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Welcome to the Woman Are Worthy Podcast

About the Show

The Women Are Worthy® Podcast Hosted by Jacqlyn Charles showcases compelling stories and journeys of phenomenal women doing phenomenal things.

Jacqyln who was once homeless, chose the specific format for Women Are Worthy out of a yearning desire to be a part of the solution. Realizing that many problems women face stem from the negative relationships they were having with each other, Jacqlyn uses her show as a vehicle to connect women, bridge gaps, connect to resources and build relationships.  

Utilizing the 3E Pillars to provide uplifting and compelling episodes the show delivers educational, empowering and entertaining content. Jackie will feature community   "Sheroes and Heroes", guest subject matter experts and co-hosts. Tune in as Jackie masterfully infuses her conversations with laughter and cutting edge life essentials to inspire and empower listeners to pursue their dreams and to be the best that they can be.

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A Survivor's Story and Journey with Author Xanet Pailet

Women who survive sexual trauma are starting to share their stories and journeys with other women to inspire healing. In this episode Xanet shares her story and journey, in Xanet's words " I was living the perfect life….my own successful career as a corporate healthcare executive and Broadway producer, married to a successful attorney, two fabulous children, a beautiful home in New York City, and all the trappings that go along with it. But underneath the surface was a woman sexually shut down from carrying years of sexual trauma which resulted in a sexless marriage."

 "Slim Thick. As the saying goes, if you’re thicker than a snicker you’re slim thick.."

In this episode Jackie and Tasha a fitness Studio Owner, Author, Certified Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor have a candid conversation about Tasha's personal journey ....ready for this..  in losing 100 pounds.  That’s right 100 pounds and kept it off! 

A Special "Father's Day." Episode with Special Guest Christopher Emanuel, Founder, Sky is the Limit Foundation

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title/Topic:  "A Father’s Fight to STOP his daughter’s adoption"  

In this episode Jackie and Christopher will talk about the unethical and predatory adoption of Christopher's daughters without his consent. Christopher  will share his story and journey on how he was able to intervene and regain his custodial rights  with the support and registration with The South Carolina Responsible Father Registry . Now as a single father he has taken on a role of being a Father Practitioner, educating and empowering fathers to cultivate responsibility and family values along with promoting responsible fatherhood.  

Meet Christopher:  Sky Is The Limit Foundation was founded by Christopher Emanuel in 2015. His daughter was involved in an unethical and predatory adoption without his consent in February 2014; however, he was able intervene and prove himself because he registered on The South Carolina Responsible Father Registry . Despite the obstacles and structural impediments he faced as a father he was successful in bringing his daughter home. Now as a single father, through his triumph and the lessons of fatherhood, he has taken on a role of being a Father Practitioner. Educating and empowering fathers to cultivate responsibility and family values. Why its imperative to be proactive. The importance of registering with your State Putative Father Registry, the rights of putative fathers, and the benefits of registering to prevent another father from experiencing what he did. Christopher Emanuel Editorial in The New York Times  

with Special Guest Elissa Goodman, Author of the Book Cancer Hack

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title/Topic:  Cancer Hack - Elissa's Journey

In this Episode Elissa shares her story and journey as a cancer survivor.  Elissa Goodman did everything to move up in life the right way. She worked very hard to the point of not sleeping enough or giving herself enough time to exercise and eat right. It all took its toll and she was diagnosed with cancer but found that once she changed her life in addition to taking the right treatment she healed herself with alternative treatments and Traditional medications.  

Meet Elissa:   Elissa Goodman is a Holistic Nutritionist, Author of the book Cancer Hack and Cancer Survivor.  Elissa Goodman was diagnosed with cancer at 32 and explored holistic alternatives combined with traditional treatments.  Elissa beat the disease.  

Elissa's Mission:  "My mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living helping others embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves".  To learn more about Elissa and her company visit her at

with Guest LaShunda Smith

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  "How I Survived Life's Curve Ball"

In this Episode Jacqlyn and LaShunda talk about how we may not always realize it but obstacles can sometimes motivate us to do strive for heights we may NOT have reached otherwise.  LaShunda share's her story on how she not only survived but thrived during one of the most difficult times of her life. I’m sure her story will inspire others.

Meet Lashunda:  Lashunda Smith is a disabled Army Veteran, widow, and mother of two daughters. Image this… Your husband goes on vacation without you to see his family, you receive a phone call that turns your life upside down.  While on vacation you receive news that your husband drowns, if that’s NOT bad enough your husband was with his mistress, you had NO idea that he was having an affair.  Lashunda will share her story on how life threw her a curve ball and NOW she hits home runs from there on out.

with Special Guest Natalie Raitano

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  Let's Talk about the "M" word..."Menopause".....Living, Working and Playing Through it All!

