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Welcome to Season 3!
Streaming Now on Demand in Podcast with Special Guest Sandy Diegel.

About The Episode:  Imagine passing out one day and waking up to discover you have a chronic disease that has left you nonfunctional. All your future plans shattered with a single diagnosis! As we kick off the third season of "COFFEE with Kim" radio, Kim Crabill will introduce you to this season's new COFFEE Director, Sandy Diegel. Her incredible story is one of deep devastation that slowly transforms to confidence and hope in God's plans and purposes for her life. 

A Message from Kim

About The Show

"COFFEE with Kim" creates a place for friends of faith to engage in real, relevant conversations. We are convinced that as we talk about our lives and view them through God's truths, we discover that what we've gone through is exactly what God plans to use to encourage and strengthen others. No part of our lives are wasted, in fact, every part of our lives can be our personal message of God's hope to those around us. As we talk, we will discover a purpose both for the pain we've experienced and the wisdom we've gained. Grab your coffee...and join Kim and friends. Find out how much your life matters! 

This show is produced in coordination with the Roses and Rainbows Ministry Media Team.

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Podcasts - Streaming Now on Demand

End of Season Celebration with Friends of Faith Calling In
During this season's "Confront and Conquer" theme, our weekly guests on COFFEE with Kim told their stories about personal issues they have confronted and how, through God, they discovered they could be more than conquerors. Now, join Kim and her guests on our final show of the season to hear the rest of the story. What doors has God been opening for our confronting-and-conquering guests to reach others with His hope? By the time this episode is over, you'll be inspired to spread some hope too! 

The Power of a Prayer Shield with Special Guest Sharon Hill, Author, Prayer Coach & Founder of On Call Prayer

Look who’s having COFFEE with Kim!  In this episode Host Kim welcomes back to the conversation Sharon Hill, Author and Prayer Coach. Sharon’s passion is to share about a Prayer Shield.  A Prayer Shield is not the same as a Prayer Partner or Prayer Team, although both are very important.  A Prayer Shield is a trio of three warriors called of God to be your "prayer covering" as described in Ecclesiastes 4:12.. . . . "a cord of three strands is not quickly broken."   Yes, a Prayer Shield is taking prayer to a higher level of intercession. What is a Prayer Shield?  Who should have a Prayer Shield? Why do you need a Prayer Shield? How do you form a Prayer Shield? 

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The Healing Power of Friends with Special Guests Friends of COFFEE

Loneliness has reached epidemic levels in our society, according to many mental health experts, and yet we can gather a list of 500 “friends” on social media in no time. How can this be? Maybe the answer lies in the true meaning of friendship. In this episode of "COFFEE with Kim," join Kim and a few of her friends who will share what friendship means to them, their journey to friendship, and the healing power of true friends. On this season's "confront and conquer" theme, we can, together begin defeating this loneliness epidemic!  

Conquering The Loss of Your Father with Special Guest Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Award-Winning Author & Television Sportscaster.

Look who’s having COFFEE with Kim!   Join Kim as she welcomes award-winning author and pioneer television sportscaster, Lisa Burkhardt Worley to the COFFEE conversation. Find out how she conquered the loss of her father and how she confronted her biggest fear as a result of the premature loss of her father.”

Look who's having COFFEE with Kim, Katie Holmes Mrs USA

Just how big are God's shoulders? Kim Crabill's guest this week on "COFFEE with Kim" is Katie Holmes, the current reigning Mrs. USA, actress, and a woman of leadership in many aspects. But there's so much more about Katie! In this episode Katie tells the heart-breaking story of the murder of the man she hoped to marry. That horrific death sent her on a downward spiral of one bad decision after another...for 20 years. Yet amid the accumulating shame she discovered God was always waiting for her to give Him what she could not possibly carry. The story of how God broke her chain of shame and set her free will inspire and move you.

