Like a Proof of Purchase, What does it feel like to hold your Proof of Purpose?

Goal setting comes easy, but what about goal Questioning?

2020 was a futuristic checkpoint for the World. It was all too common to hear not only ambitious individuals speak on goals they wished to achieve by 2020, but even companies and corporations shared 2020 visions with their core stakeholders. Then as soon as 2020 came, it went – eventful from beginning to end. As 2021 ushers in, the new common narrative among the ambitious has changed from goal setting to urgent goal questioning; how do I get going? Should I keep going? Because in the end, it’s about legacy, what stays when you go. 

There’s a needs assessment to life. You must first be willing to reveal the need for your purpose; first to yourself then to those you wish to touch. It is possible to find that the need for your current pursuit has already been met. We can deem these as lower level needs, and those that have not been met, we find purposeful pursuit. A lot of times, it’s simply the fact that you have not activated your legacy plan out of fear it being the wrong plan – not a bad plan, just the wrong one. 

“Is this something I should be pursuing at this time?” This exercise will help you arrive to a well formulated and conclusive answer to this intimidating state of mind. Let’s work backward. 

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Realize Your Purpose Then Act on It.

Become more comfortable with engraining these two words into your needs assessment: Revelation and Activation. At a glance, the word Revelation can seem a bit dramatic. But, dissecting the word lends to a more agenda like call-to-action. Revelation; derived from the word reveal, meaning to unveil. Step one itself appears here. You must first be willing to know what you don’t know. Reveal, to yourself first, the root of it all. Ask, what frustrates or bothers you – likewise on the polar end of this meter, what fulfills or excites you? Then further this probe by asking yourself if you’re frustrated with it for the moment or with what’s to come of it – and again, ask are you fulfilled for now, or does what come of it fulfil you? 

Even when applied to the simplest nuances: scrape on the knee, spotty WIFI, careers, relationships, faith, we can begin to prioritize and concoct a more confident plan for Activation. Confidence in Activation is key. This is the true source of grit and determination. Furthermore, confidence in Activation will eliminate regressive questioning techniques that procrastinate your pursuit.

Activation is a bit simpler to dissect. The word activation is derived from its root word activate. Easier to dissect but the hardest to do without confidence. If you effectively answered the two probing questions from the revelation process, activation should come a lot more naturally. You’ll look around and find yourself in your element – on purpose. It’s the probing process that most neglect to explore, but there are gems in this process. Fear not. 

The truth in your purpose can stand to be questioned. It will remain and when it does, you can stand as solid as a proof of purchase because you now possess your Proof of Purpose. 


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