How can people and service reduce risks and costs at jobsites?

With Todd Nunnally, Dirk Dempster and Sage Babin All of Performance Energy Services
Air Date: December 16, 2020 12:00 am ET
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Join Todd Nunnally, Dirk Dempster & Sage Babin as they take over A Healthier View, for a special episode to talk about worksite wellness.Every year, employers must strike a fine balance between employee health benefits and the bottom line. Employee wellness programs can be a crucial measure of an employer’s commitment to it’s workforce. However, the ever-increasing cost of providing health benefits — costs have risen more than 10 percent each year for several years — can make this commitment an expensive proposition. Studies show that more than 50 percent of health care costs are the result of individual behavior. Worksite Wellness programs a worksite-based targeted outreach program that focuses on reducing health care costs by encouraging employees to adopt healthier behaviors. To  work with them to integrate the individualized support, to provide  employees with site-specific workplace solutions for improving health.

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