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COFFEE with Kim with Special Guest Sandy Diegel, COFFEE Director

Topic:  Up Close with Sandy Diegel

Imagine passing out one day and waking up to discover you have a chronic disease that has left you 

nonfunctional. All your future plans shattered with a single diagnosis! As we kick off the third season of

 "COFFEE with Kim" radio, Kim Crabill will introduce you to this season's new COFFEE Director, Sandy Diegel. Her incredible story is one of deep devastation that slowly transforms to confidence and hope in God's plans and purposes for her life. 

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A Contact Sport Podcast with Host John Peoples with Special Guest Tamika Curry Smith

Topic:  Listen to a Pro's PRO

In this premiere episode meet your Host John Peoples and join him as he welcomes special guest Tameka Curry Smith to the Connecting: a Contact Sport Conversation.  Tamika Curry Smith is a people-centered, data-driven, results-oriented leader with proven experience driving workforce, workplace, and marketplace diversity and inclusion initiatives.  She has led inclusion and diversity internally for four of our country's pre-eminent corporations and she has also led consulting engagements in the same arenas. She develops strategies, policies, and programs to attract, recruit, develop, promote, and retain a diverse, engaged employee base. She works cross-functionally to embed diversity and inclusion initiatives across the organizational structure, focusing on cultural impacts, business results and ROI.  She has a track record of engaging business leaders through effective communication while leveraging data and metrics to drive accountability and results.

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Special Guest Gary Nash, Author, Certified Fasting Coach, Fountains of Youth Renewal Center, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Renewal is not normally the word that comes to mind when Holistic healing is discussed.Gary has developed a healing

Center with renewal as the primary focus. Simply put. Allowing our own bodies to be the primary force in the healing

process.The process is not complicated. And involves three key components: Clean out 

the waste, Create balance or homeostasis, Build it back up again.. Techniques include specialized mineral 

fasting, Colon and gut cleansing, Liver Cleansing, Vibration, sound, and light therapies, Wolfe Deep Tissue 

for scar tissue release, PEMF, Nutritional counseling and Life coaching. For more information about this episode 

and guest please visit the A Healthier View Show page.

Streaming on Demand with Special Guest Jacqueline Tarrant

Topic: Hair Rehab & The Clap Back to Weather

Every now and then you inadvertently eavesdrop on a conversation at a beauty salon, well tonight that what 

you're going to do! Jacqueline Tarrant is going to discuss protective hairstyles, the do's and don't in hair care 

and how to determine if your Hair needs to go to REHAB! Visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page to learn 

more about special guest Jacqueline Tarrant.

New and Now in Podcast Streaming on Demand with Special Guests - Friends of Faith

Topic: End of the Season Celebration with Friends of Faith Calling In

During this season's "Confront and Conquer" theme, our weekly guests on COFFEE with Kim told their stories about personal issues they have confronted and how, through God, they discovered they could be more than conquerors. Now, join Kim and her guests on our final show of the season to hear the rest of the story. What doors has God been opening for our confronting-and-conquering guests to reach others with His hope? By the time this episode is over, you'll be inspired to spread some hope too! 

ENCORE! In Podcast Streaming on Demand

Starting the Conversation with Special Guests Paula Mensah, GS Troop Leader and Amani Ward, GS Ambassador
Join Ali and her special guests, Paula Mensah, and Amani Ward as we learn about a very important Girl Scout Gold Award project that brings awareness to the issues of teenage sexual peer pressure, sexual assault and sexual harassment and the importance of speaking up and not being a victim anymore. It's time to "Start the Conversation!" 

ENCORE with Special Guest Sharon Hill, Author, Prayer Coach & Founder of On Call Prayer

Topic:  The Power of a Prayer Shield

Look who’s having COFFEE with Kim!  In this episode Host Kim welcomes back to the conversation Sharon Hill, Author and Prayer Coach. Sharon’s passion is to share about a Prayer Shield.  A Prayer Shield is not the same as a Prayer Partner or Prayer Team, although both are very important.  A Prayer Shield is a trio of three warriors called of God to be your "prayer covering" as described in Ecclesiastes 4:12.. . . . "a cord of three strands is not quickly broken."   Yes, a Prayer Shield is taking prayer to a higher level of intercession. What is a Prayer Shield?  Who should have a Prayer Shield? Why do you need a Prayer Shield? How do you form a Prayer Shield? 

