Natural resources are more integral to Communities than ever before.  

Success can be a daunting task. So daunting that often, what is required of it changes us. Individuals driven by success can become obsessed with chipping away things and people that seem to be in the way of their goals. In the end, when they finally look up and take a step back to relish in their accomplishments, they often find little companionship. Many in pursuit of success fall out of touch.

It should be noted that this is not always a bad thing because you are the company you keep. 

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So, how does one maintain a sense of credibility and authenticity on the journey to success? And after?

By remaining resourceful. Use your resources. Be a resource.  

Use your resources. There is a difference in the journey of those who are willing to ask for help versus those willing to figure it out on their own. There is no right or wrong, better or worse scenario that can fit every person’s journey. But there is great benefit in vicarious learning throughout life. Even if there is no other route, you can observe and learn from those ahead, increasing your odds of not making the same mistakes. It allows you to deviate unnecessary pitstops on your journey to success.

The Balancing Act

Successful people have mastered the art of using their resources. Many attribute it to the very reason for their success. They managed to successfully bridge their talents and networks all in efforts to reach their goals and objectives. Along their journey, every move was purposeful and strategic; sure, to make sense of it all, eventually. The balance for success comes when an individual learns to effectively use their resources all while being a resource.        

Being a resource entails the sharing of time, talents, and gifts. Are you called upon in someone’s time of need? Being a resource requires one to always be ready, willing, and able to be a tool – to be used. Being used carries with it such a negative connotation. It seems to beg eventual depletion from one side. But this is not the case on the road to success. Be willing to be used to be better. When it comes to talents and gifts, as it relates to being a resource, do not worry about giving out, they are supplied through a higher source.   

This balance contributes to not only your good but the benefit of others. Resourcefulness comes with success. Those who feel you are further along will look to you as a resource. Be their Key (to success) and if that is too tasking, make them a spare so they can go at it alone. Turn, “How did you do it?” into “I can do it, too!” Humility is essential in resourcefulness. When being a resource, humble yourself to the journey of the individual, not the individual themselves. In doing so, it will allow you to recall hurdles and obstacles you worked to overcome. This also unveils your value as a resource. Understand that no matter how far along the journey to success one may be, it is essential to connect. The success of your network contributes to the success of your endeavors. 

Maintain your gifts and talents do not harbor them for self-gain. Be resourceful. 



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