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Welcome to Season 5!
NEW Episode in Podcast begins on Thursday 10/22/2020 at 7 pm ET, 6 pm CT & 4 pm PT
Topic: Harmony -  A Open Air Conversation with Host Maura Gale

Harmony - Open Air Conversation with Host Maura Gale

In today's Open Air conversation with host Maura Gale she's giving Harmony a loud speaker. This is sure to get you thinking about some of those mini projects you've been procrastinating about or perhaps spark an opportunity to save some money. She explores the many rooms we've all been walking in and out of lately, as well as the many hats we've been wearing...but one thing is for sure, you CAN have HARMONY in the midst of it all.

Welcome to Season 5 - A Message from Maura

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Topic: COVID 19 Positive (The Grateful Gaines's story) 

Today we're going to pull back the curtains in the home of the Gaines family. Allow their painstakingly personal story of Dr. Frederick, Jamie and Tiger to teach you a lesson about love, life and leadership. We'll find out how the virus was contracted, what the emotional toll was on the family and why it could have turned out completely different. Find out what their 18 year old son would like others to know and why. Tune in lean in listen up!

"How limits increased HIS Reach" with Special Guest Pastor Jerald January Sr.

For today's conversation Pastor J and Lady Maura will explore the realities of doing ministry differently with the same God. How even when we have limited access to one another we still have full access to the giver of life.  Join us for what is sure to be a rich reminder of what's really important.

"Grace to Embrace the Shift" with Special Guest Pastor Jonathan "Jonno" Strickling

We are so excited to have one of our repeat contributors to OMG Oh Maura Gale Radio Show. Pastor Jonathan "Jonno" Strickling.  Pastor Jonno is currently working on the formation of GRACE STEPS, A MOVEMENT  GROUP, and today he's here to share some rich insights into "GRACE" as only he can.  Let's explore how God gives us "Grace to Embrace the Shift." I don't know about you, but during these different times, I'm realizing the need to utilize a different set of tools.  Grab you pens, pencils and devices because I know you're going to want to take notes to remember how.

Beating the "Quarantine 15" with Faith, Food & Fitness with Guest Charlie Jordan Brookins!

A friend and favorite of OMG Oh Maura Gale Radio Show is back with tips to help us not only survive our "new norm" but she’s going to help up thrive! Charlie Jordan Brookins will be spoon feeding us nuggets on how to beat the "Quarantine 15" and reduce stress at the same time.

Pandemic Series -
Premiere Episode "What Happened?" The Unrest

Episode 2 "The Grief" (the Hope)

Episode 3 "The Promise"

About the Series:

The Collective "Voices of Up2Me Radio have come together in one voice to instill "HOPE"  The 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic has touched every human in the world and brought all external (outside of your home) activities to a sudden STOP!  A hard and sudden STOP!   The destructive impact of the pandemic has resulted in millions afflicted with the virus and fighting for their life, mass deaths, mass unemployment, business shut downs, racial unrest and a major economic downturn. Fear and uncertainty is among the masses.  Faith is being tested and many are seeking understanding for the worldly unknowns for basic survival. We are in earthly uncharted waters but not for believers who know the full story. Hope has to be restored in a way like never before in our lifetime. 

This episode is a Special Tribute and Encore in Podcast broadcast in honor of the late 

Dr. Damita Johnson who was a OMG Special Guest in 2017.  

Episode Topic:  Success and Balance are not dirty words (singleness, marriage, business and purpose) 

In this episode of OMG we'll have a candid conversation with Dr. Damita Johnson. If there's one woman I know who adds humor, candor and vocal inflection to whatever she's speaking about, this is her! She's a business woman, a wife and has been in ministry full time for over of 17 years. Find out how to balance your life AND have lasting success in whatever state you find yourself in.

Dr. Damita Johnson was a licensed and ordained minister and the Vice President of God’s Power Community.  Along with her husband, Apostle/Dr. Gene Johnson, they have been in full time ministry for over 17 years. She is the founder of the Women’s Success Empowerment Network and the Women In Ministry Success Empowerment Network, under the umbrella of God’s Power Community. Dr. Damita is a published author in the best seller “Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul,” ebook entitled “Girl, Don’t be a Fool in your Single State, and the recently released “Girl Don’t be a Fool in Your Married State."

Topic: Sending out an S.O.S. for Sister Of the Soul

During today's conversation Maura Gale and Kim Crabill will have an open, honest conversation about their Friendship, Sister-ship and their Courage (What you can learn during a Pandemic). We are sending out an S.O.S. call to allow listeners to hear an example of love between two Sisters Of the Soul. There are a lot of changes taking place and in this current climate of uncertainty and tension it's wonderful to know that God can shine a spotlight on truth and love to lead in such a way that it might just become a beacon for others to follow. 

Topic: Got Garbage?  Put it out for pickup.

During today's Open Air where we (you and I) get to steer the conversation. I want to know what are you doing with YOUR GARBAGE? There so much coming at us, we are consuming more and more information and food. We’re spending more time with technology...the TV, computers, tablets and games consoles etc. I want to know what are you doing with all the access, additional stuff, waste (so to speak)? Let’s talk about it and unpack that!  Spring came and went without us pressing pause, to clear away the clutter.


During today's Open Air where we (you and I) get to steer the conversation. I'd like to hear what's on your mind about the not so new Pandemic that's been around for over 400 years. It's the "Race Pandemic." Have you noticed more diversity in the people who are getting involved? Have you witnessed some folks feeling emboldened? I'll share my thoughts on the subject and we'll unpack what's real, what's fake and what we can do to enlighten, educate and encourage healing going forward.