Special Guest Yolanda Carter, Author

Topic: The One Eye Witness - What a Miracle looks like

Tonight's conversation with Yolanda Carter, Author of "One Eye Witness" is both personal and purposeful. Our goal is to shine light on the subject of Domestic Violence. My guest will recount the near fatal attack that changed her life forever, and share some of the warning signs and rescue methods to prayerfully assist those who may be currently being abused.

Create Your Dreams with Special Guest Kim Dennis, Executive Director of Create Your Dreams.

In this episode Host Rev. Dawn Wright welcomes Kim Dennis, Executive Director of Create Your Dreams to the Kaleidoscope Conversation. Create Your Dreams is a long-term, youth development program dedicated to nurturing the talents and dreams of students living in undeserved areas of Atlanta. We provide the resources, relationships and opportunities children living below the poverty line require to reach their potential. 

The Healing Power of Friends with Special Guests Friends of COFFEE  

Loneliness has reached epidemic levels in our society, according to many mental health experts, and yet we can gather a list of 500 “friends” on social media in no time. How can this be? Maybe the answer lies in the true meaning of friendship. In this episode of "COFFEE with Kim," join Kim and a few of her friends who will share what friendship means to them, their journey to friendship, and the healing power of true friends. On this season's "confront and conquer" theme, we can, together begin defeating this loneliness epidemic!  

The Music. The Musicians. The Message. with Special Guest Cheryl Cooley of Klymaxx  

In this episode we’ll  have a conversation about the impact and present reach of the Music, the challenges of being the only all female band of Musicians and the Message they share with those who came after them.  To read Cheryl Cooley's bio visit the OMG Oh Maura Gale Show Page.

Raising Purposeful Kids and Young Athletes with Special Guest Christopher Mance, Family Sports Coach & Blogger 

In this episode Host Rev. Dawn Wright welcomes special guest Christopher Mance to the Kaliedoscope Conversations.  Christopher Mance is a Family coach helping sports families pursue difficult goals while maximizing happiness on the journey.

Testimony Tuesday-What is God doing in Your Life? Are you walking with Him or away from Him? with Special Guests "You" for Testimony Tuesday

 In this episode we talk about how is God working in your life? Are you walking with Him or away from Him? Join Ali on-air to share your personal testimony in the season that you are in.  We overcome by the sharing of our testimony! We want to hear from you!

Prepare for Plan B

In this episode of OMG! Oh Maura Gale Radio Show Maura goes into "OPEN AIR" - where we get an opportunity to discuss what’s on OUR minds.  Prepare for Plan B.  What to do when things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would? Divorce? Infertility? Working a job instead of having a career? Unmarried and over 40? Weight loss goals turned into the SEE-food diet? Let’s unpack that! When obstacles arise and challenges try to choke your dreams...its time for a Plan B.  Don’t quit, re-commit!

Theta Healing with Special Guest Amber Frelin, Theta Healing Practitioner, Fitness & Nutrition Coach  

Theta Healing uses applies Kinesiology (muscle testing) techniques to gain insight into the limiting belief systems or "blocks" of one's subconscious mind. With the subconscious mind running up to 98% of a person's thoughts and decision-making process it's not surprising that people are not always seeing the results they desire in their lives. Until we get the subconscious mind on board with what someone is consciously wanting to experience, the person will continue to get the same results. To learn more visit Amber for a Free Webinar at http://bit.ly/Quantum-Body-Start and connect in to her Free Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/thetrinityroom/

The Sophia Project withSpecial Guest Rev. Dawn R. Price, Executive Director of the Sophia Project  

In this episode Host Rev. Dawn White welcomes special guest Rev. Dawn R. Price to the Kaleidoscope Conversation.  Tune in as Rev. Dawn White shares her story and journey with The Sophia Project and how the organization's help young women in the community.  

"Conquering the loss of your Father" with Special Guest Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Award-Winning Author & Television Sportscaster.  

Look who’s having COFFEE with Kim!   Join Kim as she welcomes award-winning author and pioneer television sportscaster, Lisa Burkhardt Worley to the COFFEE conversation. Find out how she conquered the loss of her father in her life and how she confronted her biggest fear as a result of the premature loss of her father.”


Style,Loss & MUSIC! with Special Guests Scherrie, Susaye & Joyce, Former Motown Artist (Supremes and Tony Orlando & Dawn) formerly "The Supremes"

In this episode Host Maura welcomes Special Guests Scherrie, Susaye and Joyce formerly of The Supremes to the OMG conversation.  They talk about their songs, style, loss and the music! 

