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Welcome to the Kathy Hood Show!

Welcome to Season 2 of the Kathy Hood Show!
NEW Episode Airs on Tuesday 10/20/2020 at 7 pm with Special Guest Kimberly Dove
Topic:  Rise and Walk

Rise & Walk with Special Guest Kimberly Dove, District 6 School Board Member, 

South Fulton, GA.

Join us as Host Kathy welcomes Special Guest Kimberly Dove to the conversation as they talk about how to "Rise and Walk" in your spiritual gifts. Kimberly Dove represents areas in the cities of College Park, East Point, South Fulton, and Union City.  She is a long-time resident of South Fulton and currently resides in the newly-formed City of South Fulton. Initially appointed by the Fulton County School Board to fill the remainder of the District 6 term vacated in May 2017, Ms. Dove was subsequently elected to the position in 2018. The current four-year term for District 6 is set to expire December 31, 2022.  Ms. Dove has held various leadership roles as a school volunteer and as the president, vice president and parliamentarian of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at Westlake High School. She is a past recipient of the high school’s Volunteer of the Year Award. 

 Ms. Dove also has strong professional leadership experience, including 15 years as an information technology (IT) expert with knowledge in leading, coaching and developing teams within the IT industry. She specializes in mergers and acquisitions with systems integrations and network infrastructure. Enjoy the Show!

About The Show

Unleash Your Power!
Your future is not ahead of you but trapped inside of you.  Kathy Hood, Founder of the award-winning program - Woman University, and international trainer and motivational speaker, has conversations with individuals who have beat the odds, discovered their gifts, pursued their dreams & visions, and now operate in the power and authority that was already inside them.  
Kathy is also transparent about her stormy life and journey to discovering her “super” powers inside which led to her success. She will provide helpful advice on how you can discover your gifts, embrace who you truly are, become more productive, take control of your life, and begin walking into your powerful future.  Join her show to embark on finding your passion and success.

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Welcome to Season 2 of The Kathy Hood Show!

Unlocking Doors of Success  with Special Guest Jasmine Bowles, District 2, Board Member, Clayton County Board of Education.

Welcome to Season 2 of The Kathy Hood Show as we kick-off the season discovering how to unlock doors of success and come out on top on the other side of this pandemic with Special Guest Jasmine Bowles, District 2, Board Member, Clayton County Board of Education.

Topic:   "Girl, Reserve Your REAL Crown." with Special Guests Nichole "Nicci" Jones and Pastor Veronica Booker, graduates of Women University.

In this season one closing episode Host Kathy welcomes Guests Nichole "Nicci" Jones and Pastor Veronica Booker to the conversation about "Unleashing Your Power".  The ladies discuss their journey in learning about their spiritual gifts from their participation in Women's University. The ladies also share how living in their spiritual gifts has improved their quality of life, their relationships with others and with GOD.  Kathy celebrates finding and the ladies share the power of finding "The Joy In Your Journey " and how to earn the five (5) biblical "Crowns of Life."  A Powerful Conversation to close a powerful first season of shows.  

NIchole "Nicci" Jones, a wife, mother, and business owner.  Nicci is a graduate of Temple University with a BS in Community Health Education, and Western Governors University with MS in Management and Leadership.  She is originally from Camden, NJ but resides now in Georgia.  Nicci is also a proud graduate of Woman University, a program of Marvelous Light Empowerment Association, Inc., and volunteers with a couple of community organizations.. 

Veronica Booker, Pastor of New Direction Outreach Ministries, in Grenada, Mississippi.  She was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and now resides in Mississippi.  Veronica earned her BS degree in Biblical Studies, and is also a proud graduate of Woman University.