Topic: The Intersection of The Problem, Protest & Peace

In this episode of the OMG show Open Air conversation Maura and her husband Pastor Jerald January will talk about whats dominating the news cycle, as well as the minds and hearts of not only U.S. citizens, but has now merged into an international movement. We want to focus on the problem, the protests and prayerfully unpack a piece of peace.

Topic: Dear S.I.R. (Sad Incomprehensible Reality)

After witnessing George Floyd say politely to a police officer “Sir, I can’t breath” and knowing his life was senselessly taken makes me sick to my stomach. He said “SIR” while under attack with an officers knee in his neck. That tells me of his fear, his respect and unfortunately his desperation to just have access to AIR. The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month and the images, the angst and the anger African Americans continue to have etched in our minds due to these kinds of experiences is damaging!

OPEN AIR with Pastor J & Lady Maura
In this Open Air episode and discussion we will talk about "HOPE in the Midst” - we want to offer HOPE to those feeling HOPELESS. We’ll be unpacking tips about how to reset our mind and spirit to what’s really important. We need to FOCUS on our emotional and spiritual well being making sure we are nourishing  them properly.

Topic: "Word Up" with Special Guest Minister Tosha Jackson

During today's show Minister Tosha and I will will have a conversation about the power of words and what it means to be "impeccable with your word" based on the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. While unpacking "Word Up" we'll share and discuss how your word sets the stage for so much in life. Minister Tosha is a straight shooter with an easy style of communicating and I'm sure by the time we finish you'll want more.

Topic: Mother's Day (Differently)

This special edition of our Open Air conversation will focus on Mother's day and how this year's isolation situation is forcing us to do things differently.  For some that means being more intentional and/or creative with our expressions to parents outside the home. We will also survey how those annual restaurant plans for moms taking a break from kitchen duty, might be sidelined for some.  Let's talk about ways to make Mother's Day Special in spite of the situation.

Topic: Open Air- Care Therapy:  it’s a girlfriend, sister friend, boyfriend, husband, 

co-worker, family group session. 

In this Open Air Convo you (listeners/viewers) and I, will discuss what’s on our mind. I want to focus on “Care-Therapy.” What can we do when we can’t go to a therapist, your hairstylist, barbershop or your girlfriends or brother man’s  house to have a glass a wine, or juice, a can of beer, or water and talk it out? What can you do? Let’s unpack ways to let’s off some steam, untangles some thoughts, stay married AND keep the kids from living in an eternal “time out.” We can not only keep this car on the road but we can steer it to its proper destination without having a wreck!   Let’s  move forward together.   Tune in Lean in Listen up!

Open Air "A Creativity chat"
During today's Open air conversation about creativity we're reminded, we always have something of value to use, share or give to someone.  Look around and discover imagination again, day dream and exercise your senses by creating. This is not the time to focus on your fears, lack or even loss...this is a time to look ahead and at what is good and right in your life.

Topic:  Open Air "IDEAS" (Inventory Discovery Essentials And Stuff)
During today's Open air conversation we're going to take inventory of what things you can do without, discover what you like to do with you time and who you like to spend it on. We'll unpack and what the essentials are, what you need to keep in your life and lastly take an assessment to find out if going forward you need to adjust, change, discard or add some other things to your life/day/week/routine.  Tune in Lean in Listen up as the OMG show upacks all our luggage.

Topic: OPEN AIR ~  Self - Care Action Plan

Mental therapy is mental clarity.  What are you doing to promote self-care do you have a self-care action plan? During our “new norm” what are you doing to promote self care? During tonight’s Open Air segment we’re going to talk about remedies, recipes and the resolve we need to stay in a space of “WooSah” or calm.

Peace & Trust with Special Guest Pastor Paul Johnson
In today's show I get to have a conversation with one of Arizona's visionaries Pastor Paul Johnson. We're discussing "Peace and Trust" we'll unpack their importance. Tune in lean in and listen up to find out if they're distant cousins, fraternal twins or one in the same. During these uncertain times, let's take a closer look at what we know for sure.  

Open Air/Real Talk - "Fear and Faith"

During today's Open Air where we (you and I) get to steer the conversation...I'd like to hear what's on your mind about the now "Pandemic" have you noticed folks doing things different? Are you bold enough to ask someone to cough into their sleeve? Do you may more attention to your personal space? Any changes in the way you do things, the places you go or things you notice? I'll share my thoughts on the subject and we'll unpack what real and what's memorex. 

What does success mean? 

In today's podcast we explore success, stuff and a concept called "minimalist." We decided to ask you some questions to see what you think success is, if your stuff is really necessary and to find out if what you say is important, is really important to you. Tune in Lean in and Listen up as Maura Gale shares how the Netflix documentary "The Minimalist," and "Tidying up with Marie Condo" are influencing her...in a good way!

Guest Myra Wallace Walker Photo
What's Inside? "Beauty Come Forth" with Special Guest Myra Wallace-Walker
During today's show we will unpack how faith, vision and hard work can afford you the life you only dreamt was possible. Our conversation with Fashionpreneur Mrs. Walker will truly inspire you to recognize how the skills and talents you possess can coincide and play a part in propelling you to purpose. When you dare to uncover what's on the inside, it is then the universes of possibilities says... Beauty Come Forth.  Tune in Lean in Listen up!
Guest Image

Its A LOVE thang! With Special Guest Monica Miller

In light of Valentine's Day being 2/14 tomorrow, today’s conversation will focus on LOVE. We'll talk about  the importance of loving yourself, eliminating negative self talk and we will cruise into loving others like your boo and the Lord too!If you've got questions and suggestions? We want to answer and consider them? Let’s unpack that! Call in and join the conversation!

