Premiere! How the Body Follows the Mind

With Special Guest Bonnie Divina Maa
Air Date: September 24, 2021 12:00 pm ET
Inside Out with Host Jimmy Alite

Join Jimmy Alite in his premiere episode and listen into a conversation with special guest Bonnie Divina Maa, a natural healer who specializes in yoga, breathwork, grounding, meditation, plant medicine and .energy healing.

“ Bonnie and I took a deep dive into soul awakening. We explored health, illness, emotional health,, energy and emotional clearing. This conversation is so powerful because she was so willing to address emotions, what can be improved in our emotional and physical health and where there’s opportunities to shine and to be more balanced.” Jimmy Alite, host of Inside Out with Host Jimmy Alite: The essentials of building a healthy spirit, mind and body .

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