A conversation with Jimmy Alite

With Special Guest Beth Sims
Air Date: November 21, 2021 2:00 pm ET
Inside Out with Host Jimmy Alite

In this episode Host Jimmy and Beth talk about igniting our spirit.

A Message from Jimmy – “We often numb ourselves to the incredible pain that we live in our lives. We often confuse this pain with negative emotions and although they are related, they are not one and the same. You will hear me say over and over ‘We all want the same thing and that is to be happy.’ Awakening to personal happiness is about learning to be present and aware. We need to feel our feelings fully. We smell the air with pleasure, taste our food with joy, listen with curiosity, and enjoy the sunlight on our faces. We take in all of the gifts of our surroundings with awe and wonder.

​Our spirits are our allies. Central to all transformation is awareness of our body, mind and spirit. Central to our healing is the balancing and learning about our spirits. When we activate our spirits, the intelligent life force within, we cleanse and purify. When we ignite our spirit through pain AND happiness, we experience rapid transformation.  It is here we are able to let go, to trust, and to surrender.”

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Inside Out with Host Jimmy Alite

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Inside Out with Host Jimmy Alite

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