Pandemic Series
Premiere Episode "What Happened" The Unrest

Episode 2 "The Grief" (the Hope)

Episode 3 "The Promise"

About the Series:

The Collective "Voices of Up2Me Radio have come together in one voice to instill "HOPE"  The 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic has touched every human in the world and brought all external (outside of your home) activities to a sudden STOP!  A hard and sudden STOP!   The destructive impact of the pandemic has resulted in millions afflicted with the virus and fighting for their life, mass deaths, mass unemployment, business shut downs, racial unrest and a major economic downturn. Fear and uncertainty is among the masses.  Faith is being tested and many are seeking understanding for the worldly unknowns for basic survival. We are in earthly uncharted waters but not for believers who know the full story. Hope has to be restored in a way like never before in our lifetime. 

Guest Raquel Image

Serve and Do Good!  A Part of the Taking Authority-Unleash Your Power Series with Special Guest Raquel Hill

In this episode Host Kathy and Special Guest Raquel talk about Raquel's journey in discovering her spiritual gifts and how they have impacted her life and empowered her to be the best version of who she truly is.

Meet Raquel: Raquel has a passion for community and the experience to back it up. Her entrepreneurial spirit and out of the box thought processes have contributed to her success in a variety of roles in the community and the corporate world. A transplant from New Jersey, Raquel currently calls Atlanta, Georgia home.  Raquel has played key roles in assisting local small businesses and non-profits with change management and developing infrastructure. Her list of accomplishments includes: creating strategy and the branding of several local businesses, successfully managing a grass-roots political campaign, and an event management company all while finding time to teach community-based dance programs. Her proudest moment to date is raising her son, a graduate of Georgetown University, living in Alexandria, who works for a major consulting firm in the DC area.

Guest Kim Massey image

Topic:  Unleashing to Impact - The Exhorter 

As a part of the Take Authority - Unleash Your Power show series Host Kathy welcomes special guest Kimberly Thomas Massey to the conversation.  They will talk about the "gifting of spirtual gifts" what they are and how knowing your spiritual gifts can propel you naturally into your life purpose.  Kimberly will share her spiritual gifts and how they have impacted and improved her life for the better.

Kimberly Thomas Massey has over 20 years of experience as an insurance claims professional with a comprehensive background in project management, communication, and customer service related to personal and commercial insurance property losses .Although her corporate career provides service to customers, underwriters, and brokers, her God-given gifts are to inspire, empower and guide individuals towards living their best purpose-filled life. As the Founder and CEO of Claim-Life, Kimberly has established a movement that ignites sustainable personal and professional development to individuals through coaching and empowerment speaking. She masterfully listens, guides self-exploration, and sparks actions that result in individuals evolving into the people they desire to become.

Episode spiritual gifts image

Topic:  Take Authority - Unleash Your Power

In this episode Host Kathy introduces you to one of the spiritual gifts are.  Do you ever wonder to yourself "Who am I"; "Why do people react a certain way to me?", " How am I gifted?".  Host Kathy shares her top spiritual gift and how it has impacted her life in this multi-series episodic Podcast, so get your pad and paper ready!

Guest Kelly Adams photo

Topic:  "You Deserve Better"

Join Host Kathy as she welcomes her daughter Kelli Adams to the conversation.  Tune in for a transparent mother daughter conversation they want to share with you about their family ordeal and surviving addiction in their home. Kelli shares "we did not look like what we were going through." Kelli will also share how knowing her spiritual gifts, forgiveness, and the love from and for her mother has impacted her adult life as a wife, mother and entrepreneur.

show uncommon forgiveness image

Topic:  Uncommon Forgiveness: Not For Them But For You

What Better Time than Now!  Tune in as Host Kathy shares her personal story and journey about forgiveness and what that actually looks like.  Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive?  Listen in and may this true story inspire you. 

Host Kathy and Guest Keisha photo

Topic:   Girlfriend, Can We Talk?  Don't be a Fake Friend - Be a Great Friend!  

Tune in as Host Kathy Hood welcomes special guest Keisha Johnson to the conversation!  They will share details of their girlfriend relationship and more importantly how they are there for one another in good, bad, happy, sad and trying times. 

In Up2Me Radio Studio Photo

"Waiting to Ex-Hell" with Special Guest Carolyn Smith aka "Mama C."

