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Branding with Purpose Podcast

Join me for a new 2018-2019 season of new episodes!

About the Podcast

Welcome to the Branding with Purpose Podcast with Host, Shantha Wetterhan!  Shantha is a social media strategist, branding expert trainer and founder of Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management.  Branding with Purpose is designed to empower entrepreneurs to live out their purpose while developing an impact on your personal brand. We have conversations with successful business owners and entrepreneurs about their purpose and what it takes to grow and sustain in today’s digital world.  We have a lot to talk about so join us!

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 "How to Prioritize and Set Goals to Win in Life and Business" with Guest LaChelle Adkins

Learn how you can incorporate strategies to have the life you desire.

 "How to Write Content That Sells" with Guest Tom Tortorici, Writer & Message Strategist

Learn how to put your buyer's hat on when writing content that converts your readers to customers.  Tom shares insights and valuable "nuggets" from his experience as a writer and message strategist. 

 "Branding Your Brilliance" with Guest Maryrose Solis, Branding Strategist

Maryrose shares how to discover, define and brand your authentic self for your personal and business brand.

"Growing Your Business with Public Relations with Guest Wendy Alpine, President, Alpine Communications

Shantha and Wendy talk about the role of public relations in growing your business with purpose.

"How to Build, Scale and Grow Your Revenue" with Guest Ronica Brown, CPA, CEO of Ronica Brown Agency

Shantha and Ronica talk about the importance of having business cash flow and ways to insure you have it! Also learn the top mistakes people make when posting to their business social sites media during the Ask Shantha segment.  Easy to implement "nuggets" are shared! 

"How to Grow Your Business with Effective Marketing Strategies" with Guest Michael Oden, Owner and Chief Marketing Trainer at YourMarketingTrainer, LLC.

Shantha and Michael talk about Michael's story and journey as a master marketer.  Hear strategies that work for Mike that can work for you!  Also hear the latest updates on Facebook and how the new rules could impact you!  

"How To Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Basics" with Guest Sue Gresham, "The LinkedIn Lady", Certified Social Media Strategist and LinkedIn Coach 

Shantha and Sue talk about how and why you should be on and use LinkedIn!  

 "Creating Your Visual Brand with Guest Karen Marie Jenkins, Founder, Karen Marie Images & Branding

Shantha and Karen have a candid conversation about visible brand imaging beyond a head shot.  

  " Amplify Your Impact and Increase Your Income " with Guest Maya Elious, Personal Branding Specialist

Shantha and Maya as they talk about branding, strategies and ways to increase your income through sharing actionable insights and ways to amplify your impact.

 "Elevate Your Brand - Dress for Success for Less" with Guest  Tanjuria Willis, HTFO Owner of Eklozet

Shantha and Tanjuria talk about how to dress for success on a budget and how to elevate your brand through your wardrobe selections.  

 "How to Break the Rules and Achieve the Life You Deserve" with Guest Melisa Alaba, Coach, Founder & CEO of Eliza Mary Global Network (EMGN)  

Shantha and Melisa as they talk about how you can achieve the life you deserve.  Start your 2018 with insights and expert advice on how you too can have the life you desire!

"Blogging Is A Business" with Guest  Mattie James, Blogger and Creator of

Shantha and Mattie as they talk about Mattie's story and journey towards becoming a Blogger and how she turned it into a business.

 "How to Build a Successful Business with Effective Financial Planning" with Guest  Helen M. Ngo, CFP® ,CEO & Founder Capital Benchmark Partners, LLC.

Shantha and Helen talk about the importance of effective financial planning for building a successful and sustainable business.  


" How to Grow Your Brand, Sales and Content Strategy with LinkedIn" with Guest  Brynne Tillman, Author,  Chief Learning Officer of Vengreso

Shantha and Brynne share insights, experiences and take away nuggets on how to grow your brand, sales and content strategy with LinkedIn.


 " How to Restore and Rejuvenate Your Personal Brand" with Guest  Mimika Cooney, Author, TV Host & Indie Filmmaker

This episode is Sponsored By Up2Me Magazine

Join Shantha and Mimika as they talk about Mimaka's journey, faith and their impact on her brand.

" How to Start, Grow & Maintain a Thriving Facebook Group" with Guest Nina Thomas, know as "Socially Nina",  Entrepreneurial Marketing Influencer & CEO/Founder of

This Episode is Sponsored by Up2Me Magazine

Shantha and Nina as they talk about one of the hottest topics of interest in how to start, grow and maintain a thriving social media group on Facebook.  

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Meet Host Shantha Wetterhan

Shantha Wetterhan is a marketing consultant, certified digital marketing strategist, dynamic speaker, and trusted social media expert. Shantha is also host of the syndicates podcast, Branding with Purpose.  

For nearly ten years, Shantha has focused her career on social media for business, teaching social networking skills and online marketing techniques to business professionals.  Beginning with a background in sales, marketing and digital strategy for a global company, shantha recognized the benefit of social media for business long before it became the standard. She has since cultivated a successful business formed in 2014—Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management—catering to  professionals who strive to grow their own businesses with online strategies.