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Pandemic Series
Episode 3 "The Promise"

Episode 2 "The Grief" (and the Hope)

Premiere Episode "What Happened?" The Unrest 

Topic:  Episode #2 - "The Grief" (and the Hope)

Topic:  Premiere Episode - "What Happened?" The Unrest

About the Series:

The Collective "Voices of Up2Me Radio have come together in one voice to instill "HOPE"  The 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic has touched every human in the world and brought all external (outside of your home) activities to a sudden STOP!  A hard and sudden STOP!   The destructive impact of the pandemic has resulted in millions afflicted with the virus and fighting for their life, mass deaths, mass unemployment, business shut downs, racial unrest and a major economic downturn. Fear and uncertainty is among the masses.  Faith is being tested and many are seeking understanding for the worldly unknowns for basic survival. We are in earthly uncharted waters but not for believers who know the full story. Hope has to be restored in a way like never before in our lifetime. 

More About The Show

Breaking Barriers with Host Jennifer Jiles 
The Breaking Barriers Podcast creates a space for one of the oldest and most important activities in the world: storytelling. Storytelling engages, enlightens, educates, encourages, and teaches. Storytelling is a journey of sharing, discovery, and connecting. We know that when people open up and tell their stories of challenges, triumphs, courage, conflict, struggles, failures, mistakes and success, they can help us better navigate our own journeys. Breaking Barriers is a community where people from all walks and stations of life share from the heart as they stand in their own truth. Their stories inspire us and challenge us to be better and do better. Join us!

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Meet Your Host Jennifer Jiles

Jennifer Jiles is a passionate storyteller at heart!

As a journalist, writer, and magazine editor spans more than 20 years and has appeared in the following publications: PR Tactics, The Kansas City Business Journal (sister publication to The Atlanta Business Chronicle), Corporate Report/Kansas City Magazine, Fulton County Daily Report, a publication for Atlanta’s legal industry, and Essence Magazine. As a columnist for Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, she wrote a monthly column on careers and management topics, and also served as a features writer for six years.

Jennifer has served as the editor of corporate, institutional and university magazines, and contributed research to one of the co-authors of the bestseller “I’ll Find a Way or Make One: A Tribute to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” She was a manuscript editor of a forthcoming book co-authored by a licensed psychotherapist and a pharmacist.

Her work as a ghostwriter, speechwriter and script writer includes serving C-Suite executives, university presidents and A-list celebrities.

As an award-winning communications and public relations expert, she has been employed by or served as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, national non-profit organizations, public relations/marketing firms and higher education institutions.

Jennifer’s work in front of the camera includes serving as a correspondent for the TV news magazines “Inside the Atlanta Tribune” and “Kansas City Alive!” and as a spokesperson to the media for three corporations and a university. Her work behind camera includes serving as producer of the GPTV production “Georgia’s First Ladies.”

In Jennifer's personal time you can find her reading a book, spending time with family and going to the "spa" with her niece.

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Topic:  The Business of Living:  Wills, Taxes and Trusts Oh My!

In this episode Host Jennifer welcomes Tamarra to the conversation as they travel the road to The Business of Living by defining and reviewing the do's and don'ts of wills, taxes and trusts.  In these critical times information is power and individuals need to understand what and how wills, taxes and trusts can work to protect them and their loved ones.  A must listen to episode and please share!

Meet Tamarra:

Tamarra Stuppard-Wilson (neé Wood) is a Georgia licensed attorney who started her career as a Georgia State Law Student Attorney serving in the Low Income Tax Clinic and Extern at the Internal Revenue Service, Individual Tax Court Division. She has experience in preparing comprehensive estate plans; including wills, basic and complex trusts, durable powers of attorney and related documents, which allows her to help each client develop an estate plan that is personalized to their needs. She designs estate plans for high net-worth individuals as well as more modest estates and believes every person deserves to have an estate plan that is shaped by their own set of unique circumstances. Mrs. Stuppard-Wilson serves as court appointed attorney and guardian ad-litem for both Fulton County and Dekalb County Probate Courts, specializing in Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Probate Administration advocacy. She is a member of Georgia State Bar and the Atlanta Bar Association.

"The Business of Living" with Special Guest Althea DeBarr Johnson, Probate and Estate Planning Attornwy

What if you or someone you love is hospitalized and can no longer communicate their wishes? What if you pass away with no plan in place for your assets?  As thousands of people lose their battle with the COVID-19 virus during the pandemic, many people are passing away so quickly, it is showing us all just how urgent it is to have an estate plan prepared. Breaking Barriers host Jennifer D. Jiles takes a dive deep into something her guest probate attorney and former judge Althea DeBarr-Johnson calls "the business of living." Whether it is your will, advanced medical director, or life insurance, the business of living is about life and love. 

Meet Althea DeBarr-Johnson

Althea DeBarr-Johnson is a probate attorney and estate planning attorney in private practice and founder of the Law Firm of Althea DeBarr-Johnson. She is the chief executive officer responsible for the firm’s overall strategy, policy, and day-to-day management. DeBarr-Johnson is a professional fiduciary and trustee for incapacitated adults and minors and also as Guardian ad Litem for Fulton County Probate Court. She is a Court Appointed Attorney for Fulton County Probate Court. DeBarr-Johnson is a former ad hoc judge for the Dekalb County Recorder’s Court, where she adjudicated traffic and county ordinance violations. DeBarr-Johnson was a co-host of the show, “Mind Your Business Radio,” with Dr. Floran Syler on the Sensation Station Network. DeBarr-Johnson was introduced to Butler Street YMCA while attending many of the Hungry Club forums held at the organization 

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    Host Jennifer on film set for My Brother's Keeper
Host Jennifer on film set for My Brother's Keeper
Host Jennifer on film set for My Brother's Keeper