Do you have a spiritual mom?  Tune in as Host Kathy Hood shares how her spiritual mom Caroline  came into her life and the impact her role as a "spiritual mom"  provided guidance, support and love during the good and bad times. Listen in as they share their story, journey and mutual blessings to one another.  

Guest Stephon Hood Photo

Topic:   Lost and Found - "Lost in Addiction; Found by Love"

In this episode Host Kathy brings you in up close and personal as she shares her most intimate story, with the truth and storms of the journey with the love of her life, her husband Stephon Hood.  Be blessed with learning how knowing ones "motivational gifts" can not only save your life but save your marriage.

Stephon Hood is an Atlantan native, a true Atlanta historian, and human GPS.  He grew up in Decatur, GA, graduated from Walker High School, and attended Morris Brown College. He is a professional truck driver, totally fascinated by Vets (car), and is an avid NHRA drag race fan. Stephon suffered through a 20+ year drug addiction, lost everything he had (including his family, job, etc.), and jail time was inevitable. Once you hear his story of living in a closet, being hungry daily, and walking miles and miles to get from point a to point b, will encourage anyone who is struggling terribly -to- helping others to realize that their situation isn’t so bad after all.

He eventually hit rock bottom, which opened him up to be seek God which enabled him to begin to walk in His grace and mercy. His story of restoration, going from "lost to found," will bless anyone who listens (more of his story to come). He is married to Kathy Hood, and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

Guest Lyndon Earley

PREMIERE - The Great Discovery!  Are You Doing What You Were Born To Do?

In this opening episode begin your journey learning about "Motivational Gifts" and how to claim your spiritual resume!  Learn from Host Kathy and her teacher/mentor certified "Gift Expert" Lyndon B. Earley.

Meet Lyndon B. Earley:

Lyndon B. Earley is the Managing Partner and Lead Facilitator of Noble Man Enterprises, a seminar company that specializes in Teaching, Training, Personal, and Employee Development. Mr. Earley was born and raised in Los Angeles CA, and has resided in the state of Georgia for 18 years. He currently serves as a Project Consultant for a Fortune 20 Corporation in the Atlanta Area.

In addition to Noble Man, Lyndon owns Purpose Finders a Faith-Based company that specializes in teaching people how to discover their God-given Motivational Gifts. He is a well-respected Consultant, Mentor, Teacher, and a Nationally Acclaimed Master-Certified Seminar Facilitator.

Lyndon has been teaching classes on the Personal and Employee Development for nearly a decade. He has created a high demand for his training in the corporate and educational sector due to his fun and entertaining style, high energy, and practical approach to conveying complex information in ways that others can comprehend. He holds a B.A., Degree in Speech Communication; a Certificate of Entrepreneurship; a Lean Six Sigma Certification; a Project Management Certificate; and maintained a 3.91 GPA while successfully completing his MBA. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover their life’s purpose and maximize their careers and success.

His business experience as a consultant and trainer, coupled with his broad and comprehensive knowledge of the motivational gifts, group dynamics, business principles, and strategic management has given him unparalleled insight into coaching business professionals to develop a laser focus towards increasing their productivity and maximizing their personal success.

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Meet Your Host Kathy

Hey guys, welcome to my show page!

I am Kathy Hood, CEO of Marvelous Light Empowerment Association, and founder of award-winning program, Woman University. 

I’ve worked corporate, hospitality and even dabbled a little in the political arena. However, my most absolute favorite thing I like to do is encourage people to live a victorious life, hence why we are right here, right now. My least favorite thing to do is grocery shopping and cooking but love to eat though (go figure).

My journey to this place is miraculous one. I would have never thought that the road taken would have been my route. If God would have told or shown me that I would marry a drug addict, exist in a miserable 12 year marriage, almost be killed by my husband, forgive him, be the only one in his corner during his jail time, help him when he got out of jail, divorce and then remarry him, I probably would not be hosting this amazing podcast. I’ve discovered my gifts, matured in Christ, and am living in purpose – unleashing my power (aka gifts), encouraging, empowering, and equipping people to prosper.

Looking forward to encouraging you to KEEP SHINING!

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