Monica L. Miller is a wife and mother of 2 with a love for life and helping others. She is a full time professional school counselor. Additionally, she has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Education, a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Chicago State University, a Master’s Degree in Principal Leadership from Governors State University, is a National Certified Counselor, and Licensed  Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois.  Currently she serves as a minister at Vernon Park Church of God where her husband sits on the pastoral team as the Youth Pastor. I’m her spare time she likes to relax and spend time with her family, considering that her personal belief is making her two children (Jada age 7 & Caleb age 4) is the most amazing thing she has ever done.  Her family resides in the Chicagoland suburban area where they are also raising a cute, rambunctious puppy named Summer.

Guest Image

Topic:  " Temptation is Real"

In today’s segment we unpack a study of God’s word Matthew 4:1-11. We locate where we are in the sequence of things. God always makes sure we’re prepared for an assignment, and He allows us to an opportunity to see our progress or challenges along the journey, and He shows us ourselves in the process. He will do just what He said. Tune in, Lean in and Listen up! Visit the OMG Show Page to learn more about Pastor Miller and to Subscribe to the Show and receive your free gift!

Help or Hinderance Photo
When Help, Hinders - Open Air Conversation with Host Maura Gale
Today Open Air segment will focus on our desire to assist or help someone even when they don't want it, reject it or even take advantage of it. Some call it co-dependency, "savior" or God complex, while others call it trying to be a parent to a grown person who may or may not be your child. We'll unpack that in today's show. 
Host Maura and Pastor January Photo

FOCUS with Special Guest Pastor Jerald January
 FOCUS: What It means, how to get it, and understanding it’s importance.
On this first OMG show of the New Year, Maura Gale and her husband Pastor Jerald January Sr. will unpack the subject of FOCUS.  We’ll talk about what Focus means, what prevents you from getting and/or staying focused we’ll also share things you can do to prepare and get FOCUS on your future.
Let’s unpack together!

Guest Kamali Thompson Photo

Fencing at the Olympics (The Path, the plan) for Kamali Thompson
It’s not often we get a chance to introduce to our listeners, an interview with a “future” Olympic Team member. Kamali is in her fourth year of medical school, holds an MBA and is a fencing champion ranked number 3 in the U.S.
Her discipline, humility and authenticity in sharing her story and journey will not only inspire you but require more of you. #Commitment #Focus #Community

Guest Jerald January Photo

The Stretch and Strain of Life  with Special Guest Pastor Jerald January.

In this episode of OMG, Maura Gale January and her husband Pastor Jerald January will unpack how things you experience in life can challenge you to grow and strengthen you in the process. However, don’t allow the stretching and straining to break you in the process!

Guest Photo
Topic: “it’s A Service Situation”(Called to Serve)
In today’s show we’re looking at the root of why the founder of Life Development Center, Amia Harris cares and serves widows, those in need and quite frankly... humanity.  She’s a beautiful soul and we’re grateful for the opportunity to introduce her to you. When you serve with pure intentions the blessings overflow.
Guest Elizabeth Urbanowicz Photo

Equipping Our Kids with Faith that Lasts with Special Guest Elizabeth Urbanowicz, Author of  Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum 

Our kids are being told what to think, are being advertised to at an early age and are very rarely asked what are the COSTS associated with the choices made.  In a world where faith has been taken out of most schools my next guest in on a mission to ensure educators of our kids are equipped so Christian children are given the tools necessary to decipher and discern how their actions, associations and outlook fit their faith.

Guest Charlie Jordan Brookins Photo

Topic: I don't have time!
One of OMG’s favorite guest Charlie Jordan Brookins our girlfriend in Whole-body health, is back to share tips and tools as only she can. This time she's helping us maximize that "extra" hour we just gained for daylight savings. She'll teach us how to make small changes to get big returns! We've got 8 weeks left in this year so lets maximize our efforts and set ourselves up for success for the holidays and our future.

Guest Amanda Photo

Topic:  3 important numbers you need to know

During today's show Dr. Amanda Gilbert will share how knowing three important numbers can possibly help save your life or at least give you a better quality of life. So tune in, lean in, and listen up to learn how to positively impact your numbers for a more healthy and abundant life.

Guest Coach Adams Photo
Dreamer VS Achiever (put your dream to the test) with Special Guest Shonneia "Coach" Adams
In this segment of OMG Shonneia Adams be uncovering the differences between being a dreamer versus being an achiever. It's alright to have dreams however dreams are like seeds that need to be watered and nurtured in order to grow. So tune in lean in and listen up so you can get the tips and tools you need to succeed and more importantly achieve your goals.
Guest Allyson Collins Photo

The Narcissist (Real or too good to be true) with Special Guest Allyson Collins, Author

OMG for our season 4 kickoff we want to unpack a hot topic that's romantic, alluring, seductive and potentially debilitating. My guest author, Allyson Collins is releasing her newest book "The Narcissist" a gripping story that some men and woman have come to know as their truth. Let's take a look at what might just be hidden in plain sight is it real or too good to be true.

Guest Cheryl Cooley Photo

The Music. The Musicians. The Message with Special Guest Cheryl Cooley of Klymaxx   During tonight's show we’ll  have a conversation about the impact and present reach of the music and challenges of being the only all female band of Musicians and the Message they share with those who came after them.

Guest The Supremes Photo

Style, Loss & MUSIC with Special Guests Scherrie, Susaye & Joyce, Former Motown Artist (Supremes and Tony Orlando & Dawn) formerly "The Supremes"

In this episode Host Maura welcomes Special Guests Scherrie, Susaye and Joyce formerly of The Supremes to the OMG conversation.  They talk about their songs, style, loss and the music!   A conversation with some of Motown’s sensational artists, 2 who were a part of the iconic Supremes (Sherrie Payne & Susaye Greene ) and rounding out the trio is Joyce Vincent of the legendary group Tony Orlando and Dawn!  They also discuss the struggles they’ve endured like loss and depression, as well and their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of self, life and of course the MUSIC!