Meet Natalie:   Natalie Raitano is a fitness professional that has been in the industry for almost two decades.  Natalie is best known for her acting role as Nikki Franco, costarring next to Pamela Anderson in the hit TV show V.I.P.  She has always been into fitness. She taught dance and aerobics through high school and college and was a personal and group fitness instructor all the way up until her big TV break.  

     About 12 years ago Natalie decided to put 100% into her fitness career and to helping others meet their highest fitness goals.  Since that commitment she has been a master instructor for Barry's Bootcamp and Jillian Michaels Bodyshred. She has personal trained celebrities such as LA Reid and Cyndi Lauper and many others.  Currently she is working on her own brand called SUPERBODIES by Nat.  It is brand geared towards educating women on fitness and nutrition before, during and after menopause. If you want to work out with Natalie she guest teaches all over the country and works full-time at THE WALL in Los Angeles, California.

with Special Guest Jennifer Sangl

Episode Title/Topic and Description

Episode Topic:  "How To Master Your Money

Special Guest:  Jennifer Sangl 

wife of Joseph Sangl Founder of "I Was Broke Now I'm Not"

Behind every man is a good women!  In this episode Jacqlyn and Jennifer talk about how to be a good financial partner and how to master your money so it does not become the master of you!

Meet Jennifer : Jennifer Sangl is the wife Joseph Sangl, founder of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not, an organization that provides financial teachings through live events, print and web resources.Jennifer and Joseph were living paycheck-to-paycheck, with an average bank balance of $4.13 until they had enough and discovered the power of budgeting. They are now living in financial freedom, and both share a passion for helping others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.Jennifer obtained her B.S. degree from Purdue University and was a high school science teacher until leaving to start a family.  Jennifer and Joseph now reside in Anderson, South Carolina with their three children.

with Special Guest Michelle Hodges aka Comedienne  " Mz. Wallstreet"

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  " Passion, Purpose and Laughter"

In this episode meet Mz. Wallstreet and how her passion and gift to make people laugh became a profitable business.  

Meet Michelle AKA Mz. Wallstreet - Mz. Wallstreet is one of the most animated, energetic and captivating and, now clean stand up comedians ever.” Comedienne Miz Wallstreet is a multifaceted entertainer and dubbed as the one and only Karaoke Queen.  She has performed as an actress, comedienne, poet, celebrity mistress of ceremony and plus size model. Her unique flavor and flare that is seen today during her high energy performances consists of a unique mixture of colloquial flavor from the north and the south.  

New Episode with Special Guest Ken Matthews

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title/Topic of Conversation:  Meet Ken Matthews "Kendawg": A Survivors Story: A Powerful Grandmother's Love

Tune in as Jackie talks with Kenny Matthews known as "Kendawg" as he shares his story as a survivor and how the powerful love of his grandmother helped him to survive a major life altering event.  Kendawg has done everything to make the best out of a very hard situation. He's thrived despite being burned at 3 years old and going through numerous surgeries over the 26 years since then. He is into rap and hip hop and the peaceful message it has a lot of the time. He jokes and has a youtube channel as well as being active on instagram. He shows his scars to support positive body image from the inside out and remains kind and hopeful despite facing great hardships. Ken shares his story to be a inspiration to others to not give up and to love yourself so others can see you beyond your scars.  

Premiere Episode and Podcast on Demand Airing Now!

Episode Title and Description
Episode Title/Topic:  "Meet Host Jackie"
In this premiere episode we have turned the mic around!  Executive Producer Mel D hosts the conversation with Host Jackie to welcome The Women Are Worthy Radio Show to the Up2Me Radio Network.  Host Jackie shares her story , journey and inspiration for creating the Women Are Worthy Radio Show.  Listeners will also have a chance to learn more about the show, upcoming guests and inspiring conversations.
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Meet Host Jacqlyn Charles 

Originally from, Brooklyn, NY, Jackie is known for her phenomenal energy, positive attitude, and captivating personality. As a motivational speaker she uses her platform to hone her talent for inspiring and motivating others to live in a state of constant aspiration. Jackie, who was once homeless, chose the specific format, “Women Are Worthy”, out of a yearning desire to be a remedy and cornerstone of support during the adversity that occurs in all aspects of life. She realized that many problems stemmed from the negative relationships that women were having with each other. She uses her show as a vehicle to effectively develop sisterhood by connecting women, bridging gaps, and creating the framework that will spark significant dialogue among women and between women. 

Jackie has been a consistent advocate and community activist for Cancer, as well as community activism for homelessness. Jackie’s life is filled with absolute purpose. With persistence and determination at her helm, she is considered by many to be a Master of Habit and Change. Her goal is to inspire greatness in everyone that she comes into contact with. Jackie’s core belief is that no matter what happens today, there is always tomorrow. This is a brand new day and everyone gets a second chance to have a fresh start.  To learn more about the Woman Are Worthy Initiative visit