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Airing New This Week

Monday 10/21/2019

Live Broadcast at 10 am ET with Special Guests Chad Steele, Casey Gomes and Yale Spector

Topic:  Dating After Marriage

If you stopped dating once you got married, you are doing something very...wrong! On the next COFFEE with Kim, three husbands explain why they refuse to let double careers, children, or economics get in the way of couple time. You're going to love their practical and creative ideas for making date nights a priority and a reality. Join Chad Steele, Casey Gomes, and Yale Spector—along with host Kim Crabill, of course—for this energetic and very important conversation.

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New Episode - Streaming Now in Podcast!

Welcome to the Season 4 Opening Episode of A Healthier View with Hosts Beth Sims and Dr Scott Clitheroe.

Topic: How to control your stress

In this episode Beth and Scott open the season talking about stress, what it is, common causes and how to control it.  As we go about our busy days, we have to learn how to balance our lives, take charge of our health and limit the stressors in our current life.  Stress is a killer so tune and to hear some tips on how to limit and control your stress.

New Episode - Streaming Now in Podcast with Special guest Stuart Fuhlendorf.

Topic:  Redefining of "Having it All"

Wouldn't it be nice to have it all?  Stuart Fuhlendorf did.  By age 44, he had taken three companies public on the Nasdaq and was basking in that success and its trimmings.  In today's episode and conversation Stuart talks about his path from self-sufficiency and success to financial failure, addiction, a crumbling marriage, and the threat of jail time.  And most important, he reveals what he discovered about God's version of success.Hint: It's more satisfying than he could ever have imagined.

New and Streaming Now in Podcast

Join Host Kim as she welcomes Dr. Marina Headlam McLean to the conversation.

Topic:  Unwavering Faith with Dr. Marina Headlam McLean

When Kim's guest this week, recording artist, author and minister, Dr. Marina McLean, gave birth to her first child, she rejoiced in the miracle. But her physical health deteriorated following childbirth, and she had underestimated the emotional toll that two previous miscarriages had taken on her and her husband. Marina shares some of the small yet significant steps she took on the path to renewed faith and confidence. Join Kim and Marina and discover how Marina's insights can restore your soul too.

New Episode!  Streaming on Demand

Dreamer VS Achiever (put your dream to the test) with Special Guest Shonneia "Coach" Adams
In this segment of OMG Shonneia Adams be uncovering the differences between being a dreamer versus being an achiever. It's alright to have dreams however dreams are like seeds that need to be watered and nurtured in order to grow. So tune in lean in and listen up so you can get the tips and tools you need to succeed and more importantly achieve your goals.

Congratulations to the 2019 Up2Me Radio/COFFEE with Kim Spirit Award Honoree- Carmen Pate!

Encore Broadcast  "In Our Weakness, God is Strong" with Carmen Pate

What happens when what you always hoped wouldn't happen…does?  What do you do when nothing turns out like you planned? In this week's COFFEE with Kim, Kim  Crabill has the honor to talk with her first mentor, Carmen Pate, whose message of "In Our Weakness, God Is Strong" will point us to our source of strength for carrying on whatever our circumstances. 

Now in Podcast- Streaming on Demand - Season 4 Opening!

Welcome to Season 4 of the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show with Special Guest Allyson Collins, Author

Topic: The Narcissist (Real or too good to be true)

OMG for our season 4 kickoff we want to unpack a hot topic that's romantic, alluring, seductive and potentially debilitating. My guest author, Allyson Collins is releasing her newest book "The Narcissist" a gripping story that some men and woman have come to know as their truth. Let's take a look at what might just be hidden in plain sight is it real or too good to be true.

New Episode - Podcast Begins Streaming On Demand at 9 am ET

Connecting the Dots with Special Guest Ron Rice, Board Chairman of the National Football League Alumni Association and NFLAA Carolinas Chapter Captain

In this episode Ron talks about life after major league football.  Ron shares his story and journey and shares how he is now focused on service for good and fulfilling his purpose through social responsibility. 

Now in Podcast - Streaming on Demand

Welcome to Season 7 of the There is Life After Layoff Show with Host Ali!  

Tune in as Host Ali welcomes Special Guest Co-Host Shermaine "Shar" Marshall to the conversation.

Topic: "Friends, how many of us have them?"

How do you define friendship? What type of friend are you? Join Ali and her special guest Co-host, Shermaine "Shar" Marshall as they have a candid conversation about the definition of friendship and what it means to be a "true" friend.

Streaming Now In Podcast on Demand

Season 3 Premiere - Streaming Now in Podcast!

COFFEE with Kim with Special Guest Sandy Diegel, COFFEE Director

Imagine passing out one day and waking up to discover you have a chronic disease that has left you 

nonfunctional. All your future plans shattered with a single diagnosis! As we kick off the third season of

 "COFFEE with Kim" radio, Kim Crabill will introduce you to this season's new COFFEE Director, Sandy Diegel. Her incredible story is one of deep devastation that slowly transforms to confidence and hope in God's plans and purposes for her life. 

New and Streaming Now on Demand!

Building Social Capital with Special Guest Dr. Monikah Ogando, Founder and CEO of CEO Mastery.

Special Guest Co-Host Reggie Hammond joins the conversation

In this episode John, Reggie and Dr.  discuss the concept of building social capital, what does it look like and how do you build it.  Dr.  takes us on her journey through her personal story sharing wisdom gained along her way and how she mastered building social capital and longstanding relationships that bought value to her life.