Authentic Episode Photo

Be You, Do You Everyone Else is Taken!

In this Open Air episode Maura will highlight the necessity of YOU showing up as YOU.  Your authentic voice, your honest personality, your true gifts...all of it makes you.  YOU-nique!  #Mauravation:  you will never be better than a rembrandt no matter how much you imitate it.

episode guest image

Recharge Refuel Restart with Special Guest Juliet N. Jones, Author & Life Coach

In this episode of OMG we're diving deeper into the importance of self care and success. Our special guest is motivational speaker, life coach and author Juliet N. Jones. She'll share insights and information that will lead you down the road to dedication, commitment and discipline. Our goal is to empower listeners to intentionally plug-in, to give out the effort necessary to power your dreams!

episode guest image
Making HER/YOU/ME, the main thang! with Special Guest Shannon Evette
Throughout this segment audience members will be reminded of the importance of self care and self healing which leads to wholeness. Shannon Evette has been sharing unique wholistic approaches to getting and more importantly, being well on the inside. When a woman feels worthy and is whole all of the people and things around her fit together like perfect little pieces of a puzzle. You have my permission to eavesdrop on this conversation and thrive!
episode guest image
Fighting Like A Warrior When You Feel Like A Wimp or I might call it: Are you a Warrior or Wimp with Special Guest: Tiffani-MiShelle Johnson
In this episode of OMG we'll unpack the real struggles of walking IN FAITH or waddling IN FEAR. Our special guest poet, actress and entrepreneur. Tiffani-MiShelle will share her vulnerabilities of her faith walk and how she stands up and fights like a warrior even though she feels like a wimp. If you've ever felt like you're in a difficult fight or in spiritual warfare...this show is for you!
episode guest image
The Power of Your Words with Special Guest: Shonneia Marie Adams “Coach Adams”
In this segment we’ll unpack how important it is to select the words you speak and receive. One of the most valuable tools we have in our toolkit is the spoken word...once it leaves your lips you can’t take it back. Choose your words wisely they can build someone up, or break someone down. Shonneia Marie Adams, affectionately known as “Coach Adams,” is a native of Los Angeles, California. She has been walking in her purpose since 1998. Coach Adams specializes in taking her clients on customized journeys of purpose and destiny. Coach Adams’ personal and professional coaching services provide clients with tools to add to their backpack for their journey – enabling them to take their lives to the next level. www.CoachAdams.com
Guest Pastor Jerald January Photo

The BIG 3 purpose challengers: Disappointments, Distractions & Doubts with Special Guest Jerald January Sr.

In this segment Pastor January will share his thoughts on 3 of the biggest challengers to purpose. If you have ever had challenges with knowing your purpose, walking in your purpose and staying on the path to your purpose this show is for you. Most of us have felt like it's taken us a longer time to pursue our purpose and some are still in search of their purpose. Well, no matter where you are in the journey Pastor J is sure to locate you and give you helpful tips on how to pursue your purpose no matter what. 

episode guest image

Men, Culture & Purpose with Special Guest Quincy Kelly, Producer /Owner, 1 Accord Media

In this episode Quincy with start a conversation about how he and African American men can reclaim their culture and find and walk in their purpose. We will also discuss his most recent film project entitled "the Oath."
Quincy Kelly is a Producer and Owner of 1 Accord Media. He first discovered his passion for entertainment at the age of six. He realized that he saw life as a continuous film, pictured through many different lenses. After earning success in many arenas, Quincy decided to focus fully on his true passion for telling stories through film, at the age of 24.
With a desire for organization and a strong background in business structure, Quincy looks to redefine the business side of “show business.” Quincy is an award winning director and producer, having overseen the production of over 10 film projects to date.

episode guest image
STAR (Speak, Teach, Act & Reach) using all you've got! With Special Guest Nevania Rhodes
In this episode of OMG we'll have a candid conversation with  Creative Director of The RAW Empowerment Movement Nevaina Rhodes.   We'll unpack opportunities for people to learn how to discover themselves, uncover their gifts and recover their confidence by being liberated from drama and disappointment.
episode guest image
episode guest image

Life After... with Special Guest Karlton Clay, Writer, Producer, Editor & Chief VPN Magazine
In this segment of OMG we'll have a candid discussion with Karlton Clay, writer, producer, eidtor and chief of VPN magazine. We will explore how a cancer diagnoses as a teenager afforded him a wider persepctive on life. Karlton didn't let the diagnosis derail his destiny in fact he is using his gifts across platforms ensuring every last one of talent are explored.
Check out VPN Magazine at:  www.thevpntv.com

episode guest image
“A New Fresh Better Reset YOU” with Charlie Jordan Brooks
It’s a New Year, time for a New YOU! Let’s get the tools we need for our toolkit in 2019 and create a lifestyle called better. In this segment we’ll have a conversation with our girlfriend in wellness, author Charlie Jordan Brookins. She will share simplistic, practical easy to apply information to assist us in our fitness goal setting process for this year.
episode guest image

Overcoming with Special Guest LP "Like Paul"

Join the conversation with LP "Like Paul" rap artist, Stellar Award nominee and Youth Advocate!  We'll breakdown his heart for the youth, and his struggle with overcoming grief, battling depression and suicidal thoughts. During the holidays not everyone is full of joy BUT hopefully hearing how others have endured will be of comfort. This will be a transparent look at the past as we share a message of hope for the future!
Meet LP "Like Paul", Founder and Youth Advocate of Diplomats in Training

Mr. McKay, better known as Lp (Like Paul), is a rap artist, educator, motivational speaker and journalist. With more than 15 years of experience, working with youth and young adults, Lp has stood by his extreme commitment, to positively impact the next generation. With diversity being a focal point for LP, he has been able relate to and inspire students, from different cultures, ethnicity, and backgrounds.

