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A Healthier View Podcast 

About The Podcast

What is your view on health, your health?  Join us as we discuss relevant topics that help to shape your view to inspire and motivate you into action to be all that you can be.  
During A Healthier View Podcast we will talk about all things health and wellness geared around spirit, mind and body (nutrition, disease management, fitness, healthy living, prevention, mood disorders)  Join Beth and Chris for an engaging and entertaining conversation on all things health and wellness.  What is your story?  We want to hear from you so that your story can help someone else.  
It's Up2Me with "A Healthier View" to be all that I can be! 

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with Special Guest Gary Golding, Survivalist

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title/Topic:  "Consume Less"

Meet the people who are making our world a better place. Some of them you will know by name or on sight. Some you may never know this side of heaven. But they all have something to teach us.  Gary Golding loves nature, he loves animals, he loves teaching, he loves serving, he loves living on the edge, he loves a good challenge and when Gary can do all these at the same time; that’s a dream come true.

When Gary speaks he speaks from the heart and doesn’t hold anything back. He wants to bring out the best in others; helping people find faith in themselves, teaching others to respect the planet, consume as little as possible, and how to be a great leader at work and at home and much more.

When I did a pre-interview call with Gary I was afraid I wouldn’t do his Up2Me bio/info page justice. I’ve rejected 20 million drafts of this page already. The only reason you’re even reading this is because I’m writing it the day before his interview and I’m so worried that I won’t make him sound like the Rock Star he truly is.

I found out that yes, he has been deemed a hero and there have been glowing reviews along the way (check out this story ). I also found out here have been some missed opportunities along the way. The missed opportunities have broken his heart, in good ways and bad, but all made him a better survivalist, a better teacher and a better servant for mankind and animals alike.

From that aforementioned prep call, I want everyone to know I took Gary’s advice and I will consume less; to better my health, my psyche and our planet. Will YOU join me?


To find out more about Gary’s mission click here:

with Guest Marc Prescott

Episode Title and Description

Special Guest:  Marc Prescott, Founder, Going Gym Free

Episode Title/Topic:  Anxiety- Learn what causes it and how to reduce, eliminate or control it in your everyday life!

In this episode Beth provides educational and factual information about anxiety and how you can manage it in your everyday life with easy to do choices.  Beth engages Marc in how a daily fitness routine can manage, reduce and even eliminate anxiety.

Episode #4 with Special Guest Scott Hamilton!

Episode Title and Description - Episode #4

Episode Title:  A Conversation with Scott Hamilton

Guest Co-Host:  Heather Taylor

Tune in as Beth and Heather talk with Scott Hamilton about his life, success, challenges and triumphs.

Meet Scott:  The most recognized male figure skating star in the world, Scott Hamilton has won 70 titles, awards and honors including an Emmy Award nomination, induction into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame and a privileged member of the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

In 1984, Scott captured the attention of the world with his Olympic Gold medal performances in Saravejo and since has shared his love and enthusiasm for the sport as a analyst/commentator, performer, producer and best-selling author (Landing It, 1999; The Great Eight, 2009). He further inspires others as a speaker, humanitarian, and as a cancer and pituitary brain tumor survivor.

After losing his mother to cancer, then becoming survivor himself, Scott turned activist, launching the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation (Cancer Alliance for Research, Education and Survivorship). He founded several education and survivorship programs including and the 4th Angel Mentoring Program.  Events such as Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer and An Evening with Scott Hamilton & Friends galas fund research into treatments that treat the cancer and spare the patient.

He is also the founder of the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy at Ford Ice Center in Antioch, TN, where he may frequently be found coaching Learn to Skate students and sharing his love of skating.

In what little free time remains, Scott can be found on the golf course and enjoys spending time with his wife Tracie and four children – at their home outside Nashville, Tennessee.

To learn more visit Scott at

Guest Co-Host Heather Taylor

Episode #3 - with Special Guest Dick Hoyt


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Episode Title and Description

Episode Title: "Yes You Can"  the Team Hoyt Story

Tune in as Beth and Chris welcome Dick Hoyt of Team Hoyt who will share their story and journey in beating the odds with a healthier view of the human spirit. 

