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About the Show

Welcome to the Branding with Purpose Podcast with Host, Shantha Wetterhan!  Shantha is a social media strategist, branding expert trainer and founder of Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management.  Branding with Purpose is designed to empower entrepreneurs to live out their purpose while developing an impact on your personal brand. We have conversations with successful business owners and entrepreneurs about their purpose and what it takes to grow and sustain in today’s digital world.  We have a lot to talk about so join us!


New Epsiode Begins Airing on 10/15/2017

With Special Guest Rachel Davis, Master Confidence Coach

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  " How Improved Confidence Can Lead to More Meaningful Relationships"

Join Shantha and Rachel as they dive into the topic of confidence, what it is and how it looks. Rachel provides insights with actionable "nuggets" on how you can improve your confidence and improve your business and personal relationships!  

Meet Rachel Davis

Rachel Davis is a Master Confidence Coach who specializes in cultivating confidence women need in order to achieve their desired life, both personally and financially.  Rachel is masterful at teaching women how to hone in and exude confidence by tapping into their personal power and becoming comfortable with their feminine self.
As a Fortune 500 executive in a male dominate industry, Rachel spent more than 20 years

of her adult working career in the trenches of corporate america climbing that proverbial ladder, only to bump her head repeatedly against the glass ceiling.  During her tenure in the cubicle jungle, she successfully lead teams, projects and work initiatives without out ever compromising her femininity or diminishing her womanhood.  Her experience has provided her with invaluable perspectives that enables her to be an effective leader, thoughtful communicator, coach, mentor and a champion for women who are seeking to fulfill their purpose, with confidence.
Rachel is leading an entire generation of women from a stagnant place of mediocrity to a higher level of greatness, where they are in tuned with their most confident self.  Rachel’s goal is to add more value to your world than you’ve ever dreamed possible.  Her coaching and training strategies give you the tools you’ll need to send your confidence levels to new heights, thus creating radical change in your ability to make an impact, effortlessly build connections, manifest your confident self, all while falling in love with the person you’ll become.

Premiere Episode Airing Now!

Patrina King Guest Photo

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title: "How to Network Yourself to Success"

In this episode Shantha and Patrina will talk about women, networking and playing golf!  The power of the game of golf allows for a great environment and great conversations.  Hear and be inspired by the Pro-CEO of Golf Women Mean Business, great take away nuggets will be shared.

Meet Patrina King

Patrina King is a dedicated Human Resource professional, Entrepreneur, Youth Advocate and Founder of Golf Women Mean Business, LLC. In the field of human resources, her forte is background checks, recruiting and employer unemployment claims. Patrina understands that being successful is not always a straight process. She decided against choosing any of the 36 opportunities to play collegiate golf and attend college without any extracurricular activities in order to focus on getting her career started. Patrina’s excellence in business goes hand in hand with her fondness for philanthropy and charitable causes. 

Along with her interest in women’s rights, Patrina has developed a great passion for educating professional women on how to use golf for business. Today, her life and career reflect that passion with informative and down-to-earth training through Golf Women Mean Business. Patrina has been featured on various television and blog talk radio shows. However, the epitome of Patrina’s efforts to educate professionals come in her workshops and speeches which aim to “humanize” golf for those who are hesitant to give the sport a try.

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Upcoming Guest Lineup

Guest Name :  Danielle Reutter, Finance & Fitness Coach

Topic of Podcast:  "How to Rock Your Fitness & Finance"

Guest Name Jay Hollingshed, CEC CLC, MSHA, Mental Performance, Clarity & Visualizing Your Success"

Topic of Podcast:  " The Importance of Mindset and Visualization"

Guest Name:  Helen Ngo

Topic of Podcast:  "How to Leverage Success with an effective Business and Financial Planning"


Meet Host Shantha Wetterhan

Shantha Wetterhan is a marketing consultant, certified digital marketing strategist, dynamic speaker, and trusted social media expert. Shantha is also host of the syndicates podcast, Branding with Purpose.  

For nearly ten years, Shantha has focused her career on social media for business, teaching social networking skills and online marketing techniques to business professionals.  Beginning with a background in sales, marketing and digital strategy for a global company, shantha recognized the benefit of social media for business long before it became the standard. She has since cultivated a successful business formed in 2014—Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management—catering to  professionals who strive to grow their own businesses with online strategies.

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