LP is a Miles College Alumnus,  a graduate of the Alabama College of Barber Instruction, has a certificate of completion, from the Faith Chapel School of Leadership and he is a licensed minister.  As a Stellar Award Nominated artist Lp has been recognized and awarded for numerous accomplishments over the years for both musical talent and community service. Lp has also been honored by multiple organizations and Schools, across the country and awarded the Official Seal Of the City of Birmingham, AL by Mayor William Bell.  Lp currently does volunteer mentoring with students in both, Jefferson County and the Birmingham City Schools Systems. He also works with children in the Special Education program in the Birmingham City School system.

"My desire is to leave this earth, having utilized all of my gifts and talents, for the sake of making humanity better." , says Lp. Visit Lp at www.diplomatsintraining.com

episode topic image

OPEN AIR - GRATITUDE FAITH, HOPE & Love  with Host Maura and Guest callers!

Today's OMG show segment is called "OPEN AIR" - it's where Maura takes a deep breath and blows out some of the things on her mind. She'll be discussing GRATITUDE FAITH & HOPE!

It’s an intentional opportunity for her to let her hair down (so to speak).  In between sips she'll share tips and tales about the all sorts of things, stirring in her savvy suggestions about doing releasing bitterness and un-forgiveness successfully, reaching forward towards hope and happiness and of course talk about some of the ways she implements self-care!  

She’ll close with callers tickling your earlobe with “the things they’re grateful for.”  You’re invited to sit in a front row seat to sip and share in...What’s on Maura’s Mind

episode guest image

When life happens, LIVE. with Special Guest Claudia Parker, Journalist
In this show we'll have a conversation about circumstances and situations that afford us an opportunity to be more by focusing on others. In our darkest hour we can become the light that leads others forward. Claudia is a bright beacon of hope, a story teller of the soul and how she creatively crafts pain and challenges into rich reminders of hope is unbelievable! Come eavesdrop on a conversation I'll have with a woman who wows me with her selflessness!
Meet Claudia:  Claudia Parker is a journalist that shares stories through the lens of her Nikon. She owns and operates Claudia Parker Portraits offering services in photography and videography. Through her business, Claudia created a ministry called Five Minutes of Faith, where she allows people to share their testimonies of faith through five minute documentary films. She's also an Author and freelance writer. Claudia's been happily married to husband, Don, 16 years, they reside in Chicago with their two daughters.

episode guest image
Release Your Fear ~ Restore Your Soul ~ Renew Your Faith
During this show Maura will unpack some of the insights author Erin Sands has about what prevents us for reaching our intended outcomes. We’ll explore the 7 revelations outlined in her book “The Dunes” -  Fear, Forgiveness, Commitment, Trust, Perseverance, Surrender and Gratitude.  Join us on the journey to a whole and more grounded you .  
As a thank you for tuning in Erin Sands has a free gift for you!  Click on link
episode guest  image

The Stretch and Strain of Life
In this segment of OMG Maura Gale January and her husband Pastor Jerald January will unpack how things you experience in life, can challenge to grow and strengthen you in the process. However don’t allow the stretching and straining to break you in the process.
Jerald January, Sr. is the Pastor of Possibilities™is known for inspiring hope and vision in God’s people. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Vernon Park Church of God
in Lynwood, Illinois and is the Visionary of Vernon Park Village. VP Village is destined to
become an expanded church campus that encompasses an independent senior living facility, a
sports center as well as retail vendors. The campus is centrally and intentionally positioned to
broaden the reach of the church in order to care and support the community
episode promo image

Cancer Awareness  - A One on One Open Air Conversation with Maura
Breast Cancer Awareness Month...Cancer Awareness 365 days a year.
On Wednesday, a friend called an shared with me that her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Also, on Wednesday another friend was having a mastectomy performed. 
So for today's show I want to UNPACK CANCER, I want to hear your stories of bravery, I want to learn how you supported a friend and I want to ease drop on your concerns.

episode guest book cover image
Faith, Food & Fitness with Special Guest Charlie Jordan Brookins, Author
In this episode one of OMG’s favorite guest is back to share tips and tools to a 40 days to renew your mind and transform your body! 
Charlie is on a spirit led mission to bridge the gap between faith and whole body fitness to ignite transformational change and purpose-driven impact in women of faith around the world.  
episode guest image

Are you sabotaging your relationships? with Special Guest Ryeal Simms, Ph.D.

In this episode Maura Gale and special guest Ryeal Simms P.h.D., the relationship expert discuss how your past, your thoughts, your actions can be hurting your heart. This is just the beginning of what we believe will be an open door to discovering healthy whole relationships. Relationship Scientist Ryeal Simms is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships worldwide

Season 3 - #2

Show Podcast Cover image

Season 3 Opening Episode - Open Air with Maura - "How healthy are your relationships?"

In this episode it's where we (you and I) take time to talk about “it” - we’ll take a deep breath and blow out some of the things on our minds.

" Open Air" - What's on Maura's Mind

It’s an intentional opportunity for her to let her hair down (so to speak).  In this episode Maura and her listeners talk about the recent rise in suicides, the possible causes and how we can get through this life not feeling or being alone.. She’ll close with callers tickling your earlobe with “the things they’re thankful for.”  You’re invited to sit in a front row seat to sip and share in...What’s on Maura’s Mind! 

episode guest image

"Journey to Loving Me" with Guest Monica L. Garrison, Author, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher and founder of 17 Reasons Apparel

In this episode Maura and Monica will talk about Monica's intimate details about the "Journey to Loving Me" based on her book with the same title. Join the  conversation and identify yourself, your challenges and your strengths along the way because sometimes we have to venture out in order to find out what we really have inside. 

