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Welcome to the COFFEE with Kim Radio Show

About The Show

"COFFEE with Kim" creates a place for friends of faith to engage in real, relevant conversations. We are convinced that as we talk about our lives and view them through God's truths, we discover that what we've gone through is exactly what God plans to use to encourage and strengthen others. No part of our lives are wasted, in fact, every part of our lives can be our personal message of God's hope to those around us. As we talk, we will discover a purpose both for the pain we've experienced and the wisdom we've gained. Grab your coffee...and join Kim and friends. Find out how much your life matters! 

This show is produced in coordination with the Roses and Rainbows Ministry Media Team.

Next Live Broadcast Airs on Monday, 2/19/2018 @ 10 am - 11 am EST - Join the conversation call in at 347-324-5246 and press 1

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  Calming Fears, Finding Hope, and Beginning Healing - in the midst of school violence.  

What can we say to comfort and guide our children after tragedies like the Parkland shooting? Join me this Monday, February 19 on "COFFEE with Kim," along with my special guests, Dr. Berish Strothers, Director of Guidance at Augusta Christian Schools, Augusta, GA and Lorianne Montsinger, a survivor of the VA Tech massacre. We will have a very candid and relevant discussion on this troubling and timely topic. Your calls and comments are welcomed. To join our global audience:

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Episode Title and Description- Episode #4

Episode Title/Topic of Conversation:  " A FRIEND INDEED"

In this episode we will discuss who has been there for you? Who do you run to when you need guidance...or maybe just a diversion from the messy parts of life? Let's celebrate Valentine's Day by honoring the people who have touched our hearts in special ways. This is going to be a memorable time!  Join Kim as her Co-Hosts by joining the conversation by calling in to speak on air at 347-324-5246 and press 1.

Episode Title and Description - Episode #3

Episode Title:  "What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say"

 (follow-up to Show 2 - Words that Changed our World)

In this episode we will continue our conversation on how words can change our world.  We've all had those moments when someone spoke a timely word into our life and situation. In today's show, let's talk about how we can become that person who speaks timely words to others.

The 2nd episode and Premiere Episode in Podcast Airing Now!
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Episode Title and Description - Episode #2

Episode Topic:  " How Your Words Can Change the World"

Join in the Conversation:  What you have to say is a matter of fact, God can use your words to literally change the course of someone's next decision. Your words could affect their entire world. Join Kim as she shares words from her past that are still guiding her life. Then call in and tell us what words have changed your world.

Premiere Episode!
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Episode Title/Topic and Description - Episode #1

Premiere Show Topic of Conversation:    “Dare to Be Imperfect." 

Join Kim on her premier talk-show as she shares how her global ministry began from 
Her mom’s deathbed words. Five words that will establish the foundation of our time together. The truths that will set us free and living beyond the worlds endless and unattainable expectation of perfectionism to an excellence we can live each day! Join us...using God’s truths, Kim will help you see the excellence within you! 

Meet Host Kim Crabill

Kim Crabill is the founder and president of Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc., and Community COFFEEs (Conversations of Friends of Faith to Encourage and Equip). Her message and passion come from her personal experience of longing to be used by God yet feeling unusable because of past abuse leading to anorexia, diet pill addiction, and depression. Her mother’s deathbed challenge set Kim on a new path, a journey she wrote about in her book Burdens to Blessings.

Teacher and Speaker

Kim has traveled nationally for more than 25 years, speaking at retreats, conferences, and to Bible study groups, and has been interviewed on national TV and radio. Kim draws upon personal experiences, biblical principles, and her training in counseling to inspire and challenge women to never give up daring to be all God created them to be.


Kim also spreads her message of hope through writing. She is author of

Wife and Mom

When not following her ministry passion, Kim follows her first passion of being a wife and mom.  Kim and her husband, Lee, have been married almost 30 years and have two adult sons. They also have two shih tzus, Trestin and Autrey.

Crabill family gatherings consist of lots of outdoor fun including boating, hiking, and trying new recipes on the grill. Kim and Lee love to travel, and Kim enjoys her daily solitary runs.