Reinventing Ourselves: From the Inside Out

Special Guests Renee Harrison and Lynette Samuel, Founders of GPS LifeSkills.
Air Date: January 14, 2022 10:00 am ET
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Women and trauma is trending. After years of battling the stigma associated with people who seek mental health support or bowing to the pressure of being Superwoman, more women than ever are in search of healing. Breaking Barriers offers a conversation about women, trauma, and healing, with Renee Harrison and Lynette Samuel, founders of GPS LifeSkills, a unique life skills and life coaching practice helping women move forward as stronger, better versions of themselves. This is a conversation everyone can learn and grow from no matter what they are experiencing.

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More about our guests:

Renée Harrison received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from The American University in Washington, DC. Renée is an entrepreneur, writer, certified life coach and former Corporate human resources executive. Over the past 30 years, Harrison has designed and implemented Corporate and Community-based initiatives pertinent to organizational and human resources development, employee relations, change management, employment, benefits and compensation, training and development. Renée has over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur with clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the United States and abroad. As an entrepreneur, along with her husband, Ms. Harrison established a multi-state behavioral health agency in 2008.  Renée has been married to the love of her life, Milton Harrison, since 1983. They are the proud parents of two grown daughters, both of whom are physicians and a true testament of the family values their parents instilled. Together, Milton and Renée offer marriage counseling, coaching and workshops for couples throughout the United States.

Lynette Samuel is an author and innovator. Her products have sold nationally and received editorial reviews in Entrepreneur, Good Housekeeping, Parents, and Women’s Circle magazines. She was the selected author for Barnes & Noble ‘Writer’s Harvest’ and Scholastics Storyworks has purchased her work.  Lynette co-founded and served as executive director of a nonprofit organization where she created programs and taught courses for women pursuing personal and professional growth through a state funded job coach program. She partnered with The Augusta Chronicle to publish Aspire, a periodical and resource for residents of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and served some of the most vulnerable urban and rural communities promoting the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.  She holds a degree in Liberal Arts from Brenau University, serves on the board of directors in the faith-based community and continues to hone her skills as a member and participant in organizations that provide training in entrepreneurship, small business growth, course development, and marketing strategies. Lynette and her three daughters are committed to their spiritual and family values as they honor the life and legacy of their beloved husband and father.


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Arzelia Said
January 14, 2022 11:05 AM

Thank you very much for hosting this podcast. It was an excellent presentation and I look forward to hearing more from Lynette Samuel and Renee Harrison stories about GPS Life Skills curriculum,

January 14, 2022 10:57 AM

Enjoyed the “Breaking Barriers” podcast. Love that these ladies are helping women address and work through trauma. Very much needed in these very challenging times.

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