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A Healthier View Podcast 

New Season - New Episodes!

New Episode - Streaming Now on Demand!
Streaming Now on Demand with Host Beth, Guest Co-Host
Dr. Scott Clitheroe 
Topic:   Preparing Your Immune System for the Winter (all things vitamins, fitness and eating well)
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About The Show/Podcast

What is your view on health, your health?  Join us as we discuss relevant topics that help to shape your view to inspire and motivate you into action to be all that you can be.  
During A Healthier View Podcast we will talk about all things health and wellness geared around spirit, mind and body (nutrition, disease management, fitness, healthy living, prevention, mood disorders)  Join Beth and Chris for an engaging and entertaining conversation on all things health and wellness.  What is your story?  We want to hear from you so that your story can help someone else.  
It's Up2Me with "A Healthier View" to be all that I can be! 

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New Episode!

Begins Streaming on Demand on Wednesday 2/6/2019 @ 9 am ET More about the Podcast with Guest Co-Host Dr. Scott Clitheroe

Topic:  Preparing Your Immune System for the Winter (all things vitamins, fitness and eating well)

In this episode Beth and Scott inform, educate and talk about all things related to strengthening your immune system as the winter and flu season approaches.

Meet Dr. Scott Clitheroe -

Streaming Now - Podcasts on Demand

 "Change Your Energy" a pathway to a healthier, happier and more peaceful life

 with Special Guest Linda Yoonjin, Creative Director, Change Your Energy

In this episode Beth, Scott and Linda discuss the physical, mental and spiritual pathways to health and wellness.  Learn more about the energy pathways of your body and mind in addition to how you can "take back your brain" for a healthier, happier and more peaceful you!  Linda walks you through "how to steps" with great insight on how you too can change your energy!  To learn more visit

A Healthier View about Health, Hope and Healing with Special Guest Steve Hines, 

Naturopathic Doctor and a Naturopathic Endocrinologist, The Hope Wellness Center

In this episode Beth, Dr. Clitheroe and Steve who believes in a holistic approach to health and healing. talk about  the Hope Wellness Center and it's Philosophy that we don't cure anything, God takes care of that.  We simply assist the body's immune system with leading edge technologies to fight disease conditions.”Explore Steve’s website at to learn more about their products, services and consultations.  

Contact the Hope Wellbess Center at 325.947.5266.

The Power of Essential Oils with Special Guest Margie Skyles, Nurse & Essential Oils Specialist

In this Episode Beth and Margie talk about the therapeutic powers of essential oils and how to use them.

Meet Margie: I am a wife, mom and GmaMy passion has always been to serve and educate others, which is why I chose nursing as my career. I truly had the best clinical experiences and don't regret a single one. However, I understand now that my career as a nurse was in preparation for what I have discovered as my true passion; supporting and educating people about Young Living Essential Oils. It all began in April of 2014.

During a ladies' Bible Study, several of the girls were sharing about some of the uses of essential oils. To say the least, I was very skeptical. Several weeks later the term allergies came up, and they got my attention. My husband, Lane had chronic sinus issues, so I decided that it was worth a shot. The results were astounding and within 1 week, we became loyal essential oil users.  No one forgets their first experience with Young Living essential oils. I can honestly say that one of the greatest joys of this "Oily" journey has been the amazing people that I have had the pleasure to meet, work and grow with, and love on. However, I thoroughly enjoy learning about the chemical constituents of essential oils, the amazing science behind our oils, the profound links between God's word and how the use of oils is still as relevant now as it was over 2,000 years ago. In addition, creating toxic-free items for our household and teaching others how to do the same.  I consider it an honor.

For more information contact Margie Skyles at

Personalized Health Videos with Guest Ariel McNichol, Co-Founder & CEO, MotiSpark

In this episode Beth, Chris and Ariel discuss the MotiSpark's platform and how it gives patients and employees a tool they'll love and how it can extend a individual's care through ongoing personalized video support, behavioral plan reinforcement and practical reminders.

A message from Ariel and the MotiSpark team:  We know how to build successful, addicting software, create must-see videos, and harness evidence-based therapeutic interventions...skills we are using to empower people to live happier, healthier lives. 

To Learn More Visit:

Guest Co-Host Dr. Scott Clitheroe

" Healthier Living" - Breast Cancer Awareness 

 With Guest Co - Host Dr. Scott Clitheroe and Special Guest Dr. Veronica Desaulniers. 

This Episode is in Memory of Jayna Gutridge please scroll down for more information.

In this powerful and poignant episode Dr. Veronica Desaulniers, better known as Dr. V shares her story about her breast cancer diagnosis, how she dug deep and decided to research her diagnosis and take her health into her own hands. She created the 7 Essentials System ™ which is a complete and step-by-step educational program that shows you how to prevent "dis-ease" and create vibrant health naturally. 

In her words “My passion is to inspire, support, and connect women all around the globe to live their best life through healing of body, mind and soul.” Click here to find out more about Dr. V’s mission, her story and get support.

