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OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show

New Episode - Live Broadcast Airs on Thursday, 5/25/2017 @ 7 pm - 8 pm EST
Why saying "I don't need a man" can kill you
with Special Guest Ryeal Simms, Ph.D., Relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker & Neuropsychologist

Welcome to the new OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show
Broadcasting from Atlanta, GA.  
Show airs weekly on Thursdays at 7 pm - 8 pm EST.

About this Week's Episode with Ryeal Simms, Ph.D., Relationship Expert

Show Date:  5/25/2017

Show Time:  7 pm - 8 pm

Topic:  Why saying "I don't need a man" can kill you

Guest:  Ryeal Simms, Ph.D., Relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker & Neuropsychologist

About this Episode:
On OMG Oh! Maura Gale this week special guest Ryeal Simms Ph.D., the relationship expert is going to discuss how just quoting "I don't need a man" can literally kill you? This is just the beginning of what we believe will be an open door to discovering healthy whole relationships.
Is it the power of confession, sabotaging success or something much deeper? Real talk and truths under one banner ~  Tune in lean in and listen up!

Relationship Scientist Ryeal Simms is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships worldwide.

A licensed and certified relationship coach, Counselor/Marriage facilitator, body language expert with the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Prepare/Enrich Program, Ryeal’s passion is analyzing the neuroscience of love by dissecting why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view.  Ryeal is also a member the GGI network of Neuroscience researchers and the resident relationship instructor at the OptiMind Neuroscience Coaching & Training Institute ( where he integrates the disciplines of cognitive neuropsychology, biology, anthropology and body language to teach teach youth, adults and corporations how to make wise personal and professional relationship choices.

Formerly the relationship expert for Stevie Wonder’s Hollywood radio station, KJLH, Ryeal has also co-hosted London’s Love Talks, is a recurring relationship expert on the U.K.’s Real Love Show and has regularly appeared on Africa’s Lets Talk About It, Virgin Island’s Real Talk with Narcisse & Company and L.A.’s Talk Live’s Planet Love Match and Raibon Radio.

Ryeal has also been featured in numerous publications and media programs, including Essence Magazine and National Public Radio and has served as the official relationship coach for the Tavis Smiley Foundation and Hershe Group. He also works as a relationship advisor for the entertainment industry, speaks at correctional centers, colleges and churches and is penning his book series on the neuroscience of relationships.  

For more information visit


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with Special Guest Tracie Dean Ponder- Click on Image to Listen

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:   "The Entrepreneur's Journey" Entertainment, Education & Diversity

In this episode :

What do YOU have to give, offer or share with others? Do you have a dream of waking up everyday with purpose and passion? We know that entrepreneurs fill a need, offer services and solutions or satisfy interests.   This week on OMG we'll have a conversation about how every job, field of interest, talent, and instinct you possess, can be parlayed into purpose. Being a BOSS may not be easy but it truly is, satisfying and rewarding.  This is your opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation with someone who goes full throttle everyday single day, not only making her dreams come true, but empowering others to do the same!  Tracie Dean Ponder utilizes her wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, her vast understanding of diversity and her passion for education to empower others.
Meet Tracie:
Tracie Dean Ponder is youngest of 11 children born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois. Her mother was an uncompromising advocate for education. It’s her passion that has ignited the spark that set Tracie on her path. With an ardent commitment for educating and empowering emerging talent she founded B~STEM Project and B~STEM Project Foundation (B~STEM). The organization’s primary goal is to create opportunities for young girls and women to engage, learn and grow around business and STEM disciplines across industries. BSTEM also provides extension programming for both boys and girls through strategic partnerships with organizations, academia and corporations. Tracie is driven by the vision that B~STEM will become a gateway to unlimited possibilities. The organization is committed to providing foundational support to help foster awareness, aspiration and innovation. Tracie is also the founder of Genius In Motion (GIM), which focuses on promoting diversity in television, film and media. She’s an advocate for issues relating to diversity and inclusion particularly when it comes to race, culture and gender. GIM’s mission is to open the pathways of dialogue, to bring a spotlight to talent of color, to become a bridge for opportunity and to cultivate the next generation of diverse talent in the entertainment industry. Tracie is an award-winning entertainment veteran having worked as a writer, director and producer independently and for companies such as Warner Brothers, Lifetime, Harpo Studios, Fox Sports and BET. She received a B.A. from New York University, M.A. from De Paul University and a Certificate in Film, Television, Video and New Media from UCLA. Tracie has also had the unique opportunity to study abroad and travel to places that include: Barbados, Senegal, Morocco, Spain, France and Greece. She’s relentless when it comes to sharing her wealth of knowledge and helping others to achieve their highest growth potential. For more information about B~STEM Project visit 

with Special Guest Rhavynn Drummer- Click Image to Listen

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title  Casting with character!  How "Good Girls" can win in the industry and, in life!

In this episode Maura Gale will have a conversation with veteran casting director Rhavynn Drummer! She'll share what it's like to cast some of the popular Tv shows we tune into weekly as well as give some tips on how to stay effective in your craft. Plus, we'll find out what prompted her to create the digital series "Good Girls." 

Meet Rhavynn:

Rhavynn Drummer is an Atlanta based Casting Director who has always had a love for actors and great performances. She began her career in casting at Tyler Perry Studios. While working at the studio she has participated in the casting of thirteen feature films, six television series, and seven theatrical productions. . She has had the privilege of working on projects like “The Family that Preys,” “Why did I Get Married Too?” “The Marriage Counselor” and the most recent television series’ “The Haves and The Have Nots” and “If Loving You is Wrong” currently on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Rhavynn graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Theater and American Studies. During her time at UVA she started the Paul Robeson Players, a theater company focused on producing African-American stories and experiences.

In 2013, Rhavynn created the digital series, Good Girls, which follows four women of faith as they navigate the morality and individuality by living and dating in Atlanta. The series was released in June of 2014 and went on to win awards at the Bronze Lens Film Festival along with the Black Women in Film and Television Festival. For more information go to

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More About the Show

OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show is a lifestyle talk radio show with a interview show format. 

The show will highlight relationships between creatives and their craft, traditionalist and their trades as well as Ordinary people and their extraordinary journeys. MG gets to the GOoD!

Meet Host Maura Gale 

Maura Gale is an American Actress, Author, Speaker and Producer. As an actress you’ve seen and heard her on TV, in Films, Games and Books. She co-wrote, co-produced and co-stars in StemTheMovement a Docudramedy Film - Spring 2017! Her sophomore CD project entitled “MAURA” will drop Fall 2017. When this Entertainment Evangelist isn’t in the studio or on set, you’ll find her traveling around the world MauraVating men and woman as a Spiritual Midwife assisting others in the delivery process of visions, ideas and dreams! Find her on all social @MauraGale and via her website