Confidently in Review

After graduating or completing a course designed to further knowledge of any craft or skill, spectators will habitually ask, “So, what are you doing now?”

Not recalling the work, if any, it took to build the bridge of networks and understanding to throttle them to the positions they are in today.

In their minds, now that you are done, you have entered into a realm of practice that exploits your new knowledge. But this is not true. In actuality, quite often this is not true. What any true steward of learning will respect is that there is a period of review that one is entitled to in order to truly be effective in their new discipline. Although possible, most are not strategically confident to enter a new force right away; strategically confident in knowing that they are entering as an integral component and not embarking upon a predetermined course of monotony after working so hard to stand out in their studies.

All in efforts to have an appetizing response to the customary, “What are you doing now,” inquisition, many find themselves stressed and scrambling to find the perfect answer.

Stand in confidence knowing you are in review, seeking to make sense of all things and that this is essential. Be careful of the inquisition from some. Indeed, it is intended to assess how far along you are, but not in comparison to your victory line, but in comparison to where they are along their journey. This can be toxic, but with your mind in the right place, let it be fuel. This is a moment for you to do the review, not to for you to be under review. Relax, that phase comes once you have evaluated and cleared your route of strategic execution. 

The review process is not one that is optional. It is not a matter of if you have to do it, but when you find it appropriate to do so.

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The suitable answer: “Preparing myself to enter…,”

Reintegration is a moment in one’s life when they prepare to return to tradition.  It is the moment they evaluate where their new knowledge is best applied and most effective as a contribution to society, but most importantly to self. Reintegration is practical after any period of learning. Arguably, there is a respectable reintegration process after furthering education, career changes, and of course, incarceration. All these hiatuses are designed to impart knowledge to be of contribution to the betterment of society. Reviewing what you just learned is effective in pursuit of being an agent of change. Review to understand what you have been taught. Understand, you were in the learning phase, after review is the application phase. Review to ensure you were in the right class. Review to ensure you were on the right course. Whatever you do, just remember, the review process is essential. It can both save and make time for future endeavors. 



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