Topic: Men have Burdens Too with Special Guests Burdens to Blessings Men's Group

"Burdens for Blessings is for women only. Men just won't get it." Wrong!  In this episode Kim welcomes the first ever Burdens to Blessings men's group to the COFFEE with Kim Conversation.  The men will share their journey through Kim's signature book. They will talk about what was the same and what was different in how they approached their eight-week journey and what they discovered from it. 

Podcast episode guest image

Overcoming Shame with Special Guest Dawn Swayne

Shame is debilitating, and few of us know how to fight back when it invades our hearts and minds. On our next "COFFEE with Kim," we'll talk with Dawn Swayne, the beautiful, dynamic, multiracial wife of a former NFL player - who struggled on the inside with paralyzing and crippling shame. With brutal honesty and transparency she will describe her journey from severe childhood trauma to becoming an overcomer of addiction, anger, depression, shame, and anxiety from almost every form of abuse. Dawn will have you in tears...then laughing…as she reveals her new obsession that finally set her free from shame. 

Season 2 Episode 25

Podcast episode guest image
Guilt Be Gone with Special Guest Dr. Diane Gardner
Do you tend to carry the shame and guilt of someone else's actions? Many of us do, including this week's COFFEE with Kim radio guest, Dr. Diane Gardner, who suffered anxiety attacks from the actions of someone she loved. A wise friend helped her recognize the pitfalls of being a "guilt snatcher," and the Scriptures helped her find grace and freedom from her burden. Dr. Diane's story is full of truths that will bring hope to your own heavy heart.
Season 2 Episode 24
Podcast episode guest image

The Cost of the Call with  Special Guest Cameron Arnett, Actor, Author, Minister & Activist.

In this episode of COFFEE with Kim, Kim welcomes Cameron Arnett, actor, author, minister, activist, and so much more. We are excited to hear from Camy "Cameron" Arnett who speaks honestly about the challenges of following God's calling on our lives. Discover why he can say with confidence that it is worth venturing through the doors God opens for us even when it's uncomfortable. 

Meet Cameron:  Camy "Cameron" Arnett was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, and has lived in Atlanta GA. since 1998. He is married to the love of his life, BJ Arnett and together, they are the parents of a blended family of 5 wonderful children.

Cameron is an actor in television, film and theater as well as a television and radio talk show host, and within the last 6 years has appeared in 16 films.  Among his past television credits, are NBC’s “Miami Vice”, Fox’s  “Star Trek: The Next Generation”,  ABC’s  “China Beach”, VH1's “Single Ladies"”, and Tyler Perry's "Meet the Brown's". 

Also, Cameron will be appearing in several releases this year including, (Nathan VonMinden's "The Challenger Disaster") (Micah Caronna's "The Big Fix") 

(Karen Abercrombie's "Discarded Things") (Ty Mann's "Redeemed") and the (Kendrick brother's 6th film "Overcomer")

As a Minister, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Activist and Author, it is the teaching of God's Word that is Cameron's passion, along with the raising of youth in the areas of the Kingdom Media and Business. Cameron has facilitated and spoken at many events, including churches, colleges, award shows and more. 

Season 2 Episode 23

Podcast episode guest image

A Walk of Faith, the Hurts and the Hope with Special Guest Angie Smith

In this episode of COFFEE with Kim, Kim welcomes special guest Angie Smith, wife of NFL great Steve Smith to the COFFEE conversation. Hear Angie describe her walk of faith away from a life bounded by lies and toward a life anchored in the truth that brought her into a relationship with God. Her journey will touch your heart as you connect with both her hurts and her hope. 

Season 2 Episode 22

Podcast episode guest image

Praying Intentionally with Special Guest Sharon Hill, Founder of OnCall Prayer, Inc.

In this episode Sharon Hill, Founder of OnCall Prayer, Inc., often referred to as the Prayer Coach, will tell us what God taught her about praying "intentionally." Her insights and example can breathe hope in our praying, and change lives.