Meet Dr.  Monikah Ogando
Dr. Monikah Ogando is CEO and Founder of the award winning firm CEO Mastery, an executive and leadership development firm working with exceptional leaders who want to elevate brand position, engage their people, and increase profits while honoring their true purpose.To read Dr. Ogando's full bio visit the Finding Your Forte Channel Show Page.

Season 2 Featured Premiere - Streaming Now on Demand

Listen to a Pro's PRO with Special Guest Tamika Curry Smith

In this premiere episode meet your Host John Peoples and join him as he welcomes special guest Tameka Curry Smith to the Connecting: a Contact Sport Conversation.  Tamika Curry Smith is a people-centered, data-driven, results-oriented leader with proven experience driving workforce, workplace, and marketplace diversity and inclusion initiatives.  She has led inclusion and diversity internally for four of our country's pre-eminent corporations and she has also led consulting engagements in the same arenas. She develops strategies, policies, and programs to attract, recruit, develop, promote, and retain a diverse, engaged employee base. She works cross-functionally to embed diversity and inclusion initiatives across the organizational structure, focusing on cultural impacts, business results and ROI.  She has a track record of engaging business leaders through effective communication while leveraging data and metrics to drive accountability and results.

Special Guest Gary Nash, Author, Certified Fasting Coach, Fountains of Youth Renewal Center, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Renewal is not normally the word that comes to mind when Holistic healing is discussed.Gary has developed a healing

Center with renewal as the primary focus. Simply put. Allowing our own bodies to be the primary force in the healing

process.The process is not complicated. And involves three key components: Clean out 

the waste, Create balance or homeostasis, Build it back up again.. Techniques include specialized mineral 

fasting, Colon and gut cleansing, Liver Cleansing, Vibration, sound, and light therapies, Wolfe Deep Tissue 

for scar tissue release, PEMF, Nutritional counseling and Life coaching. For more information about this episode 

and guest please visit the A Healthier View Show page.

Streaming on Demand with Special Guest Jacqueline Tarrant

Topic: Hair Rehab & The Clap Back to Weather

Every now and then you inadvertently eavesdrop on a conversation at a beauty salon, well tonight that what 

you're going to do! Jacqueline Tarrant is going to discuss protective hairstyles, the do's and don't in hair care 

and how to determine if your Hair needs to go to REHAB! Visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page to learn 

more about special guest Jacqueline Tarrant.

ENCORE! In Podcast Streaming on Demand

Starting the Conversation with Special Guests Paula Mensah, GS Troop Leader and Amani Ward, GS Ambassador
Join Ali and her special guests, Paula Mensah, and Amani Ward as we learn about a very important Girl Scout Gold Award project that brings awareness to the issues of teenage sexual peer pressure, sexual assault and sexual harassment and the importance of speaking up and not being a victim anymore. It's time to "Start the Conversation!" 

Create Your Dreams with Special Guest Kim Dennis, Executive Director of Create Your Dreams.

In this episode Host Rev. Dawn Wright welcomes Kim Dennis, Executive Director of Create Your Dreams to the Kaleidoscope Conversation. Create Your Dreams is a long-term, youth development program dedicated to nurturing the talents and dreams of students living in undeserved areas of Atlanta. We provide the resources, relationships and opportunities children living below the poverty line require to reach their potential. 

The Music. The Musicians. The Message. with Special Guest Cheryl Cooley of Klymaxx  

In this episode we’ll  have a conversation about the impact and present reach of the Music, the challenges of being the only all female band of Musicians and the Message they share with those who came after them.  To read Cheryl Cooley's bio visit the OMG Oh Maura Gale Show Page.

Raising Purposeful Kids and Young Athletes with Special Guest Christopher Mance, Family Sports Coach & Blogger 

In this episode Host Rev. Dawn Wright welcomes special guest Christopher Mance to the Kaliedoscope Conversations.  Christopher Mance is a Family coach helping sports families pursue difficult goals while maximizing happiness on the journey.

Theta Healing with Special Guest Amber Frelin, Theta Healing Practitioner, Fitness & Nutrition Coach  

Theta Healing uses applies Kinesiology (muscle testing) techniques to gain insight into the limiting belief systems or "blocks" of one's subconscious mind. With the subconscious mind running up to 98% of a person's thoughts and decision-making process it's not surprising that people are not always seeing the results they desire in their lives. Until we get the subconscious mind on board with what someone is consciously wanting to experience, the person will continue to get the same results. To learn more visit Amber for a Free Webinar at http://bit.ly/Quantum-Body-Start and connect in to her Free Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/thetrinityroom/

One Woman's Journey from Office Layoff to Passion in the Kitchen  with Special Guest Lynne Coulter of Saucys Kitchen

 "Saucys Kitchen; A Recipe for Success". Lynne Coulter decided to take a chance and re-define her passion for Cooking into a Successful Small Business after being laid off from her office job once morning. In this episode we will talk about how Lynn's passion is also inspiring her customers and other along the way.  Visit Lynne at  www.saucyskitchen.com

Making the Connections Up Close with Special Guest John Peoples, Founder of People to Peoples

In this episode Host Reggie welcomes John Peoples back to the Finding Your Forte Conversation. John will share his background, his goals and how going through the Finding Your Forte program helped him to crystallize his purpose.  A big announcement will be shared.  Learn how you too can find your forte! To learn more visit the Finding Your Forte Channel Show Page!

 How to Grow Your Real Estate Business Using Facebook Messenger with Special Guest Chris Hardin

If you are a Realtor this Podcast is for You!

In this episode Host Shantha welcomes Chris Hardin to the Branding in Purpose - For Realtors Conversation!  Chris has helped hundreds of realtors scale their businesses by teaching them how to leverage facebook messenger marketing to start conversations and meet prospects where they are 24/7.

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