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Monday 3/30/2020

LIVE Broadcast Airs at 10 am ET with Special Guests Casey and Remy Gomes from Parents Inspire.

Topic:  HONEY, I'M HOMEschooling the Kids
The coronavirus has brought us home...with our children! And homeschooling is no longer one of many options - with schools closed nearly everywhere, homeschooling is the only option. But fear not, help is on the way! On our next "COFFEE with Kim," guests Casey and Remy Gomes from Parents Inspire will take us into their homes to show us how homeschooling can be hope-schooling. You'll love their wisdom about how to make the most of this time!

Sunday 3/29/2020

NEW EPISODE PROMO Streaming Now in Podcast with Host Belinda Baker!

Topic:  Welcome to New Episodes - Hear More About What's In Store Just For You!

In this 8 minute promo Host Belinda Baker talks to you about what's in store for new episodes of the It Is Our Time Podcast!  If you are new to the show tune in to learn more about the conversations coming soon and if you are a returning listener Welcome Back, we have some great topics in store for you!  

Podcasts Streaming Now on Demand (Visit Show Pages for additional episodes)

NEW Episode Now in Podcast Streaming on Demand with Special Guest Pastor Paul Johnson

Topic: Peace & Trust
In today's show I get to have a conversation with one of Arizona's visionaries Pastor Paul Johnson. We're discussing "Peace and Trust" we'll unpack their importance. Tune in lean in and listen up to find out if they're distant cousins, fraternal twins or one in the same. During these uncertain times, let's take a closer look at what we know for sure. Please visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page to learn more about Pastor Paul Johnson!

NEW Episode Now in Podcast Streaming on Demand with Special Guests Keith Scott and Rebecca Klein Scott of TALLsmall Productions

Topic:  Coronavirus Conversation 

In the wake of the Coronavirus, how we communicate to each other and to ourselves is more important than ever. There will be times in the coming days, weeks and months when we will all have highs and lows and need to lift others or be lifted.Our friends  Keith Scott and Rebecca Klein Scott from TALLsmall Productions are back on  COFFEE with Kim to give us tips to maintain strong relationships with each other and to look at our own self talk. 


NEW Episode in Podcast Streaming Now on Demand with Guest Co-Host Pastor "J" Jerald January

Topic:  OPEN AIR with Pastor "J" and Lady Maura

In this Open Air episode and discussion we will talk about HOPE in the Midst” - we want to offer HOPE to those feeling HOPELESS. We’ll be unpacking tips about how to reset our mind and spirit to what’s really important. We need to FOCUS on our emotional and spiritual well being making sure we are nourishing  them properly.

SPECIAL EDITION  - NEW Episode in Podcast Streaming Now on Demand with Special Guest Tanya Hiser

Topic:  Dealing With Anxiety During The Covid 19 Outbreak and In Everyday Life

In this special edition Hosts Beth and Dr. Scott Clitheroe welcome Special Guest Tanya Hiser to the conversation.  With the world dealing with the Covid 19 outbreak in today's conversation we will talk about mental health.  As we focus on our physical health this conversation will go in depth of how equally important it is for us to address and take care of our mental health too.   

Tanya’s alter ego of Wonder Woman artfully personifies her seemingly limitless energy and compassion for suffering. She is fiercely protective and loyal, and deeply committed to her clients. Her ability to infuse challenging therapeutic work with humor bespeaks Tanya’s perspective on life — that it is filled with both hardship and joy, and it is our job to embrace both, while moving resolutely forward.  With many years in leadership as well as clinical practice, as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional holding certification in Nutrition and Mental Health, Tanya brings a wealth of experience and a wide ranging skill set to her work. You can reach Tanya at Tanya212Psychotherapy@yahoo.com

NEW Episode Now in Podcast Streaming on Demand with Special Guest Keisha Johnson.

Topic:   Girlfriend, Can We Talk?  Don't be a Fake Friend - Be a Great Friend!  

