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Beyond Words

With Special Guest Keith Walton, Educator, Coach & Pastor
Air Date: May 26, 2022 10:00 am ET
Spirituality and spiritual wellbeing are interpersonal, intrapersonal, communal, and can sometimes be beyond words.  How have you defined spirituality in your own life and how does your definition differ from others? Join this episode of Keepin It Real with Jimbo as he talks with Keith Walton. In this conversation they discuss Keith’s journey as coach to pastor and how spirituality is a purposeful action that individuals or communities practice in order to expand and deepen their awareness and to connect with ourselves, the world around us, and God.
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CWK guest Sue McGray

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With Special Guest Sue McGray, Speaker & Author
Air Date: May 23, 2022 10:00 am ET
Have you ever thought about how many people you’ve encountered in the course of your life so far? Impossible to count, right! But have you ever thought about how many of those encounters were divine – directed by God to enrich your life and theirs? During the pandemic lock-down, speaker and author Sue McGray began to explore divine encounters in the Bible and discovered a wealth of application for our 21st-century lives. On next week’s “COFFEE with Kim,” Sue talks with host Kim Crabill about how the biblical encounters she studied opened her eyes to the divine appointments God was using in her life. Their conversation will raise your awareness of how God is orchestrating your own divine encounters, and why. Tune in!
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Conversations with Jacquelyn
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Living with Mental Illness

With Special Guest Leslie Pogue, Mental Wellness Coach, Speaker and Author
Air Date: May 20, 2022 10:00 am ET
In this Episode I have a discussion with Mental Wellness Coach Leslie Pogue. Leslie does mental wellness coaching from an evidence based place and from a place of experience. I found Leslie to be very interesting. Listen to find out why. Happy Listening!
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I’ll Always Love My Momma – Part 1 of 2

With Special Guest Monica Brown
Air Date: May 17, 2022 10:00 am ET
Happy Mother’s Day!! Monica Brown shares her caregiving journey of caring for her Mom, the lessons learned and the inspiration to start a business from the journey. She inspires and motivates caregivers to journey onward!
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Lady Ky God Identity Podcast Guest

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Encountering God Through Life-Changing Experiences

With Special Guest Lady Ty, Author, Speaker and Author Coach.
Air Date: May 5, 2022 10:00 am ET
Have you ever experienced an encounter with God that changed your life? From experiencing Daddy Issues, domestic violence, and several traumatic experiences Lady Ty shares her story behind how she experienced life-changing encounters that inspired her to remove from a religious relationship with God to build an authentic relationship with God.Lady Ty is an Author, Speaker, Truth Consultant, and Author Coach who warmly welcomes you to live the life God has for you. After listening to this episode, you will be encouraged to write your story.
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Fitness Myths AHV ep 5 5 22

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A Discussion about Fitness Myths

With Special Guests "YOU" our listeners
Air Date: May 4, 2022 10:00 am ET
Myths – they are all around us, but they are especially prevalent in the health, wellness and fitness world. If you’ve ever heard that doing more crunches will help you lose belly fat or that when you stop working out muscle turns to fat – you’ve been the victim of the myth people. Today, join Beth and Scott as they talk about a few of the most popular workout myths out there and we’ve even included the science to prove these myths are untrue.
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The Alignment Special Series Episode 2 – “The Mask”

With Special Guest Cassandra Ward, Psychotherapist
Air Date: April 21, 2022 7:00 pm ET
In this second and explosive episode of this six part series Host and Spiritual Midwife Maura Gale and Cassandra Ward a professional psychotherapist explore why we wear masks, the purpose of masks and how the process of unveiling from the mask affects our mental, social and spiritual health.  This is A MUST listen to episode because we ALL wear or have worn a mask for protection and because of fear.  Maura and Cassandra go deep and provide you with insights that will change your life or at least the way you think about “The Mask”.  Cassandra Ward shares her expertise and insights as an experienced psychotherapist and as a Christian.  Cassandra has a comprehensive clinical background and provides individual, group and Christian counseling through her practice 5 Star Behavioral Services. 
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