This Episode Is In Memory Of  Jayna Gutridge- Please visit Jayna's Go-Fund-Me Page

"Benefits of Good Nutrition and Vitamin C IV Therapy with Guest Derron Ethridge, Wellness Professional

In this episode of A Healthier View we will be talking with wellness professional, Derron Eldridge, about the benefits of good nutrition and the hot-topic of Vitamin C IV Therapy. Abundant in a variety of fruits and veggies, plus found in skin care serums and anti-aging products alike, vitamin C is a powerful micronutrient and crucial part of the diet. From reversing skin aging to reducing cholesterol levels, studies have found that vitamin C benefits many aspects of health, from the inside out.  A deficiency in this important vitamin can take a serious toll on your body, causing symptoms like impaired immunity, gingivitis and easy bruising. Conversely, getting enough may help ward off illness and infection, enhance iron absorption, and even reduce the risk of some conditions.

Need more convincing on why this may be one of the most important vitamins in your diet? Listen to Derron’s interview to learn more about the potential vitamin C benefits, plus how you can make sure to get in your daily dose.  For more information on this topic contact:

"Consume Less"  with Guest Gary Golding, Survivalist

Meet the people who are making  our world a better place....

"Control Anxiety" with Guest Marc Prescott, Founder, Going Gym Free

Anxiety- Learn what causes it and how to reduce, eliminate or control it in your everyday life!

Life - A Conversation with Scott Hamilton

Host Beth and guest co-host Heather talk with Scott Hamilton about his life, success, challenges and triumphs.

 "Yes You Can"  the Team Hoyt Story

Team Hoyt shares their story and journey in beating the odds due to their healthier view of the human spirit. 

" Healthy Laughter with Lorna Landvik"

Author Lorna Landvik about her story and journey as a writer and how she infuses humor into her writing and entertains as a comedienne.

A Healthier View- "Surprising Benefits of Walking"

What are the health benefits of walking? Fun tips on how to incorporate into your daily routine!  

Premiere Episode - A Healthier View:  "Fad Dieting"

A Healthier You Starts with a Healthier View!  

Kickoff conversation on how we can all achieve a healthier view for our everyday health and lifestyle.  

Meet Your Co-Hosts Beth and Chris

Meet Beth:

Hello there and welcome to my little part of A Healthier View!!

When I was a kid I was encouraged to do things that made me happy. Aside from turning me into someone who doesn’t like to do the dishes; it also made me question, what actually makes me happy? And that is the foundation on how I live my life: I seek my passion, refuse to settle, build the life I want to live. And most importantly pray and put God first, always!!!

I went to Purdue University and am now a health and wellness professional in the corporate world. If you had told me fifteen years ago that I would be speaking in front of large groups of people I would have cried and laughed at the same time. But that is exactly how I prefer to live my life: facing my fears head-on, challenging myself and every step of the way making sure I believe that my life is worthy of greater things.

I love dogs (especially pugs), hoodies, Raggedy Ann dolls, The Indianapolis Colts, and wide views of the mountains.  I have amazing friends whom I am fiercely protective of and will run in any direction with them. I dislike heavy metal music, people selling themselves short and loud gum chewers.

I find happiness through appreciating my life and the love God has given me; I know that He’s given me this chance to tell my story and help others in any way I can. I keep it real, I know the struggles life can throw your way and I feel like it is a blessing to be able to help anyone who wants to put in the effort.

When I’m not being a health & wellness manager, you can find me hiking, biking, doing charity work, watching Joaquin Phoenix movies, helping others achieve optimal health, walking barefoot on the grass, or jumping in a river at 6 AM …because if you aren’t jumping in a river at 6 AM, you’re just crazy. ☺

That’s me in a nutshell; was a goofy kid, went to college, found a gig in Corporate America & grew roots, I love the Lord and I found my passion.

Don’t be afraid to drop me a note in the comments or shoot me an email at I hope to share ideas with the healthier view audience and keep active for as long as these legs will carry me.

I’m glad you’re here.

Meet Chris

I believe that the show A Healthier View with Beth and Chris is going to change the way people think about healthcare. I believe we are going to change the world one person at a time.  And after all, isn’t that what we’re all here to do?

Hi, I am Chris,

I’m a good mix of renegade thinker and straight forward get-it-done kind of guy. I am a father, co-worker, friend, sports fan, coffee enthusiast and a talk-radio fan.

Why I'm here?

Up2Me Radio presented me with a great opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and exciting environment. I get a lot of enjoyment out of making connections with people as we help to better people's lives. It’s so refreshing to be surrounded by such a great group of positive people who are excited to improve the well-being of others. 

I wanted to be part of something that is making a big change in the world! I'm all about learning new things and engaging in new experiences.

My goal is to improve the world in some way, and this is a good way! After all, health is the true wealth. Up2Me is great for a people-person like me, and I love straddling the line between thinking outside of the box and a more traditional way of thinking which feels amazing!

I want to make people, family and communities awesome in a way that’s real. I want to help people connect with themselves in a way that’s fueled by expertise, knowledge generosity and truth.  If I could teach you just one thing, it would be this:

A good cup of coffee can solve almost any problem.

And also this: Make your words count, in life and in business. So be impeccable with them. Make them count. That’s how you change the world.

Chris Summers