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"Lighting the Path to Peace" with Guest Kristen Greene
In this episode Maura and Kristin as they talk about and you learn how to set the mood for self growth and success.  As a thank you for tuning in Kristin is providing a special promotion just for you!  
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"Recycle Your Life" with Special Guest Anthony "Tony" Williamson, Farm Manager

Allow the seeds of your past to produce a beautiful byproduct of purpose!
In this episode learn how the setbacks in Tony’s life led to a leadership position that literally feeds and nourishes the community!
Meet Anthony:  ANTHONY WILLIAMSON – FARM MANAGER: Anthony (Tony) Williamson, a deacon at Vernon Park Church of God, serves as Manager of Mother Carr’s Farm, on the campus of Vernon Park Village in Lynwood, Illinois. Tony manages the daily farm functions, which includes the supervision of employees and volunteers, overseeing the continuous care of produce, maintaining supplies and ensuring that produce is delivered in a timely manner to CSA members, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. He and his volunteer crew work the land using sustainable methods to harvest an average of 4,000 pounds of fruits, vegetables and spices annually. Tony not only ensures that the produce from the farm is sustainable, but also teaches these techniques to other employees and volunteers.
Tony holds a certificate in Building Energy Technologies, which is one of the only programs in the area that teaches the science behind sustainable living and operating buildings efficiently. He’s a six-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he worked on sensitive aviation projects that required a high-level government security clearance. In addition, Tony has experience in the food industry as a chef for the Hilton Hotel chain and as a Quality Control Agent for Iowa Beef Processing. On June 10, 2014, Tony was appointed as a Member of the Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Council by the Governor of Illinois.
Due to his longtime interest in the environment, Tony built a solar energy collector while he was in high school. As a Boy Scout, he was an outdoorsman who loved nature and worked in several gardens

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"What's on Our Mind?" with Guests You...callers and FB followers!

In this OMG special episode we will go "OPEN AIR" - it's where Maura takes a minute to share what's on HER mind and allow you to share what's on YOUR mind. It’s a chance for callers to enjoy a cup of TEA with MG!   It's interactive, engaging and full of energy! LIVE online at www.Up2MeRadio and Facebook!

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Let's Do It Again!  "Open Air - What's on Maura's Mind" with Maura and callers!

Today's OMG show segment is called "OPEN AIR" - it's where Maura takes a deep breath and blows out some of the things on her mind. It’s a chance for callers to enjoy a cup of TEA with MG!  It’s an intentional opportunity for her to let her hair down (so to speak). In between sips she'll share tips and tales about the all sorts of things, stirring in her savvy suggestions about doing business successfully, and of course talk about some of today's saucy shenanigans! She’ll close with callers tickling your earlobe with “the things they’re thankful for.” You’re invited to sit in a front row seat to sip and share in...What’s on Maura’s Mind!

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What's on Maura's Mind" with Maura and callers!

Today's OMG show segment is called "OPEN AIR" - it's where Maura takes a deep breath and blows out some of the things on her mind. It’s a chance for callers to enjoy a cup of TEA with MG!  It’s an intentional opportunity for her to let her hair down (so to speak). In between sips she'll share tips and tales about the all sorts of things, stirring in her savvy suggestions about doing business successfully, and of course talk about some of today's saucy shenanigans! She’ll close with callers tickling your earlobe with “the things they’re thankful for.” You’re invited to sit in a front row seat to sip and share in...What’s on Maura’s Mind!

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"Women who share"  There's wisdom in our words, stories and struggles with Special Guests First Lady Janice Wilcoxon and Tamarra Coleman.

In this episode we'll share some of our setbacks, set ups as well as the steps we took to recover, renew and reposition ourselves for success. Discover why there's strength, sanity and solace in our sharing. We will also inform listeners about an annual women's retreat that's celebrating it's 20th year! Women travel from all over the world to be encouraged, enlightened and equipped by the Mt Sinai Women's Retreat in Wisconsin. This year the award winning Docudramedy "STEM the Movement" will be making it's midwest premiere on Friday night of the weekend retreat being held April 20-22, 2018.   For info/registration Email: MtSinaiRetreat@yahoo.com  or Call 847-612-0327 or 262-237-4810.

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"A Stranger in Your Home" (Knowing yourself and self-actualization should be a priority, not an option) with Special Guest Jaimi Stevens

In this Episode we’re putting YOU first. The person you spend the most amount of time with should NOT be a stranger. Learning how to put your oxygen mask on first is mandatory if we really want to be around to assist those you love.
Meet Jaimi:   Jaimi Alexander is a Los Angeles-based actress, a spokes-model, an entrepreneur and a producer.  With credits in film, television, web video and radio, her true passion is connecting people within this ‘community of fearless creation.’ Devoted to her craft, her personality, charm and enthusiasm is contagious. Her on-camera presence lures audiences in. This down to earth aura comes from her ability to draw interviewees out by engaging them in genuine conversation.
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"Let's Examine our T.E.A. (Thoughts, Emotions & Actions)" with Special Guest Judge Shelyna Brown

In this episode Judge Shelyna will highlight the proper way to process information and instruction and she’ll explain how we got off course in the way we look at and deal with situations. She’ll highlight what it means to put some thought before emotions in order to take the appropriate action. So tune in and grab a cup of your favorite tea and learn more about  T.E.A. (Thought. Emotion. Action).

