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with Special Guest:  Glenn Jones, Grammy Nominated, Stellar Award Winning R & B Singer and Songwriter
Topic: "Catching up with the Ambassador of Love"

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About the Show

Welcome to the There is Life After Layoff® Show with Host Ali.
The lyrics in the show's theme song "Failure is not Final" clearly define this show. This show takes an up close look at how you can turn failure into a gift and grow from each adversity (such as a job layoff) that you experience.  Ali artfully and passionately delves into in -depth conversations with guests as they share how they used adversity to their advantage to help them thrive and reach a greater level of success. Callers call in to live broadcasts to add their perspective to the conversation.


More about the Show with Special Guest Glenn Jones, Grammy Nominated, Stellar Award Winning R & B Singer and Songwriter

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  "Catching up with the Ambassador of Love!"  

Meet Mr. Glenn Jones Grammy Nominated, Stellar Award Winning R & B Singer & Songwriter

In this Episode Ali welcomes Grammy Nominated, Stellar Award Winning, R&B Singer and Songwriter, Mr. Glenn Jones, best known for his #1 chart stopping hits such as "We've Only Just Begun" Here I Go Again”, “Stay”, “I’ve been Searching” and “Baby Come Home”. Proclaimed as the "Ambassador of Love," Glenn has been using his gift of music to touch the lives of others for over 30 years! Join Ali and get to know how he has been able to stay true to his himself, his talent and most importantly to God. 
Meet Glen Jones:   For over 30 years Glenn Jones has been using his gift to touch others in a way that only his voice can do. Just one listen to the proclaimed “Ambassador of Love” and you will know why the powerhouse vocalist and love song perfectionist has surpassed the test of time.

Glenn Jones performs "I've Been Searching" on Tom Joyner's Fantastic Journey 2016


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"Honoring the Ones We Love" a special tribute and honor to the late James P. Coleman III, brother of Show Host Ali.  

  • Photo of James P. Coleman III
    Photo of James P. Coleman III
  • Photo of James walking his sister Ali down the aisle at her wedding
    Photo of James walking his sister Ali down the aisle at her wedding
  • James with his mother MaryJane Coleman who he is with again in heaven
    James with his mother MaryJane Coleman who he is with again in heaven
Photo of James P. Coleman III
Photo of James P. Coleman III

with Special Guest Sheree Knowles, Founder, HR Knowledge Source

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title :  " Are You Tied to the Money?"

In this Episode Ali and Sheree discuss Sheree's intriguing story about how "chasing the money" in her career left her to question herself and her competencies...but at what cost?"

Meet Sheree:

Sheree Knowles is a talented executive with over 22 years of human resources leadership. She is the Founder and Chief Human Resources Officer for HR Knowledge Source, a human capital consulting firm. She has served in senior-level roles for companies with regional and national geographic footprints. Her most recent role was as the Vice President of Human Resources for a $1B professional services firm in Atlanta, GA. During her career in Human Resources, Sheree served in a regional role providing HR support in New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast territories. She has also held national HR roles and provided support across the U.S. Sheree has worked in a variety of industries including professional services, insurance, litigation, technology, education, automotive, supply chain management and logistics. Prior to a career in Human Resources, Sheree worked in case management and supported several non-profit initiatives.


with Special Guest Joshua Leonard 

with Special Guest Deberah Williams, Founder, A Fresh Start LLC

with Special Guest Ryan Kilgore, Jazz Saxophonist

Preview and Listen to Ryan's Music

We The People 1

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Episode with Guest Co-Host Shar Marshall "Virtual Book Signing for the There is Life After Layoff Empowerment & Rediscovery Journal"

Episode with Guest Lisa Molly Williams-Powell "If you are willing...God is able" 

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More About the Show

There is Life After Layoff® Show was divinely inspired by the personal journey of the host, Alicia " Ali" Ward, through her experience with job layoffs. Ali's emotional, spiritual enlightenment and growth; partnered with her willingness to face her own truths while being transparent, provides for a safe and friendly conversational style show format.

The show explores the emotional and spiritual journey of individuals who have recently been laid off or are facing a pending layoff. The show also creates insight for individuals who are in pursuit of their life's purpose; individuals who are stuck in unfulfilling careers/jobs; as well as new or aspiring entrepreneurs. Geared toward addressing the emotional impact and uncertainty of how to move forward, the show’s format tackles topics that are real and provides a platform that which focuses on life, family, relationships, livelihood and faith after layoff and unforeseen life circumstances.

Along with Host Ali, special guests and invited co-hosts are featured to share personal stories of triumph through difficult life occurrences. The goal is to inspire and empower listeners about learning to survive and discover a life of purpose after experiencing the impact of a layoff or other life-altering event. Listeners are encouraged to call-in and join the conversation with our  guest subject matter experts from various fields.

Host Ali's Bio

Meet Host Ali

Alicia Ward is a wife and mother of two adorable children who now resides just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She is a “Native New Yorker” who as a teenager, relocated to South Florida with her family where she attended high school and developed a love for sports. Upon graduation, Alicia continued her education and was successful at graduating with honors from the historically renowned Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

After graduating from Tuskegee, Alicia pursued her professional career by relocating to Atlanta, after securing a position as a Commercial Production Underwriter. It was while working in this capacity, that Alicia encountered her first experience with being laid off. After only four years, the company announced that they planned to consolidate offices and as a result, the decision was made to relocate the local underwriting function out of state. It was at this time, that Alicia decided to remain in Atlanta and pursue other options for employment. Needless to say, Alicia was devastated and didn’t know what to do or where to turn. It took a little over a year before she was able to secure employment and pick up the pieces of her life and professional career and move forward. This was a very tough road to travel and she lost a lot of her self-esteem in the process. However, once again, her love for sports helped her to re-build her self-esteem as she decided to pursue a lifelong dream to become a competitive bodybuilder. Following and accomplishing this dream, allowed Alicia to not only transform her body, but also to transform her entire outlook on what it takes to live a balanced life (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

After fighting her way back, Alicia worked throughout various industries ranging from non-profit to education, which brings us to the present. As life oftentimes repeats itself, once again, and with no advanced notice, Alicia found herself being laid off from her job of almost fourteen years as the Transfer Credit Coordinator and Commencement Coordinator at a major post-secondary college, for the second time in her professional career. However, there was one major difference about this particular time. The difference was that Alicia felt a PEACE about her layoff and accepted it with a positive outlook.

Understanding that the peace that she had was a blessing and a sign from God, she decided to use this experience as way to not only re-discover who she is but to also follow her life's purpose, which is to inspire and empower others to use their gifts and talents to walk in their true purpose or passion. This realization resulted her being divinely inspired to use of one of her longtime passions, of writing, to create her blog “There is Life After Layoff® (" The success of the blog resulted in her hosting a weekly blog talk radio show of the same name. It is her journey of truth, transparency and growth through the experience of a layoff.

Walking in her life's purpose has also afforded Alicia with the opportunities to use her talents in such areas as: Life Coaching/Mentoring, Motivational Speaking, Guest Writing (on other blogs), Book Editing, Website Design and Conference Hosting just to name a few. She is a proud member of The National Association of Professional Women and the National Alliance of Women in Media. She also continues to run daily and participates in local road races.

Alicia's life is a true testimony of how keeping God First and being obedient will guide you towards your life's purpose and if asked to sum it all up in three words, her response would be, "WORK IN PROGRESS"