The Business of Living: Wills, Taxes and Trusts Oh My!

With Special Guest Tamarra Stuppard- Wilson, Attorney
Air Date: May 8, 2020 10:00 am ET
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In this episode Host Jennifer welcomes Tamarra to the conversation as they travel the road to The Business of Living by defining and reviewiewing the do’s and don’ts of wills, taxes and trusts.  In these critical times information is power and individuals need to understand what and how wills, taxes and trusts can work to protect them and their loved ones.  A must listen to episode and please share!

Tamarra Stuppard-Wilson (neé Wood) is a Georgia licensed attorney who started her career as a Georgia State Law Student Attorney serving in the Low Income Tax Clinic and Extern at the Internal Revenue Service, Individual Tax Court Division. She has experience in preparing comprehensive estate plans; including wills, basic and complex trusts, durable powers of attorney and related documents, which allows her to help each client develop an estate plan that is personalized to their needs. 

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