Tune in as Host Kathy Hood welcomes special guest Keisha Johnson to the conversation!  They will share details of their girlfriend relationship and more importantly how they are there for one another in good, bad, happy, sad and trying times. 

NEW Episode now in Podcast with Special Guest Maggie Winzeler, Fitness Professional

Topic:  “In Awe of Mercy”
Imagine a wellness expert who loses sight of what it means to be well. That’s Maggie Winzeler, a fitness professional with 15 years of experience, whose WellnessWinz blog has been featured in major media outlets such as the Drudge Report, Washington Examiner, and NBC News. On the next “COFFEE with Kim,” Maggie will describe how her focus on outer fitness and perfection nearly ruined her life, and the path she took to discover inner wellness rooted in God’s awesome mercy. Maggie’s story will touch all of us - whether we wrestle with body image, perfectionism, fear of failure, or out-of-whack priorities

NEW Episode in Podcast Streaming Now with Special Guest Douglas Maddox, Director, DBM Films

Topic:  " Hope's Legacy" Behind the Scenes with Director, Doug Maddox

Join Host Gabby G as she welcomes Film Director Doug Maddox to the conversation to talk about his latest film Hope's Legacy.  Hear about the cast, the story-line and some exciting behind the scene moments.  Doug will share information about the upcoming Red Carpet Screening and how you can participate. To learn more about DBM Films visit hopeslegacyfilm.com/  www.dbmfilmstore.com  www.dbmfilm.com

NEW Episode Streaming Now on Demand - Open Air/Real Talk - "Fear and Faith"

Topic:  Fear and Faith

During today's Open Air where we (you and I) get to steer the conversation...I'd like to hear what's on your mind about the now "Pandemic" have you noticed folks doing things different? Are you bold enough to ask someone to cough into their sleeve? Do you may more attention to your personal space? Any changes in the way you do things, the places you go or things you notice? I'll share my thoughts on the subject and we'll unpack what real and what's memorex. 

NEW Episode Streaming Now in Podcast with Special Guest Ella Pritsker, Fashion Designer

Topic: Overcoming the Threads of Pain and Struggle to Success

"God makes all things beautiful" is more than a Bible verse to our next guest. These words have become her way of life. On our next COFFEE with Kim, Kim is excited for you to meet Ella Pritsker, voted "Baltimore's best fashion designer." She appoints the closets of many private, high-level executive clients. But she will take us beyond the sewing machine to show us the the threads of pain and struggle she had to confront and overcome on her way to success. It's a tapestry of beauty that only God could design! 

ENCORE Broadcast!  NEW Episode in Podcast Streaming Now on Demand 

Topic:  What Does Success Mean?

In today's episode we explore success, stuff and a concept called "minimalist." We decided to ask you some questions to see what you think success is, if your stuff is really necessary and to find out if what you say is important, is really important to you. Tune in Lean in and Listen up as Maura Gale shares how the Netflix documentary "The Minimalist," and "Tidying up with Marie Condo" are influencing her...in a good way!

NEW EPISODE in Podcast Streaming Now on Demand with Special Guest Coach Bob Hasseman

Topic:  The importance of getting kids/teens involved in sports: an interview with Coach Bob Hasseman

In today’s episode Beth & Dr. Clitheroe interview Bob Hasseman. Join them as they discuss the importance of kids/teens fitness, recreation and health. The significance of fitness for kids lies in the encouragement of an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as promoting preventive health care and the prevention of obesity. Numerous studies have shown that the habits and lifestyle choices people develop as children tend to continue throughout their lives.

Bob was a wrestling coach at Franklin Community High School from 1986-2019. Bob's time as head coach brought great success for FCHS: His teams won 18 IHSAA Sectional, 11 Regional, 8 Semi-State, 18 County and 17 Conference team titles. Coach Hasseman, who retired in 2019, was a dedicated coach and was the driving force behind Franklin Wrestling.

