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Breaking Barriers with Host Jennifer Jiles 
The Breaking Barriers Podcast creates a space for one of the oldest and most important activities in the world: storytelling. Storytelling engages, enlightens, educates, encourages, and teaches. Storytelling is a journey of sharing, discovery, and connecting. We know that when people open up and tell their stories of challenges, triumphs, courage, conflict, struggles, failures, mistakes and success, they can help us better navigate our own journeys. Breaking Barriers is a community where people from all walks and stations of life share from the heart as they stand in their own truth. Their stories inspire us and challenge us to be better and do better. Join us!

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Meet Your Host Jennifer Jiles

Jennifer Jiles is a passionate storyteller at heart!

As a journalist, writer, and magazine editor spans more than 20 years and has appeared in the following publications: PR Tactics, The Kansas City Business Journal (sister publication to The Atlanta Business Chronicle), Corporate Report/Kansas City Magazine, Fulton County Daily Report, a publication for Atlanta’s legal industry, and Essence Magazine. As a columnist for Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, she wrote a monthly column on careers and management topics, and also served as a features writer for six years.

Jennifer has served as the editor of corporate, institutional and university magazines, and contributed research to one of the co-authors of the bestseller “I’ll Find a Way or Make One: A Tribute to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” She was a manuscript editor of a forthcoming book co-authored by a licensed psychotherapist and a pharmacist.

Her work as a ghostwriter, speechwriter and script writer includes serving C-Suite executives, university presidents and A-list celebrities.

As an award-winning communications and public relations expert, she has been employed by or served as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, national non-profit organizations, public relations/marketing firms and higher education institutions.

Jennifer’s work in front of the camera includes serving as a correspondent for the TV news magazines “Inside the Atlanta Tribune” and “Kansas City Alive!” and as a spokesperson to the media for three corporations and a university. Her work behind camera includes serving as producer of the GPTV production “Georgia’s First Ladies.”

In Jennifer's personal time you can find her reading a book, spending time with family and going to the "spa" with her niece.

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  • Host Jennifer on film set for My Brother's Keeper
    Host Jennifer on film set for My Brother's Keeper
Host Jennifer on film set for My Brother's Keeper
Host Jennifer on film set for My Brother's Keeper