Season 2 Episode 21

Podcast episode guest image

SECOND MILE LIVING with Special Guest Natalie Martz

On our next broadcast of COFFEE with Kim, you get to meet Natalie Martz, a franchise owner and licensed consultant with Chick-fil-A. She is going to talk with us about one of the pillars of Chick-fil-A's success - Second Mile Service - and how that scriptural principle is relevant (and rewarding!) in our personal lives. You won't want to miss this inspiring conversation!

Season 2 Episode 20

Podcast guest episode image
"How to Overcome Your Limited Beliefs" with Special Guest Dr. Patricia Benjamin
Our next live COFFEE with Kim talk show features a guest host all the way from London: my friend Dr. Patricia Benjamin. Dr. Patricia is a media personality, author of seven books, a speaker, and leadership mentor. You will not want to miss her challenge to throw off the beliefs that limit us and let the Bible renew us into people who operate with the power and potential God has promised us! Join us this week to discover "How to Overcome Your Limited Beliefs."
Season 2 Episode 19
Podcast guest episode image

When Our Addictions Encounter God's Presence

Most of us try to fight our addictions on our own only to fall deeper into despair. This week's anonymous guest has struggled from a young age with anxiety, eating disorder, self-harm, and alcoholism - with no success in breaking free. Listen to her describe the gentle truth that led her on a path of recovery. It’s a hope-filled message for anyone who feels helpless in the face of destructive behavior.

Season 2 Episode 18

Podcast episode guest image

Principles & Practices of a happy marriage with Coach Jerry Moore and his wife Margaret

What are the secrets to a happy marriage?  The on-going question every couple wonders and some have found in the hardest and happiest of times.  In this episode Kim invites you to join her as she welcomes Coach Jerry Moore and his wife Margaret to the conversation as they share their happiest and hardest times and how they cultivated a happy marriage.

Season 2 Episode 17

Podcast episode guest image

The Power of LOVE with Special Guests Keith and Rebecca Scott, TALLsmall Productions

February is the month of celebrating LOVE.

On the next COFFEE with Kim, Keith and Rebecca Scott will join Kim Crabill, and you will want to be there too! Through their company TALLsmall Productions, this husband and wife team have helped Fortune 500 companies, small family-owned businesses, and everything in between with effective, action-generating communication that's grounded in the principles of unconditional love. Hear the amazing story of how they built their business and have managed bipolar disorder. And learn how you too can communicate more effectively and lovingly in your closest relationships.

Season 2 Episode 16

Podcast episode guest image

Up Close with Special Guest Thelma Wells known as Mama "T"

On the next COFFEE with Kim meet the one and only Thelma Wells! 

Known as "Mama T," she's is a feisty 70+ year old who has been featured in D Magazine, Southern Living, The Dallas Business Journal, Significant Living and many more publications and TV shows including Dr. Phil, The Joanie Show, Life Today and the 700 Club. Traveling 20+ days a year as a speaker, she's sought after by corporations, women’s groups and governmental entities. She’s no stranger to the stage, having presented to over a million people in her 35 year career and spoken on the stage with the best including Zig Ziglar, Max Lucado, and Kay Arthur; and of course, her Women of Faith porch pals: Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, and Marilyn Meberg. She’s presently speaking on Women of Faith’s Final tour entitled, “LOVED” which will be in 18 cities and reach a quarter of a million women.

Her passion is to tell everyone that they can “B-E-E” their best in Christ. She wears a bumblebee pin every day to remind herself of this. And she’s a busy lady: Her TV show “Bee the best with Thelma” airs on the NRB Network -Channel 378 each Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Central. She’s written many books including: Don’t Give In – God Wants YOU to Win!, Ready to Win over Depression, Mama T Says…Rise & Shine, God Give Me Victory Over Anger! and her latest book Listen Up Beloved (in honor of her great grandmother who raised her. It’s a great generational book.) 
Her greatest accomplishment has been her family. She’s been married to George, her childhood sweetheart for 58 years and her three children, nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren who call her “Grammy.”