Meet Judge Shelyna Brown:  Judge Shelyna Brown is a sought after speaker, coach and mentor. Judge Brown uses her uncommon perspective as a licensed minister, superior court judge and certified master level coach to not only deliver God’s word in a unique and powerful way, but also to provide workable tools to enlighten, encourage and empower people to walk out God’s word in a practical way.  Judge Brown received her BA from UC Davis.  She received her Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University, School of Law.   

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The Process of Grace with Special Guest  JONNO, Minister & Speaker

In this episode we'll explore the subject of GRACE. When you choose to step in GRACE, GRACE steps in. Let's talk about it candidly.
Meet  "JONNO"
 Jonno Strickland, Minister- Musician - Motivator
Widely known as a worship leader, saxophonist and songwriter, Jonno is currently serving as an Associate Pastor at one of Sacramento's prominent churches, affectionately known as Pastor Jonno, he values faith and family.

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"Choose YOU! with Special Guest Charlie Jordan Brookins,  Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Health Coach and Motivational Speaker.

In this Special Featured Encore we thought it would be a great time in this new season to kick start YOU, the healthier YOU you've always wanted to become! So in this segment we'll discuss the 6 Critical things you need MORE of  for a healthiest you.

Meet Charlie:  A  Charlie Jordan Brookins has been passionate about health and fitness since the age of 13, but became clear on her call in 2006 when that still small voice whispered, “My people are dying.” It was then that the vision for Fit thru Faith was born.

A native Chicagoan and graduate of Northwestern University (B.S.) and U.C.L.A.’s Anderson Graduate School of Management (M.B.A.), Charlie has shared the message of greater service through greater health on stages such as MegaFest 2017, local churches and women’s groups in Los Angeles, as well as weekly on Cedric Bailey's show on Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Gospel Radio Network. She has also sown seeds in Hollywood - directing two feature films, and serving in various executive capacities in Marketing, Development and Original Programming. Additionally, she served on the dance ministry leadership team of her home church, Faithful Central Bible Church, for over a decade. A proud wife and mother of two sons, Charlie is on a spirit led mission to bridge the gap between faith and whole body fitness to ignite transformational change and purpose-driven impact in women of faith around the world. 

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Making Marriage Intimacy...MO BETTER with special guest Melody Charles, CLBC, CMBC & Author

In this Episode Maura and Melody talk about making marriage intimacy mo better!
Whether you’re single, married or learning to live life after a divorce...Maura's special guest Melody Charles will share a 6 step process to help a wife create more intimacy with her  husband.  There will also be tips on how to wait for Mr Righteous! The info shared will be both practical and personal so you can get things started just in time for  winter!
Are you ready to create the life and marriage you both will love?
Meet Melody:  Melody is the founder of Choose Your Best Life Today, LLC and author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Choosing Mr. Righteous. He Gets To Find You. You Get To Choose Him, available on Amazon. She is a Certified Life and Marriage Breakthrough Coach and Workshop leader for women and the men they love.  Her coaching practice is based on the principles of the bible as the authority for life. She has in-depth experience in professional coaching, mediation and conflict resolution, and handling complex and sensitive matters.  

Melody also brings the experience of a prior 19-year marriage and divorce, navigating her life as a newly single Christian woman, and establishing a new relationship with her current husband of 6 years. Melody has a son, a daughter-in-law, a 2-year-old granddaughter, and a daughter in law school.Melody enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, visiting the beach, eating Mexican food, dancing, Brazilian Samba, practicing Spanish, and exercising.

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“Fit Thru Faith - Have a Healthy Holiday Season” with Special Guest Charlie Jordan Brookins, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Health Coach & Motivational Speaker
As a thank you for tuning in Get Your Complimentary Copy of the Fit Thru Faith Resource Guide at www.fitthrufaith.com

In this Episode Maura and Charlie will share some holiday tips, on how to make the most out the last month, setting 2018 up for success healthy gift choices and so much more! 
Meet Charlie:    
A Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Health Coach and Motivational Speaker, Charlie Jordan Brookins has been passionate about health and fitness since the age of 13, but became clear on her call in 2006 when that still small voice whispered, “My people are dying.” It was then that the vision for Fit thru Faith was born.  A native Chicagoan and graduate of Northwestern University (B.S.) and U.C.L.A.’s Anderson Graduate School of Management (M.B.A.), Charlie has shared the message of greater service through greater health on stages such as MegaFest 2017, local churches and women’s groups in Los Angeles, as well as weekly on Cedric Bailey's show on Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Gospel Radio Network. She has also sown seeds in Hollywood - directing two feature films, and serving in various executive capacities in Marketing, Development and Original Programming. Additionally, she served on the dance ministry leadership team of her home church, Faithful Central Bible Church, for over a decade. A proud wife and mother of two sons, Charlie is on a spirit led mission to bridge the gap between faith and whole body fitness to ignite transformational change and purpose-driven impact in women of faith around the world. 

" Living in the AHA"...Learning how to pay attention to what's really going on around you.  with Special Guest Kimberly Adams, Founder, Grace2be

In this Episode Maura and Kimberly will discuss Living in the AHA and also talk about Taati & Friends a Christmas fund raiser campaign, for orphans and children in hospitals in Namibia! 
Meet Kimberly:  

An illuminating smile, vivacious laugh, and a heart that carries compassion for anyone she encounters Kimberly Adams is the epitome of class.  Though humility and warmth, cascade through her veins, power and sophistication almost naturally beam from her like a light in both her business and personal life. 

An Old Dominion University graduate, and Media Director at a top advertising agency in Chicago, IL, Kim founded Grace2be in August 2016, to help women focus on building a solid foundation in their own lives by understanding one simple principle, live your truth!  This revelation hit her as she journeyed through her own life often masking the person that she was, and allowing her fears to hinder her progress. 

