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Tori Victoria Geiger CWK Guest

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Dream Big Dreams with Prayer with Tori Victoria Geiger

With Special Guest Tori Victoria Geiger
Air Date: June 27, 2022 10:00 am ET
Dreams can die in many ways. For active, athletic Tori Joy Geiger, a congenital heart defect and multiple open-heart surgeries threatened some of her biggest dreams. Yet the story she tells on the next “COFFEE with Kim” is of God’s favor and blessing in both joyful and painful moments of her life. Hear about the habit her grandmother taught her that has enriched and empowered her prayer life. Hear about how God transformed her damaged heart into “a heart that beats for others” and led her into a chronic illness blog and coaching ministry. Join host Kim Crabill for this uplifting conversation with a woman whose dream of living with impact and purpose is coming true day by day, even in the face of chronic illness.
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Cindy Nelson JD

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 The Importance of Preparing for Family Care – Part II

With Special Guest Cindy Nelson, JD.
Air Date: June 23, 2022 10:00 am ET
In this episode, I continue my discussion with Attorney Cindy Nelson about the Importance of Planning for Family Care. Cindy explains the five things we all need for daily care; benefits for Veterans; Medicare and Medicaid benefits; what happens in Blended families; and how to protect your underage children. Cindy shares the details about things we all need to live comfortably in every stage of life.   Cindy Nelson is an Attorney and the Founder of Nelson Elder Care Law. She specializes in protecting her client’s life savings in addition to representing seniors’ rights and interests.
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image of Jordyn and Aly

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Up Close Conversation with teenagers Jordyn and Aly

With Special Guests Jordyn and Aly
Air Date: June 16, 2022 10:00 am ET
In this special edition of Keepin it Real with Jimbo we have two amazing young women as our guests; Jordyn and Aly.  Jordyn and Aly thought podcasting would give them the chance to explore and talk about their interests in a different way. What qualifies them to be a podcast guest? Well first, Jordyn and Aly are outgoing, and they love to talk and ask questions! We know this episode will be interesting because hearing people’s stories and passions, no matter what age, is never boring. And they know it will be fun because they worked hard to make it that way.
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A Man’s World

With Special Guest Alonzo Wilson
Air Date: June 14, 2022 3:00 pm ET
Happy Father’s Day!! Tune in as Host Michelle and her guest Alonzo Wilson talk about his journey as a caregiver while caring for his Mom.  This story is inspiring to all caregivers, especially men because it showcases the experience of caregiving from the male perspective. 
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