A conversation with some of Motown’s sensational artists, 2 who were a part of the iconic Supremes (Sherrie Payne & Susaye Greene ) and rounding out the trio is Joyce Vincent of the legendary group Tony Orlando and Dawn!  They also discuss the struggles they’ve endured like loss and depression, as well and their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of self, life and of course the MUSIC!

One Woman's Journey from Office Layoff to Passion in the Kitchen  with Special Guest Lynne Coulter of Saucys Kitchen

 "Saucys Kitchen; A Recipe for Success". Lynne Coulter decided to take a chance and re-define her passion for Cooking into a Successful Small Business after being laid off from her office job once morning. In this episode we will talk about how Lynn's passion is also inspiring her customers and other along the way.  Visit Lynne at  www.saucyskitchen.com


In this episode we unpack how to keep your “walk” as your “witness” especially in a hostile situation. Breaking the silence on my video that went viral about a restaurant I was kicked out of called #GoldenGriddlePancakeHouse  So grab your favorite beverage and join in on a stimulating MauraVating conversation.  Tune in Lean in Listen up !

Let's Talk About Hormones with Host Beth  

In this episode Beth talks about ways you can balance your hormones. Did you know?

  • Hormonal imbalances affect many millions of people worldwide, in the forms of common disorders like diabetes, thyroid disorders, menstrual irregularities, infertility, low testosterone and estrogen dominance
  • Symptoms include feeling anxious, tired, irritable, gaining or losing weight, not sleeping well and noticing changes in your sex drive, focus and appetite AND MORE!  Tune in

No Stigma, No Shame, No Suicide! with Special Guest Vanessa Abram, Mental Health Advocate, Award Winning Author, Public Speaker

We are all too familiar with the trauma, pain, and stigma surrounding mental illness, depression, and suicide. An unfortunate issue that has become an epidemic worldwide. In this episode Host Ali welcome special guest, Vanessa Abram, Mental Health Advocate, award-winning author, and speaker to the There is Life After Layoff Conversation.  They will talk about the very important issue of suicide and discuss the realities of mental illness as it relates to suicide in an effort to eradicate the stigma, and the shame!

COFFEE with Special Guest Katie Holmes, reigning Mrs. USA

Look who's having COFFEE with Kim!  Just how big are God's shoulders? Kim Crabill's guest this week on "COFFEE with Kim" is Katie Holmes, the current reigning Mrs. USA, actress, and a woman of leadership in many aspects. But there's so much more about Katie! In this episode Katie tells the heart-breaking story of the murder of the man she hoped to marry. That horrific death sent her on a downward spiral of one bad decision after another...for 20 years. Yet amid the accumulating shame she discovered God was always waiting for her to give Him what she could not possibly carry. The story of how God broke her chain of shame and set her free will inspire and move you.

Making the Connections Up Close with Special Guest John Peoples, Founder of People to Peoples

In this episode Host Reggie welcomes John Peoples back to the Finding Your Forte Conversation. John will share his background, his goals and how going through the Finding Your Forte program helped him to crystallize his purpose.  A big announcement will be shared.  Learn how you too can find your forte! To learn more visit the Finding Your Forte Channel Show Page!

Sassy Investor~ How to Build a Lifetime of Wealth with Special Guest Michelle Hung, Author,  Founder of The Sassy Investor

In this episode Host Jackie welcomes Guest Michelle Hung to the Women Are Worthy Conversation. Michelle will share how she became the Sassy Investor and tell us why women should not be INTIMIDATED with investing our money.   Michelle Hung, CFA, is the Founder & Author of The Sassy Investor. A former investment banker and an advocate for financial literacy.  Michelle Empowers women by teaching them on how to invest by building a lifetime of wealth.  Michelle wants women to gain confidence through education. Investing does not have to be intimidating (or boring!).  

The new Finding Your Forte Channel presents Kaleidoscope Conversations with 

Host Rev. Dawn Wright

Premiere of Kaleidoscope Conversations - Think About Your Color and Tune in!

In this premiere episode join Rev. Dawn Wright as she welcomes you to the Podcast along with Guest Orlando Evans, Divinity Scholar. Orlando will share his story and journey towards his purpose as he shares the color of his life and what it means.

 How to Grow Your Real Estate Business Using Facebook Messenger with Special Guest Chris Hardin

If you are a Realtor this Podcast is for You!

In this episode Host Shantha welcomes Chris Hardin to the Branding in Purpose - For Realtors Conversation!  Chris has helped hundreds of realtors scale their businesses by teaching them how to leverage facebook messenger marketing to start conversations and meet prospects where they are 24/7.

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