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The Finding Your Forte Show

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Our Live Broadcasts will be moving from a morning time slot to a new and exciting
Live "Power Lunch Talk " 12 noon - 1 pm.  Stay tuned for the next live broadcast!

Join Host Reggie Hammond  & Guests as they talk about how "Finding Your Forte" serves your purpose to bring your greatest impact.   Broadcasting from Atlanta, GA.

ENCORE- Featured Podcast
with Guest Jodie Charlop on " Developing Leaders on Purpose"

In this Podcast Host Reggie and Guest Jodie have a provocative discussion and a Finding Your Forte Exclusive!  Imagine a workplace with leaders that shared purpose as a value and priority. 

What would that look like?   It is not too late to join this conversation, what is your perspective? Join the discussion by posting your comment or question on our Facebook page at Up2Me Radio.  We look forward to hearing from you.  If you want to make contact privately then email us at [email protected] and our Show Host will get back with you.

Latest Podcasts Now Available!

with Special Guest Richard Makerson- Click image to listen

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  " Making Clients Look Like Rock-stars on Purpose"

In this Episode:  Reggie and Richard discuss how Richard learned of his purpose to "solve complex problems and make his clients look like rock-stars!"

Meet Richard:

As the co-founder of BlueFletch, Richard is a Technical Manager with skills in Mobile, Microsoft .NET, and J2EE Application Development. Richard has also trained, deployed, and supported multiple application tiers across complex production environments. He has extensive technical experience in native, cross-platform and web-based mobile application development. Richard holds a BS in Computer Science from Morehouse College.


with Special Guest Lamar Chesney -Click Image to Listen

Episode Title and Description
Episode Title:   Pinnacle Insights:  Know Thyself, Project Thyself
In this Episode Reggie and Lamar discuss insights from the pinnacle of Lamar's career 
post-retirement on purpose, business, careers and leadership. 
Informative and inspiring "Nuggets will be shared"
Meet Lamar:  Lamar Chesney is a respected leader in individual and business transformations.  He is a seasoned financial, strategic, operational and supply chain management professional with over four decades of diversified business experience as a senior executive in the financial services, manufacturing, audit services, educational, healthcare, transportation, professional services, consumer products and energy industries.  His expertise encompasses numerous functional and systemic business leadership aspects.  He has been a financial or procurement leader at numerous public and private, small and large, regional and global corporations.  He has held a variety of  C-Level executive positions during a career that spans eleven companies in nine industries, including senior executive positions with well-known entities such as Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Coca-Cola Company, Marsh & McLennan and SunTrust Banks. 

with Guest Cyril Turner - Click image to listen

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title: " Pinnacle Insights:  Business Performance on Purpose"

In this Episode:   Reggie engages in a reflective dialogue with Cyril Turner, recently retired President of Delta Global Services.  Valuable "nuggets" will be shared. 

Meet Cyril:

As the President of Delta Global Services (DGS) and Delta Private Jets (DPJ), wholly owned subsidiaries of Delta Air Lines, Cyril has developed and is executing a strategic plan that maximizes the value of DGS and DPJ, while maintaining strong partnerships with all of its customers.  Most recently he served as Senior Vice President – Delta Connection where he was responsible for managing Delta’s partnerships with regional carriers.  

Cyril has also held leadership positions with The Coca-Cola Company, Frito-Lay and Deloitte & Touche.

In addition to his extensive business experience, Cyril is active in the Atlanta community serving on the Board of Directors of Leadership Atlanta and Junior Achievement of Georgia. He also has been involved in the Georgia Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, 100 Black Men of Atlanta and Habitat for Humanity.

He simultaneously earned a BSc in Physics from Morehouse College and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has studied at Harvard Business School and the London Business School.


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Episode with Kevin Sheppard "Our Workplace & Talent in Purpose- What will it be like? 

Episode with Jeanine Lewis"Rewriting the Rules on Purpose: Dealing with Disruption"

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A Message from Host Reggie Hammond

For the entirety of my professional career since business school, I have been leading, facilitating and managing transformational, mission critical change in companies we all know, love and respect.  This has been a blessed and fortunate set of experiences that I highly regard bringing to every mission I take on.  I’ve worked with leaders that were inspired and inspiring.  I’ve worked with some that were there just to collect a check.  

I’ve seen organizations thrive.  I’ve seen some barely capable of completing transactions even after having multi-million dollars systems deployed.  I’ve been on teams that perform with symphonic-like coordination and dynamics.  I’ve been on teams charged with business critical projects and team members that wanted nothing to do with each other.

This range of experiences has taught me plenty.  I’ve always been fascinated by what made the difference in these scenarios.  

Why one team thrives while another team drags with equally capable people.  Why brilliant leaders sometimes dial in and sometimes go through the motions.  My observation is that it all comes down to purpose.  People that have a sense of purpose in the work they perform as it relates to them individually plug in and bring everything they’ve got.  They know their contribution to the purpose of the their organizations and teams.  Even when it wasn’t explicitly my job to, I’ve passionately pursued helping others connect with this sense of purpose and bring it to their work.  I’m elated that I now have the opportunity to do that in a mission-based venture,  Your Crescendo.

To learn more about Your Crescendo visit them at

A view of the 2017 Your Crescendo on Purpose Conference!  Plan to attend in 2018!

Up2Me Radio/Atlanta Life Media was a proud sponsor for the 2017 YourCrescendo On Purpose Conference held on January 20, 2017, Atlanta, GA.  View the video to learn more.