Kim desired for women to see that life was more than a paycheck. She believed that if you discover something that you love, and work hard and are passionate about it then the resources that are required to become a success in that area will be provided to you.  The gifts, the tools, and the connections that are needed will soon be there. Not by seeking it out, but by waiting on God’s grace to fall upon you at that precise moment in time when favor hits your life.

From that place, Grace2be was born, a networking group that assists women with finding the resources they need in order to be successful in whatever venture they embark on while embracing the truth in their lives and discovering their hidden passion.  Kim encourages women to live authentically and start taking steps into the best part of their lives.

Kim motivates others to learn from every obstacle, challenge, success and loss.  Don’t rush things, your destiny isn’t going anywhere, and be sure to appreciate the relationships you make along the way.  Your next encounter with grace awaits!

STEM the Movement Film Release with TV Blake, Erin Sands and Maura Gale

In this episode of OMG we'll have a conversation with the ladies of STEM the Movement (Erin Sands, TV Blake and Maura Gale). We’ll find out how the talents and skills they each possess, the trials and triumphs how each overcame were parlayed into purpose. Becoming producers wasn’t easy for these ladies but it is a satisfying and rewarding place to be.

This is your opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation with 3 ladies who put their stories on paper, performed and left it all on stage and now have produced a film and started a movement in hopes of reminding others – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Tune in to hear how every drop of your life can be used to water someone else’s garden…if you give it space to splash on others!

To learn more view the video below and/or visit www.stemthemovement.org

STEM The Movement – THE FILM

STEM tells the story of three women's courageous journey from tragedy to triumph. It blends the past with the present featuring true-life stories of faith, in the midst of adversity and victory against all odds. Stem uses comedy and drama to tackle issues that are rarely given a voice such as infertility, caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, the pain of divorce and aging. The testimonies in Stem are raw and transparent, offering viewers a soul-level connection and the inspiration to not only persevere but to overcome. In this fast paced world of shallow, quick fix remedies, Stem goes deep to the root of our pain and reminds us that we are not alone. Yes, STEM is a docu-dramedy, but more than that, Stem is a movement that provides a safe place of healing and a sanctuary of shared truth. 

Meet the Cast:

Guest Erin photo
Erin Sands is an author, actress, activist, writer and producer. She is the author of The Dunes a faith-based book for personal growth and the creator of The Relevant Post an online thought leaders forum featuring blogs and panel discussions on emerging political and social issues. A self-proclaimed Soul Warrior, Erin is the creator of two online courses entitled: The Awakening Plan and Boot camp for the Soul. Both programs equip people with the tools they need to live a fearless, fulfilling life abundant in health and wellness. Join her on the journey at: www.erinsands.com
Guest TV Blake photo

Louisiana native, TV Blake, started her career in the industry armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and vast work experience with Fortune 500 companies. TV’s artistic teeth were cut on the Chicago theatre scene while also working as an Engineer. She was cast in more 20+ stage plays including ETA Creative Arts, Latino Chicago and The Black Ensemble. TV ended her stay in Chicago with a highly successful and critically acclaimed performance during the 20th anniversary of the play, “Colored Girls”, performed at the famous Steppenwolf Theatre. In addition to landing numerous television commercials, TV’s first major supporting role was in Lifetime TVs “Jackie’s Back”, directed by Robert Townsend. She has also worked as a writer/ assistant for David E. Talbert and assistant for producer Reuben Cannon.

Host Maura Gale photo

Maura Gale a Chicago native, graduated with a BA in Theatrical Broadcasting from SIUC. She worked for CNN/HLN, starred in numerous short and industrial films is a sought out VO talent, actress, and speaker. Maura anchored a magazine format TV show for 5 years, co-starred in City of Angels, NYPD Blue, Ally McBeal, Strong Medicine and “Their Eyes Were Watching God” produced by Oprah Winfrey. Maura’s voice is heard on commercials, video games and on air weekly as the hosts of OMG Oh! Maura Gale Radio show for Up2MeRadio.

She’s authored 2 books, produced 2 CD’s, is an associate producer of Soul Mate film and a keynote speaker/performer for churches, schools and organizations around the world. Catch the latest at MauraGale.com

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"Keeping it Real - 5 ways to know if he's really into you" with special guest Ryeal Simms Ph.D., the relationship expert. 

Relationship Scientist Ryeal Simms is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships worldwide.

A licensed and certified relationship coach, Counselor/Marriage facilitator, body language expert with the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Prepare/Enrich Program, Ryeal’s passion is analyzing the neuroscience of love by dissecting why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view.  

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"Keep Getting Up!" - Part II

In this Episode Maura and DeEtta continue the conversation on how the storms and situations of life can knock you down but if your outlook is UP, there's one direction you can go! Follow His lead, He knows where your going. "He knows where He's taking you". 


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More About the Show

OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show is a lifestyle talk radio show with a interview show format. 

The show will highlight relationships between creatives and their craft, traditionalist and their trades as well as Ordinary people and their extraordinary journeys. MG gets to the GOoD!

Meet Host Maura Gale 

Maura Gale is an American Actress, Author, Speaker and Producer. As an actress you’ve seen and heard her on TV, in Films, Games and Books. She co-wrote, co-produced and co-stars in StemTheMovement a Docudramedy Film - Spring 2017! Her sophomore CD project entitled “MAURA” will drop Fall 2017. When this Entertainment Evangelist isn’t in the studio or on set, you’ll find her traveling around the world MauraVating men and woman as a Spiritual Midwife assisting others in the delivery process of visions, ideas and dreams! Find her on all social @MauraGale and via her website www.MauraGale.com 

Stay Connected 

Congratulations Maura and to the cast of STEM the Movement!

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