NEW EPISODE in Podcast begins Airing at 7 pm ET with Special Guest Carolyn Smith aka "Mama C."

Topic: "Waiting to Ex-Hell"

Do you have a spiritual mom?  Tune in as Host Kathy Hood shares how her spiritual mom Carolyn came into her life and the impact her role as a "spiritual mom" has provided guidance, support and love during the good and bad times. Listen in as they share their story, journey and mutual blessings to one another.  

ENCORE! in Podcast Streaming Now on Demand with Special Guests The Kendrick Brothers

In this episode discover just what God can do when we are willing to let go of the past and begin fighting for our future.

The Kendrick Brothers have stories to tell! Alex and Stephen are the writers and producers of last year's faith-based blockbuster movie, Overcomer, as well as War Room, Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. Their behind-the-scene stories about these movies are fascinating and funny. But it's the story of their lives that will really grab you. From generations of bad choices came one decision that changed everything.

NEW Episode - Streaming Now on Demad with Special Guest Myra Wallace-Walker

Topic: What's Inside? "Beauty Come Forth"
During today's show we will unpack how faith, vision and hard work can afford you the life you only dreamt was possible. Our conversation with Fashionpreneur Mrs. Walker will truly inspire you to recognize how the skills and talents you possess can coincide and play a part in propelling you to purpose. When you dare to uncover what's on the inside, it is then the universes of possibilities says... Beauty Come Forth! To learn more about Ms. Walker visit the OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show Page and Subscribe.
Tune in Lean in Listen up!

NEW Episode - Streaming Now on Demand with Special Guest Linda Yoonjin.

Topic:  The Hidden Road Map- Your Body's Chakra System

Tune in as we will talk about the hidden road map within our body’s chakra system that lead to enlightenment and soul’s completion. Chakras are energy centers in the body that indicate our physical, emotional, and spiritual characteristics—but did you know that they’re the road map to spiritual enlightenment and completion? Not many people know that, and even more people don’t know how to tap into the power of the chakras.  In this conversation Linda will briefly explain what chakras are, why this is important and the road map of enlightenment hidden in the chakra system. This is invaluable information that can jumpstart your spiritual growth and wisdom into discovering the essence of human existence.

The Kathy Hood Show

New Episode- Streaming Now with Special Guest Stephon Hood

Topic:   Lost and Found - "Lost in Addiction; Found by Love"

In this episode Host Kathy brings you in up close and personal as she shares her most intimate story, with the truth and storms of the journey with the love of her life, her husband Stephon Hood.  Be blessed with learning how knowing ones "motivational gifts" can not only save your life but save your marriage.

Guest Stephon Hood
COFFEE with Kim

New Episode - Streaming Now on Demand with Special Guests the Men's Ministry Group

Topic:  The Men Speak - "Finding Strength through Vulnerability"

Strong, independent, smart, powerful, alpha, fearless, tough… these are the words often used by today’s society to define real men. They are all great words… but on Monday’s show, I’ve invited some guests who believe the list is missing a few very important words. You might be surprised at what they have to say. 
Kim welcomes as her guests three men who lead the men’s portion of our ministry. They are well-acquainted with the words our culture uses to define “real men.” But they can’t help but ask themselves, Is this the way God means for us to be? Is something missing?  Tune in to be blessed and to hear what they've discovered!

Guest Men's Ministry
OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show

New Episode Streaming Now on Demand with Special Guest Monica Miller

TOPIC: Its A LOVE thang!

In light of Valentine's Day being 2/14 tomorrow, today’s conversation will focus on LOVE. We'll talk about  the importance of loving yourself, eliminating negative self talk and we will cruise into loving others like your boo and the Lord too!  If you've got questions and suggestions? We want to answer and consider them? Let’s unpack that! Call in to come on air and join the conversation at 347-324-5246 and press 1 to enter the on air cue.