Season 2 Episode 15

Podcast episode guest image
Life's tough...you can be tougher! With Special Guest Co-Host Dustin Plantholt,  Managing Director at Plantholt Advisory Group, LLC
Life's tough.....you can be tougher, is the mantra of Dustin Plantholt, this episode guest co-host on  COFFEE with Kim. His story provides a blueprint for how God prepares us to go from surviving to thriving in whatever life throws at you.
Season 2 Episode 14
Podcast Guest episode image
Finding Purpose after Tragedy with Special Guest Van Brooks
What do you do when everything you had dreamed of and planned for is snatched away in a single moment? In this episode of COFFEE with Kim, our guest is Van Brooks of Baltimore, a three-sport star athlete who suffered a life-altering spinal cord injury on the football field. His journey toward life after tragedy shows what determination, no matter the circumstances, can do! Join us to hear Van's six steps to overcoming obstacles and achieving new purpose.
Season 2 Episode 13

The Magic, the Memories, and the Miracle of Christmas

In this episode Kim invites YOU to be her special guest as we talk about Christmas magic, memories, and miracles. Call into the show and tell us how you make Christmas magical for your family and friends. Or share with us a special memory or favorite tradition. And what about the true miracle of Christmas - our Lord Jesus? How do you keep Him at the center of your holiday celebrations? We are going to gather bushels of ideas much from one another! Tune in and call in for a very special show!
Season 2 Episode 12

Podcast guest episode image

"In Our Weakness, God is Strong" with Special Guest Carmen Pate

What happens when what you always hoped wouldn't happen…does? What do you do when nothing turns out like you planned? In this week's COFFEE with Kim, Kim  Crabill has the honor to talk with her first mentor, Carmen Pate, whose message of "In Our Weakness, God Is Strong" will point us to our source of strength for carrying on whatever our circumstances.
Season 2 Episode 11 

Podcast guest episdoe image

"Always Do More Than is Expected" with Special Guest Coach Jerry Moore

On the next COFFEE with Kim, host Kim Crabill is joined by Coach Jerry Moore, former head football coach at North Texas State, Texas Tech, and Appalachian State universities. His commitment to "always do more than expected" was the standard he built into into his players, and it led the Appalachian Mountaineers to the first national championship for any North Carolina college football team. His team went on to achieve the first "three-peat" in NCAA Division 1/AA history. Coach Moore will talk about how we can develop lasting strength of character in young men and women.

Season 2 Episode 10

Podcast guest episode image

Finding True Community in our Disconnected Culture with Guest Author Joe Battaglia

Do you feel alone even though you have hundreds of social media "friends"? Does today's lack of civility make you want to withdraw to a safer place? On this week's COFFEE with Kim, Kim Crabill and her guest Joe Battaglia, author of Unfriended, talk about how to foster true community in an uncivil, disconnected culture. It's a message for all ages and for such a time as this. 

Meet Joe:   JOE BATTAGLIA is the founder and president of Renaissance Communications, a media company whose mission is to provide media platforms for gifted communicators of Biblical truth. Current clients include Prison Fellowship, Dr. Steve Brown and the Key Life Radio Network, Affirm Films/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Provident Films, PureFlix Entertainment, actress Shari Rigby, and Jeanne Nigro Ministries.

Season 2 Episode 9

Podcast guest episode image

Confronting Real Life Struggles with Special Guest Sage Steele, Co-Host of SportsCenter on ESPN

During this fall's COFFEE with Kim broadcasts, you've heard incredible stories of people who have confronted real life issues and learned how to conquer them. This week, Kim Crabill talks with Sage Steele, the co-host of  SportsCenter on ESPN, host of SportsCenter on the Road from various sporting events such as the Super Bowl and The Masters and a frequent presence on prime-time TV. Could such a bold, brilliant, beautiful woman have any insights into confronting real-life struggles? Find out by joining Kim and Sage for a revealing interview that will touch and inspire you.  
Season 2 Episode 8

Podcast episode guest image

Let's Get Visually Fit with Special Guest Wendie Pett

Do you want to see real change in your health and body? Are you ready to become Visibly Fit? On the next COFFEE with Kim, guest Wendie Pett will show us how! Join the conversation with this nationally recognized expert in the fitness industry, host of her own Visibly Fit television show, author, and speaker.

