Some people are better at seeking advice than giving it. Others give great advice but rarely seek it. This ode is to the latter.

A common trait of a good fixer is someone who has the answer for everything and everyone, seemingly, except themselves. And, although they do have fitting answers to their own problems, sometimes they would just rather hear it fathomed by someone else. It gives a sense of reassurance. This is where the simple life, as a fixer, becomes frustrating. Because good fixers are able to solve even the most complex issues with precision, they simply look for that in return. Very rarely do they find it. More often than not, when it is their turn to present a so called problem, they are left to solve it on their own because people know they can and will figure it out.

Their frustration translates into, “But, what if I don’t, this time?”

The thing about advice is that we pick and choose who we take it from. There is a reason for this. Advice, depending on the topic, should be sourced from experience. Seeking advice from someone who lacks experience in the topic at hand can be ill-fitting and frustrating. Some of the soundest advice just may come from beyond your inner-circle. Some of the soundest advice just may come from nature. Be willing to listen beyond the realms of the ear.  An individual’s motive is much louder. This is another essential aspect that can curb the advice one gives and should be considered when it comes to a trusting source. This is the very reason one has to protect themselves in the pursuit of advice. A red flag for curbed advice is that it only seems to advise you on what you asked and not what it will lead to.

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It is not the fact that the advice good fixers give is definitive problem solving material. What makes the advice of a good fixer so valuable is that they are able to not only give advice, but that they are also able to advise.    

If you have been deemed a reliable source for advice do not take it for granted. Instead, remain thoughtful. It is a sign that others see that you possess the ability to work through issues beyond those exclusive to yourself. But, what about those issues that are exclusive to yourself that you would like to get through?  

To the complex problem solvers and fixers, rest assured understanding that your source for advice and answers is of a higher power. A power that never “not knows” or lacks experience.

 Laugh. Then realize, “There is no way you could be mad at anyone for not knowing God’s plan for you.”  

Stop angering yourself looking for advice, earthly advice. Even from loved ones. Some are leaders, others are to be led. Seek a source that does not need to be double checked. Continue to give advice, for you are a source of guidance, Love, and Light.



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