Guest Monica Miller
A Healthier View Podcast

Back by Popular! Streaming Now on Demand- ENCORE with Special Guest Linda Yoonjin, Creative Director, Change Your Energy 

Topic: "Change Your Energy" a pathway to a healthier, happier and more peaceful life.

In this episode Beth, Scott and Linda discuss the physical, mental and spiritual pathways to health and wellness.  Learn more about the energy pathways of your body and mind in addition to how you can "take back your brain" for a healthier, happier and more peaceful you!  Linda walks you through "how to steps" with great insight on how you too can change your energy!   (www,changeyourenergy.com)

Guest Linda Yoonin
COFFEE with Kim

New Episode - Now Streaming on Demand with Special Guest Benjamin Dane, Actor

Topic:  Up Close with Benjamin Dane

Tune in as Host Kim welcomes Benjamin Dane to the conversation!  Meet Benjamin and learn more about his journey as a Man of God, Husband, Father and Actor.  Benjamin will talk about his latest role as the President in his upcoming film, First Lady, being released on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020!  Tune in to be blessed! Want to see the movie?  

Check out theaters where it will be playing at www.firstladymovie.com/theaters

Guest Benjamin Dane
Up2Me Magazine Show

New Episode Now Streaming in Podcast with Special Guest Seth Bahler, The Modern Milkman

Topic:  The Milkman Still Delivers!

Tune in as Host Gabby G welcomes Special Guest Seth Bahler to the conversation to talk about his story, journey and love for being The Modern Milkman.Learn how one community is thriving from fresh milk home delivery!

The Modern Milkman Guest
OMG Oh! Maura Gale Show

New Episode In Podcast begins Airing at 7 pm ET, 6 pm CT & 4 pm PT with Special Guest 

Pastor Frank Miller

Topic:  " Temptation is Real"

In today’s segment we unpack a study of God’s word Matthew 4:1-11. We locate where we are in the sequence of things. God always makes sure we’re prepared for an assignment, and He allows us to an opportunity to see our progress or challenges along the journey, and He shows us ourselves in the process. He will do just what He said. Tune in, Lean in and Listen up! Visit the OMG Show Page to learn more about Pastor Miller and to Subscribe to the Show and receive your free gift!

Guest Pastor Frank Miller
The Kathy Hood Show

Premiere!  Tune in at 7 pm ET with Special Guest Lyndon B. Earley, Certified Motivational Gifts Teacher

Topic: The Great Discovery!  Are You Doing What You Were Born To Do?

In this opening episode begin your journey learning about "Motivational Gifts" and how to claim your spiritual resume!  Learn from Host Kathy and her teacher/mentor certified "Motivational Gift Expert" 

Lyndon B. Earley.

Lyndon B. Earley is the Managing Partner and Lead Facilitator of Noble Man Enterprises, a seminar company that specializes in Teaching, Training, Personal, and Employee Development. Mr. Earley was born and raised in Los Angeles CA, and has resided in the state of Georgia for 18 years. He currently serves as a Project Consultant for a Fortune 20 Corporation in the Atlanta Area.

Join our Online Listening Party for tonight's Premiere!  Listen to the show and engage with us on Facebook/Up2Me Radio with your comments and what you think about the show!


Show Guest Lyndon Earley
COFFEE with Kim

New Episode begins Streaming on Demand at 10 am ET with a Special Women in Ministry Panel with special guests Dr. Trudy Simmons, BJ Arnett and Lynda Goodwyn.

Topic:  The Pressures, The Pitfalls and The Privilege of Serving Others

What can you learn from a bunch of women in ministry? You'd be surprised! Join us on our next "COFFEE with Kim" as we discuss The Pressures, The Pitfalls, and The Privilege of Serving Others. Kim Crabill's conversation with women in ministry will amaze you with its openness about ministry life - and its relevance to your life. Let's connect to laugh together and learn from one another.

Women In Ministry Episode

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