Wendie Pett, is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to make fitness and nutrition part of their daily routine.  She teaches the balance of mind, body and spirit to help others learn the importance of reaching their full potential through her Visibly Fit™ wellness program. Wendie has a nationally syndicated television program that airs every Saturday on Direct TV channel 378 on the NRB Network, Upliftv network, WLCN, and SmartLifestyle.TV. She contributes weekly on KTIS radio in the Twin Cities as ‘Coach Wendie’ and has been a featured columnist in the Total Wellness Newsletter, Best Ever You, Refreshed, Vegan Lifestyle, Women’s Health and Fitness, and Diet.com online magazines.

Season 2 Episode 7 
Podcast episode guest image

Breast Cancer Awareness  with Special Guest Laura Brusca- "Laura's Journey

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How can we confront and conquer the paralyzing fear that comes with even the thought of this diagnosis? On this week's COFFEE with Kim, Laura Brusca joins Kim Crabill to share the practical ways she confronted breast cancer and discovered how to celebrate her new way of life. You don't want to miss this conversation!

Meet Laura:   A recognized financial professional with 18 years of experience in banking and corporate finance with Bank of America, Sun Trust and Constellation Energy. For the last 13 years, Laura has focused on grant funding and non-profit fundraising with the Maryland Council on Economic Education and Safe Alternative Foundation for Education. She graduated in 1987 with a BS in Business Marketing and in 1993 from Loyola University Maryland with an MBA. Laura and her husband have raised their family in Baltimore, where she has been active in Timonium United Methodist church, local Catholic schools and the Appalachia Service Project.

Season 2 Episode 6

Podcast episode guest image
"When God Doesn't Seem So Good" with Special Guest Macey Russell
A Thanksgiving Encore
"God is good all the time!" We've all heard that, but can we believe it when horrific things happen to us? In this episode of COFFEE with Kim as Kim Crabill talks with one young woman who has wrestled with this question. Macey, a high school junior from East Texas, lost her sister Bailee at the hands of a drunk driver just after Bailee's high school graduation. You won't want to miss the story of Macey's two-year journey through hurt and devastation to a place of hope and purpose. 
Meet Macey:  Hello, I am Macey Russell and I am a Junior at Harmony High School. I have lived in East Texas my whole life. I grew up in a Christian home with my parents, my sister Bailee, and my dog Cookie. I was baptized in 2013 when I was 11. I have always had a good support system. My hobbies include fishing, sports, listening to music, watching Netflix, eating, and hanging out with friends and family. Sports and competition have always been a huge part of my life. Currently, I am involved in volleyball, basketball, tennis, student athletic training, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (where I am a Huddle Leader), and National Honors Society. My future plans include attending Harding University and majoring in education or Physical Therapy. I hope to reach as many people as I can about the word of God and the importance of a good relationship with Him. My sister was killed by a drunk driver in 2016, when I was 14. Through sharing my story, I hope to encourage others to Godliness in their everyday lives.
Season 2 Episode 5
Podcast episode guest image
Confronting Your Plans in order to Chase God’s Purposes! with Special Guests The Oliver Sisters - Jordan, Madison and Taylor
What happens when God calls you beyond the ordinary, beyond your plans for your life, well beyond the borders of your comfort zone? Join Kim Crabill and her guests this week—The Oliver sisters, Jordan, Madison, and Taylor from Nashville, TN—as they talk about confronting their plans in order to chase God’s purposes! Hear their amazing story of building a business…Triple-Braided Cord, Co… with a mission to share truth with others…and to remind everyone they're never alone in their journey.
Season 2 Episode 4
Podcast episode Guest image

"Taking Your Thoughts Captive" with Special Guest Dr. Katie Swafford

We've all wrestled with thoughts that make us feel we will never be good enough, talented enough, polished enough...just enough. In In this episode of COFFEE with Kim we will continue our CONFRONT & CONQUER focus by confronting the self-defeating internal talk and thoughts we're all too familiar with.  Join Kim and Dr. Katie Swafford of Dallas, Texas, as we discuss "Taking Your Thoughts Captive." 