Meet Team Hoyt: Yes You Can!  In the spring of 1977, Rick Hoyt told his father, Dick Hoyt, that he wanted to participate in a 5-mile benefit run for a lacrosse player who had been paralyzed in an accident. Far from being a long-distance runner, Dick agreed to push Rick in his wheelchair and they finished all 5 miles, coming in next to last. That night, Rick told his father, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not disabled.”This realization was just the beginning of what would become over 1,000 races completed, including marathons, duathlons and triathlons. To learn more and/or to make a donation visit

Episode # 2 - with Special Guest Lorna Lanvik, Author and Comedienne!

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  " Healthy Laughter with Lorna Landvik"

In this Episode Beth with Guest Co-Host Mel D talk with Author Lorna Landvik about her story and journey as a writer and how she infuses humor into her writing and entertains as a comedienne.

Episode #1 - "Surprising Benefits from Walking"

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  A Healthier View- "Surprising Benefits of Walking"

Join Beth and Chris as they discuss the health benefits of walking and how easy it is to incorporate into your daily routine!  Fun tips on when and where to make your steps matter. 

Have a question or comment for Beth and Chris?  Send your questions to be read and answered to on air to [email protected]

Premiere Episode

Premiere Episode

Episode Title and Description

Episode Title:  A Healthier View:  "Fad Dieting"

A Healthier You Starts with a Healthier View!  

Join Hosts Beth and Chris as the premiere episode as they begin conversations on how we can all achieve a healthier view for our everyday health and lifestyle.  

Tune in and give us some feedback what topics or areas of interest do you have email the hosts at [email protected]

Meet Your Co-Hosts Beth and Chris

Meet Beth:

Hi there, my name is Beth. 

The 3 mottoes I live by in life are:  you get what you settle for  the whiter the bread the quicker you’re dead  loud music just sounds better.

I happen to love wellness, I love fitness and I love to write; I needed a space to talk about all things I love so I started this blog (sometimes there will be guest bloggers too). I can also recite Joaquin Phoenix’s famous lines in Gladiator, Walk the Line and Her; but no one will pay me for it. Yet. I went to Purdue University and earned two BS degrees; Kinesiology and Business Management. Go Boilers! I am also a certified trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine. My 1st professional job was a senior program director at a YMCA; during that time I also coached a high school cheer squad and dance team for 10 years. Then I landed a gig in Corporate America and grew roots. I LOVE, more than love, my job! I assure you, no one was more surprised about this than me. I’m all for leaning into life. And then, leaning in some more. I believe that what we all are ultimately looking for – that big purpose we’re flipping over stones to find – is health and true happiness.  

And the good news is: this is possible for everyone.

I believe laughing can make every day better and that kindness can change the world. I love being on the edge, pushing the boundaries, challenging my comfort zone – because the best things in life happen outside of it. And, a positive attitude; it’s the only kind to have. When I’m not working you will find me cycling, running, reading those books I never got around to in college or playing with my adorable dogs.

You can email me, but it may take me awhile to respond. It’s not you. It’s me. Unless you’re emailing me to ask me to sew on a button or tie a quilt; then it’s you. A girl has got to have her standards. And lastly, I once had a quirky stranger come up to me in a gym and tell me I was a Dingo in my past life. I was confused, rightfully so, but I am all about learning, leadership, courage and pouncing into action. Maybe she was onto something.


Meet Chris

I believe that the show A Healthier View with Beth and Chris is going to change the way people think about healthcare. I believe we are going to change the world one person at a time.  And after all, isn’t that what we’re all here to do?

Hi, I am Chris,

I’m a good mix of renegade thinker and straight forward get-it-done kind of guy. I am a father, co-worker, friend, sports fan, coffee enthusiast and a talk-radio fan.

Why I'm here?

Up2Me Radio presented me with a great opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and exciting environment. I get a lot of enjoyment out of making connections with people as we help to better people's lives. It’s so refreshing to be surrounded by such a great group of positive people who are excited to improve the well-being of others. 

I wanted to be part of something that is making a big change in the world! I'm all about learning new things and engaging in new experiences.

My goal is to improve the world in some way, and this is a good way! After all, health is the true wealth. Up2Me is great for a people-person like me, and I love straddling the line between thinking outside of the box and a more traditional way of thinking which feels amazing!

I want to make people, family and communities awesome in a way that’s real. I want to help people connect with themselves in a way that’s fueled by expertise, knowledge generosity and truth.  If I could teach you just one thing, it would be this:

A good cup of coffee can solve almost any problem.

And also this: Make your words count, in life and in business. So be impeccable with them. Make them count. That’s how you change the world.

Chris Summers