrah St. John, follow her @YahrahStJohn on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  

Podcast Episode with Special Guest Stacey Evans Morgan, Writer, Producer & Author

Guest Stacey Evans photo
Guest Stacey book cover photo

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  Are You a "Good Thing"?

In this episode Maura and Sheila discuss highlights from her newly released Novel
 "A Good Thing." published by Brown Girl Books.
Love is Patient...Love is Kind...When love finds you, it's A GOOD THING. 
The discuss how this "baby" was conceived, why she selected the topic around LOVE and of course we'll get the industry scoop from a veteran!
Meet Sheila Evans Morgan, Writer, Producer & Author
Over twenty-five years as an entertainment industry veteran, Stacey Evans Morgan is a television writer and producer with credits on scripted series such as Love That Girl, The Parkers, One on One, Jamie Foxx Show and live programs such as The NAACP Image Awards, The Gracie Awards and DNC Live 2016. 

Podcast Episode with Ryeal Simms, Ph.D., Relationship Expert

Guest  photo

Topic:  Why saying "I don't need a man" can kill you

In this Episode Maura and special guest Ryeal Simms Ph.D., the relationship expert discuss how just quoting "I don't need a man" can literally kill you? This is just the beginning of what we believe will be an open door to discovering healthy whole relationships.  Is it the power of confession, sabotaging success or something much deeper? Real talk and truths under one banner ~  Tune in, lean in and listen up!

Relationship Scientist Ryeal Simms is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships worldwide.

A licensed and certified relationship coach, Counselor/Marriage facilitator, body language expert with the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Prepare/Enrich Program, Ryeal’s passion is analyzing the neuroscience of love by dissecting why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view.  

Podcast Episode with Special Guest Tracie Dean Ponder- Click on Image to Listen

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:   "The Entrepreneur's Journey" Entertainment, Education & Diversity

In this episode :

What do YOU have to give, offer or share with others? Do you have a dream of waking up everyday with purpose and passion? We know that entrepreneurs fill a need, offer services and solutions or satisfy interests.   This week on OMG we'll have a conversation about how every job, field of interest, talent, and instinct you possess, can be parlayed into purpose. Being a BOSS may not be easy but it truly is, satisfying and rewarding.  This is your opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation with someone who goes full throttle everyday single day, not only making her dreams come true, but empowering others to do the same!  Tracie Dean Ponder utilizes her wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, her vast understanding of diversity and her passion for education to empower others.
Meet Tracie:
Tracie Dean Ponder is youngest of 11 children born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois. Her mother was an uncompromising advocate for education. It’s her passion that has ignited the spark that set Tracie on her path. With an ardent commitment for educating and empowering emerging talent she founded B~STEM Project and B~STEM Project Foundation (B~STEM). The organization’s primary goal is to create opportunities for young girls and women to engage, learn and grow around business and STEM disciplines across industries. 

Podcast Episode with Special Guest Rhavynn Drummer- 
Click Image to Listen

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title  Casting with character!  How "Good Girls" can win in the industry and, in life!

In this episode Maura Gale will have a conversation with veteran casting director Rhavynn Drummer! She'll share what it's like to cast some of the popular Tv shows we tune into weekly as well as give some tips on how to stay effective in your craft. Plus, we'll find out what prompted her to create the digital series "Good Girls." 

Meet Rhavynn:

Rhavynn Drummer is an Atlanta based Casting Director who has always had a love for actors and great performances. She began her career in casting at Tyler Perry Studios. While working at the studio she has participated in the casting of thirteen feature films, six television series, and seven theatrical productions. . She has had the privilege of working on projects like “The Family that Preys,” “Why did I Get Married Too?” “The Marriage Counselor” and the most recent television series’ “The Haves and The Have Nots” and “If Loving You is Wrong” currently on the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

Podcast Episode with Special Guest Marcia Wright-Tillman

Guest Marcia photo

Podcast Episode with Special Guest Angela N. Boyce "The Mirror of Reality" 

Guest Erin White

Podcast Episode with Special Guest Reyna Joy Banks "Living HOLY in Hollywood (The Call Comes with a Loss in Gain)"

Guest Reyna Joy Banks

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More About the Show

OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show is a lifestyle talk radio show with a interview show format. 

The show will highlight relationships between creatives and their craft, traditionalist and their trades as well as Ordinary people and their extraordinary journeys. MG gets to the GOoD!

Meet Host Maura Gale 

Maura Gale is an American Actress, Author, Speaker and Producer. As an actress you’ve seen and heard her on TV, in Films, Games and Books. She co-wrote, co-produced and co-stars in StemTheMovement a Docudramedy Film - Spring 2017! Her sophomore CD project entitled “MAURA” will drop Fall 2017. When this Entertainment Evangelist isn’t in the studio or on set, you’ll find her traveling around the world MauraVating men and woman as a Spiritual Midwife assisting others in the delivery process of visions, ideas and dreams! Find her on all social @MauraGale and via her website