Katie Swafford serves Texas Baptists as the Director of Counseling Services. She holds a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor in the state of Texas with over fifteen years of experience working with individuals and families.

Season 2 Episode 3

Podcast episode Guest image
Six Essential Resets for a Healthier Happier You with Special Guest Jacqui Phillips
This week's episode of COFFEE with Kim continues to focus on CONFRONTING AND CONQUERING those things that have held you back in life. Jacqui Phillips, a celebrity make-up artist residing in New York City, will join Kim Crabill for a conversation about "Six Essential Resets for a Healthier, Happier You."  Join us for practical biblical wisdom and hope for your journey toward God's best life for you. You'll walk away with fresh courage, knowing you are not alone.
Season 2 Episode 2
Podcast episode image

Are you ready to experience positive change in your life?
In this episode of COFFEE with Kim launches Kim Crabill's second season with UP2MeRadio. This season's focus is on CONFRONTING AND CONQUERING those things that have held you back in life. Each week, Kim will introduce biblical principles for wisdom and interview a guest whose story will assure you that you are not alone. You will walk away with fresh courage to confront and conquer.
Believing it's possible is your first step, so let's begin there this week. No matter how you feel as you begin this time with Kim, you will leave with hope. Are you ready? Yes, you are! Believe it!
Season 2 - Episode 1

Up2Me Radio Executive Director photo image

We've Only Just Begun with Guest Melinda Davis, Executive Producer, Up2Me Radio

Up2Me Radio would not exist without its owner and executive producer, Melinda Davis. In this episode Melinda joins Kim as her guest co-host. Be inspired by the woman behind a radio network that now sends hope into over 60 million homes. 

Season 1 Episode # 24 

Teen Talk series image

Teen Talk - What's really on your mind?

What are today's teens really thinking? What is one thing they would like adults to understand most about them? These are just a couple of the topics Kim and her guest panel of high school students talked about in this episode. Tune in and discover how a recent journey through Burdens to Blessings has shaped these young women's responses. 

Season 1-Episode #23 

Podcast episode image

 "A Trophy Wife" - A Biblical Perspective with Guest Co-Host Ryan Powers

Whether or not you watch "The Bachelorette," you may remember the controversy about the term "trophy wife" used by Ryan Bowers, the contestant in Season 8 of the ABC reality show.  In this episode of  COFFEE with Kim, Ryan joins Kim as her co-host and talks about what he means by "trophy wife." You'll want to hear his biblical perspective that he feels brings honor to women. 

Season 1-Episode #22

Podcast episode image

"Life's Milestones - When Your Son Becomes a Father" with Guest Co-Host Trey Crabill

We women are lavished with lots of affirming attention as soon as people find out we are pregnant -and it sure eases our minds and begins to alleviate our secret worries and fears.  But what about the dads -to-be?  Kim concludes the month long celebration of fathers with one of Kim's most heartfelt conversations.  Her eldest son, Trey is her guest co-host.  Hear how the soon to be dad describes his feelings about this joyous season in his life and some of the ways he is preparing for his new role.  Tune in as mother and son shared their thoughts and wisdom about life's milestones.

Season 1 - Episode 21

Podcast episode image

"Celebrating Fatherhood with Jarret Johnson"

In this episode Kim and her guest co-host, Jarret Johnson continued the month-long celebration of Father's Day.  Jarret, an NFL great, may be best remembered for his extensive career with the Baltimore Ravens before his final three seasons with the San Diego Chargers. His inner strength and determination earned him the "Most Inspirational Player of the Year" award two times. Tune in and be inspired as Jarret shares poignant moments from his professional career and most importantly in his role as a husband and dad. 

