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Encore Broadcast for Friday 10/16/2020- Streaming on Demand

From Researcher to Photographer with Special Guest Catherine Dunlavey

Allie sits down with her lifelong friend, Catherine Dunlavey, where they have a fun and light discussion about why Catherine chose to go to Scotland for college, finding her fiancé and what she is doing now in her career. Sit back, relax and enjoy this light-hearted episode of two old friends talking about life.

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Mind, Body, Soul with Special Guest Beth Sims

Allie welcomes back “Journeys Unconventional” with Exercise Physiologist and the Co-Host of “A Healthier View”, Beth Sims. Together they chat about the importance of exercising not only the body but the brain and talk about some new techniques that offer stress relief.

New Season Trailer!

From Daughter to Best Friend with Special Guest Lisa Buckley.

Join host Allie Buckley as she brings on special guest...Lisa Buckley, Allie’s mom. This personal dialogue between the two provides humor, authenticity and a splash of reality. For anyone who is parenting children, the road is long but each chapter brings new opportunities for growth. Listen in as Allie and her mom share their unique mother/daughter connection.

Journey to Self Discovery with Special Guest Chloe Blau.
Allie sits down with her cousin, Chloe Blau, where the two of them talk about Chloe’s journey coming out. We discuss how she see’s her sexuality as a blessing, the process of coming out, and the importance of having these conversations.

Get Your health in the Game with Special Guest Ryan Silwak, Creator of Athlete Humanity.

Allie gets the opportunity to sit down with Ryan Silwak, a former D1 athlete and creator of Athlete Humanity, a website that provides college athletes mental support separate from the stigma, and a chance to tell their story the way it to be heard. Together they discuss the importance of being vulnerable off the field to help improve your game on the field.

Second Shot at Life with Special Guest Jani Rad

Allie sits down with the host of “What’s on Your Mind Podcast”, Jani Rad. Together they are transported back to the day that forever changed Jani’s life two years ago. Sit back, buckle up (😉) and hold on for the ride. You can also check out Jani’s podcast on any podcast streaming app (coming soon to Spotify) and visit her website to learn more about her at www.janirad.com

Episode #5

Road to Recovery with Special Guest Kia Knight
Allie sits down with co-worker and friend, Kia Knight, where they discuss the difficult topic of recovery. We learn the beautiful reasons as to why Kia began to volunteer at a recovery center, and share similar stories of love one’s that have been affected by this disease. Follow along as Allie dives deeper into the road to recovery.
Episode #4

Taking Back the Power with Special Guest Maddy Berry

In this episode, Allie sits down with her close friend from high school, Maddy Berry. Together they touch upon the difficult topic of eating disorders and mental health, how yoga saved Maddy’s life and Maddy even surprises Allie with some exciting news at the end! Follow along as Allie dives deeper into her friends beautiful journey of taking back her power.  

Episode #3

"Treasuring the Good Moments" with Special Guest Dakota Nicholson

In this episode Host Allie and good friend Dakota talk about Dakota's journey as a 25 year old with a father suffering from Alzheimer's.  How do you live your life as you are just starting to build it without feeling guilty? Hear how Dakota chose to cherish the moments with her Dad while finding her own happiness.

Episode #2

Premiere Episode- Meet Your Host Allie

Welcome To Journeys Unconventional

A podcast that provides a unique lens into unconventional journeys. Host Allie Buckley shares her own unconventional journey, with the hope of inspiring others. Many of Allie’s guests have chosen to take a different life path or perhaps have taken a devastating experience and turned it into something beautifully meaningful. Allie and her guests will touch upon topics such as grief, loss, trauma, mental health, eating disorders, recovery, and much more. You are not alone, we invite you to tune in, sit back, and connect. Always remember ‘Be still…there is light at the end of every dark tunnel.’

Meet Host Allie Buckley

A Connecticut native, Allie is a 24-year-old recent college graduate, with a degree in Digital Media Production. She is the host, producer, and editor of Journeys Unconventional. Allie is a spitfire with a quick wit, and an infectious smile. Her compassion for others is built upon her own unconventional journey. Allie has two brothers, Tim, and John. Tim passed away in 2017 at the young age of 22, due to an accidental drug overdose. When Allie is not listening to or creating a podcast, you can find her out and about with her 1- year old rescue dog, Cali, who shares her same goofy, energetic spirit.

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Send your comments, recommendations and thoughts to me at abuckley@up2meradio.com

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