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Stop dreaming! Go!

With Special Guest Tere Samayoa Schwartzbart 
Air Date: November 28, 2022 10:00 am ET
Creating art was Tere Samayoa Schwartzbart’s dream from her childhood, yet opportunities to pursue that dream were limited in her native El Salvador. Years later, living in the U.S., she knew God was telling her, “Stop dreaming! Go and paint!” She has since seen her dream come true with many successful exhibits, an artistic trip of a lifetime in Jerusalem, and now her own gallery in Los Angeles. Tere will join host Kim Crabill on our next “COFFEE with Kim” and you will not want to miss her heartfelt message: “If you’re running in a different direction from something you’ve always wanted to do, put your dream in God’s hands and walk into it if He says go. I did it with Jesus. So can you!” Join us and tune in, you will be blessed!
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