Season 1-Episode 20

Podcast episode image

" The Intentional Dad" with Guest Co-Host Cory B. Redding

In this episode COFFEE with Kim continues the month-long celebration of Father's Day. Cory shares how the same intentional planning and strategies he implemented during an NFL career—playing with the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, and Arizona Cardinals—is the same intentional mindset he now uses in business and, most important, as a husband and dad. 

Season 1 - Episode 19

 " Celebrating Fatherhood with Keith Walton"

In this episode Kim and Keith celebrate Father's Day as a part of a month long celebration.  Keith Walton—coach, teacher, school principal, and dad—joined Kim from Augusta, GA. A passionate speaker and teacher, Coach Walton will shared invaluable truths he has learned from his professional and family life. Tune in ti hear his endearing personal stories and humor about the indelible imprint a father leaves on his daughter's life.

Season 1 - Episode 18

" The Legacy of a Faithful Life"

Life does not need to be perfect to leave a powerful message! Before the Mother’s Day month concluded, Kim shared lessons from her mom’s life that guides everyday...even 26 years past her moms death. Listeners called in with their own lessons learned from their mother's.

Season 1-Episode #17

 " A Mother's Day Special"

Billy Graham once said, "The influence of a mother upon the lives of her children cannot be measured." In this episode Kim and callers celebrate Mother's Day. Kim shares lessons from her mom that still affect her life daily. Special guests who called in also share their Mother's Day tributes. 

Season 1-Episode #16

with Special Co-Host Dr. Jan Aderholdt

"Now is Not The Time To Give Up"  with Guest Co-Host Dr Jan Aderholdt

Have you ever felt lost or even abandoned by God during dark, and hurtful seasons? 

In this episode Kim and her guest host, Dr. Jan Aderholdt, talk about Dr. Aderholt's life experiences.  Hear how she was renewed and sustained during personal loss and tragedy,  Now is not the time to give up!

Season 1-Episode #15

 "Building a Rescue Crew...Before You Need to Be Rescued" 

We never know what news the next phone call might bring. In this episode, Kim and her friend and co-host, Lassie, talk about the life-saving impact they experienced from building authentic relationships before tragedy struck. 

Season 1-Episode #14

"Perfection's Pitfalls...and a Perfect Way Out"

Striving to be perfect and missing the mark can lead to a defeated, “what does it matter” attitude. And that's often when we're most easily enticed to do things we never would have otherwise contemplated...and we’re talking about church-going, choir-singing, Bible-believing people! Kim and her guest caller Amy, talk about the pitfalls of seeking personal perfection - and the one perfect way out. 

Season 1 - Episode #13

 "The Power of a Prayer Partner"

In our previous COFFEE with Kim (episode # 11) we talked about the importance and power of prayer. Your response was overwhelming, and we heard your struggles with a consistent prayer life loud and clear. In this episode Kim and guest callers talked about what made a big difference in their prayer life: as a prayer partner.  You will learn 5 things to consider when choosing a prayer partner. Tune in for this practical and valuable conversation.

Season 1 - Episode #12

with Special Co-Host Suellen Roberts

Podcast episode image

"Let's Talk About "Prayer" with Guest Co-Host:  Suellen Roberts, Founder & President of Christian Women in Media

Let's take prayer to a new level in our lives, let's make it practical, powerful, and personal. Kim and this week's guest co-host, Suellen Roberts, talked about this one thing God calls upon each of us to do without ceasing...pray! Let's examine what prayer is? What can we expect from our prayers? How do we pray when we don't know what to say?  All these topics plus questions and thoughts from you, our valued listener and friend.  

Season 1 - Episode #11

Where Are You in Your Woundedness?

We have all been wounded. That's simply a fact. But we still get to choose what to do with those wounds: Will we choose to hide them or will we choose to use them. In this episode Kim and her guest panel of women will share the steps they took to allow God to heal personal hurts so that they could become hope to others with wounds. 

Season 1 - Episode #10

Podcast episode image

"When Feeling Sad Is More than Sadness" with Guest Co-Host Dr. Paula Mitton

Our society is in the throes of an epidemic of depression according to a recent study by Psychology Today. More than twenty percent of the American population will experience at least one episode of what we refer to as clinical depression. Kim and her co-host, Dr. Paula Mitton, look at ways to identify and understand the signs and symptoms of clinical depression in yourself or those close to you. Join us for a message of help and hope.

Season 1 - Episode #9

with Guest Co-Host Colonel Gary Steele

Podcast episode image

"Choosing the Harder Right Rather than the Easier Wrong" with Guest Co-Host Colonel Gary Steele

Want to live strong? Join Kim and her guest host, Colonel Gary Steele, husband of 44 years, father to three successful adult children, 2013 inductee into the Army Sports Hall of Fame, as he  shares his road-map to family happiness: discipline, integrity, love. and faith. This message has the principles for Colonel's lifestyle: choosing the harder right rather than the easier wrong. 

Season 1 - Episode #8 

" Making the Connection"  with Guest Co-Host Tammy Whitehurst, Texas

It's a paradox of our times: While we are supposedly more connected than ever, we are also more unconnected than we’ve ever been. In this episode we will continue the  real and raw conversations that take us from shame, regret, and guilt to finding meaningful connections with each other. Along the way, we'll see God use our stories to share His hope.  

Season 1 - Episode # 7

 "Shattering the Silence"

Everyone experiences seasons of loneliness. But what keeps us lonely is when we believe the lie that we will never belong anywhere. That lie says that our imperfect pasts make us unworthy of being accepted—all we can expect is a life of shame, guilt, regret, and rejection. It's time to silence the lie by shattering our silence!  In this episode Kim and her guests confronted the "loneliness lie" with the truth they have experienced firsthand. They shared how that truth not only set them free but also transformed them into hope-givers for others who feel condemned to loneliness.

Season 1 - Episode #6

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Calming Fears, Finding Hope, and Beginning Healing - in the midst of school violence. With special guests, Dr. Berish Strothers, Director of Guidance at Augusta Christian Schools, Augusta, GA and Lorianne Montsinger, a survivor of the VA Tech massacre.

What can we say to comfort and guide our children after tragedies like the Parkland shooting? In this episode we had a very candid and relevant discussion on this troubling and timely topic. 

Season 1 - Episode #5

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In this episode we will discuss who has been there for you? Who do you run to when you need guidance...or maybe just a diversion from the messy parts of life? Listeners called in for a Valentine's Day shout-out by honoring the people who have touched our hearts in special ways. 

Season 1 - Episode #4

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"What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say"

 (follow-up to Show 2 - Words that Changed our World)

In this episode we will continue our conversation on how words can change our world.  We've all had those moments when someone spoke a timely word into our life and situation. In today's show, let's talk about how we can become that person who speaks timely words to others.

Season 1 - Episode #3

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" How Your Words Can Change the World"

What you have to say is important...as a matter of fact, God can use your words to literally change the course of someone's next decision. Your words could affect their entire world. Join Kim as she shares words from her past that are still guiding her life. Listeners called in and told us what words have changed/impacted their world.

Season 1 - Episode #2

Premiere - “Dare to Be Imperfect.

Kim opens the conversation by sharing how her global ministry began from 
her mom’s deathbed words. Five words that will establish the foundation of our time together. The truths that will set us free and living beyond the worlds endless and unattainable expectation of perfectionism to an excellence we can live each day! Join us...using God’s truths, Kim will help you see the excellence within you! 
Season 1 - Episode #1

Meet Host Kim Crabill

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Kim Crabill is the founder and director of Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc. She is the author of seven books and booklets, including her signature work, Burdens to Blessings: Discovering the Power of Your Story. Her message and materials have extended beyond conferences and retreats to include high school curriculum, prison educational programs, and military transitional support. She is the host of the morning radio talk show "COFFEE with Kim." Kim travels globally to inspire audiences to discover the power of their own stories. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Christian Women in Media Association.

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